I sat for an aptitude test @ tv3 yesterday, which turns out an IQ test from MENSA. pergh..tak spasal eksesais mata. but besaler tak sempat nak jawab sumer. zaki offered soh tiru paper dia. huhu per lagik! yang si zureen lak tiru aku. sure marks IQ jadik below 100. bak kater orang mensa tuh if below 100 is not stupid but slow. yoh! cuba bagi 2 jam, konpem bleh jawab sumer. ahakz! i dunno how this gonna effect my application. hope not! this time they combined 2 sessions yang 1st interview ari tuh and shortlisted. mostly yang de is from my session, 2 jer from session lain. on day way balik ajak susu gi minum. so we're off to midvalley. then balik.

today is the last day of 'clean-and-non-smell air' in the opis. cause tomorrow karupillay will start workin after 2 weeks holiday. its gonna be dreadful! there's so many things for her to catch up with copy editing titles. and i'm one of her favourite person she would most likely to see regarding the matter. and balik tadik for the first time tumpang 'makcik', my boss yang garang giler, since dia nak balik awal. so eila tumpang sampai bangsar. aku lak tumpang sampai depan umah (umah dia dekat jer ngan umah aku). koh! koh!

Notes: National Geographic Special last nite about Saddam Hussein is very interesting!