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Last saturday the company held a family day @ Desa Waterpark. In fact the whole family is going because im working in the same company with abg ayie. I didnt have enuff sleep the nite before, so muka panas smacam and spoil the mood sket. Not too mention ada lagik 4 company yang wat family day kat stu...aiyoh sesak! I can't think of cool factors wat family day kat sini except for kids.

- insufficient place to seat
- the breakfast sux
- changing room takbes
- tak cukup air minom...dehydrate woor!

Excited expression from Lydia bila dia masuk pool. Jeles gak tengok dorang mandey but bila pk nak kene bratur panjang kat dalam changing room tuh maleh gila.

Muka lily dah boring main air siap nguap2 lagik.

Yang besnyer dapat hangout cenggini with opismates. Tuh pon kejap jer leh tahan sbb i can't wait to balik and tido.

Jinyx on 20.08.2008

20.08.2008 is a cool date eh? but what happened this morning wasn't cool at all. I woke up late with stomach ache and pms. Sms few potential colleagues who arrives early in the opis nak mintak tolong tagkan because today is my turn to tag but each reply is a disappointment. Drag myself to shower and time tgh siap tuh on my ym in case ada orang yang dah online. yes! 1 practical trainee is online. deal punyer deal siap mintak frap lah bagai and by the time dia tag dah 8.17. arghhh lambat 2 min! sigh but xpe i'll still buy him a frap because dia banyak tolon jawab tepon (update: he don't even say thanks after he got his frap?!)

So when i hit the road masuk jln tun razak the big jam starts. and time tuh lar suddenly saket perot gila2. sampai bepeluh2 meremang2 bulu roma tahan saket....stress stress! rasa cam nak tinggal jer keta lari gi mana2 nearest toilet. sampai jer darby p*rk, k.moji called tanya kat mana because tada orang yang standby helpdesk and the user dah bising2...…
Last week me and Cheep headed to Seremban for zaza's wedding. Kumpul kat R&R Seremban with Wawa and Din, Wan and Yatie, Rina and her son and sister. Jumpa lah geng jonah Pizet, Lela, Shima, Rock and Renee. Heheh lama tak jumpe dorang neh wpon ada jer kat KL.

Zaza and Alfian looked gorgeous in their Tiffany blue themed color. Nampak soothing jer wpon cuaca tgh panas.

Unfortunately tak sempat jumpe Sham and Yulie, since we're on another mission. Insya Allah jumpe kat tempat lain plak :) And of course SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU to zaza and Alfian!
i am annoyed talkin to MYJ. Period. I know its bad to make this kind of statement. But i am annoyed! A user logged a report and i need to clarify few things with the vendor first and tak sempat vendor nak pegang keyboard dia dah made fuss kat MYJ. so MYJ siap called soh aku naik tingkat atas and bla bla bla. kalut gila lah mamat neh just because user tuh called him personally dia soh aku pay attention to dat particular problem. as if she's the only one yang called dalam masa stgh jam tuh, dohhh!! Aku dah cukup hangen ngan user tuh but he really sembur gas to my fire. and im still annoyed. dot.
We throw a small farewell party for kak fara on her last day at fit*s. We had chinese food during lunch, a cake in the evening and a small token of gift. We made a scrapbook for her to frame (kalo nak frame lah) hehe. Kak Fara, all the best in the new co! :) and don't be notty2.

Petang tuh kecoh2 budak opis cakap ada keta terbakar kat bawah. So kitowang pon sumer kelam kabut pegi kat tingkap yang facing jalan tun razak. Walauwehh...sian gila tgk VW tuh on fire. At that time ada orang tgh put out the fire pakai fire extinguisher. Ingatkan dah ok skali tetiba api trus naik kat blah bumbung keta. Asap pon dah tukar jadik itam and thick.

We ols pon tunggu2...takot gak keta tuh meletop. And then few minutes later, bomba pon sampai padamkan api. Sure sadis owner kereta tuh tgk keta dia dah rentung.

Prosperous 08.08.2008
Today marks another historical day, the eight day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the 21st century or simply 08.08.08. And as i'm writing this it's already 8.08pm heheh.

1. Today is the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
2. K.Fara's last day in Fit*s after 8 years of services in Pern*c.
3. During lunch hour a group of mat saleh tourist were fascinated by us inside a Chinese restaurant. We looked rare i think?
4. Zaza George became Mrs Alfian! Selamat Pegantin Baru!
5. I'm still in the opis. Sigh. Can't wait to meet Cheep tomolo as we're going to Zaza's reception in Somban :)

Bird Nest, Beijing's National Stadium
Last week we went to landscape and garden festival @ lake garden. Punya lah susah carik parking but we managed to get a spot near to the planetarium. Luckily there's an entrance there so we don't have to go to the main entrance where the ticket booth is swarming with people. In fact the nearest entrance from planetarium is actually the best place to start with.

First we saw Johor's landscape. Mmg unique siap wat small pelantar kat tetengah garden...nicey! and then moving forward, rupa2nya johor tuh jelah yang paling bes hahaha. i did noticed there's a label for gold award for johor's landscape design but i was expecting lagik banyak yang cun.

dekat ngan pelantar tuh ada lagik extension of the landscape. lepas tuh we randomly walk towards the main entrance as according to the map, lagik banyak happening stuff kat stu but like i said earlier...takde aper pon. yang bes nyer ada stall jual manggis kat stu 2kg for RM5. Huweeee murah lah jugak tuh!

We made our escapade int…
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1. Your nicknames given by loved ones:
Soul, Choul, Liza, Lijot, Panda

2. You are a person who...
- loves to watch movies and travel
- loves to worry over nothing
- wants to lose weight but hates diet and eksesais

3. That someone special. Describe what makes him/her your special someone:
- My beloved dad, he was part of my entity. And Cheep, he is my infinity.

4. Your favorite food:
-Sup tomyam, mihun tomyam, megi tomyam

5. Favorite color:
- PGB: Pink, green and blue. And oh, of

6. All-time favorite songs:
-Lenny Krevitz - It aint over till its over

7. A person's attitude or behavior that irks/annoys you:
- People who double park and ignorant
- People who read newspaper during traffic jam

8. 3 "must-have" things in your handbags:
- Wallet
- Mobile phone
- Car keys

9. When was the last time you cried your heart out... and why?
Few months ago because i was so geram and frustrated over something.

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* Caffe Latte
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