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V-Day Studio Session

On the 14th Feb me with geng fds went to Wow Studio for photoshoot. No special occasion whatsoever but just for fun as we called it Photogediks Session. We paid RM100 (sorang RM20) for unlimited snaps within 1 dapat lah dalam lebey 150 shots. At first i tot we're going bare feet...skali kene pakai kasut. crocs are soo kepam! Nak gi amik kasut lain kat dalam keta dah tak sempat because dah nak start. Oh well kepam pon kepam lah!

As planned, we wore pink theme and bawak props....So ada lah yang bawak bantal busuk and teddy. Hafiz the photographer was great wat kitowang tak rasa awkward sangat nak gelak2 and pk idea nak tukar pose.

In this pix, i took out my ipod for the couch scene seems like a great idea at that time heheh. anyways, i love my ipod!!! When i first bought it with Cheepster as our hantaran, little did i know that ipod actually offers more than just a media thingy. the applications are so addictive...i'm lucky i ken tumpang donlod from Cheepster…

Lily's Birthday!

On Monday, we went back to Cheras to celebrate Lily's Birthday. Her actual birth date is on the 7th, but the whole bunch went to Penang to attend kenduri kawen our cousin. Lily is now 3 years old, dah pandai cakap wpon pelat. Time sampai tuh she excitedly told me that she chose her own birthday cake....Spiderman!

In this pix, Lily with her elder brothers, Adly and Didi. Lily slalu carik gado ngan Didi (2nd one) tapik ngan Didi lah dia paling caring. Kalo Didi majuk she will try her best to pujuk, cam dia lak kakak. Cam dalam gambar ni pon Didi muka toya jer Lily ngendeng kat dia, yang si Lily lak beria senyum.

Anyway, I was looking high and low for Lily's birthday present @ Sunw*y Pyramid the day before. My sis said, just buy her Hotwheels because she loves to play cars. But I don't want her to rebut with the brothers so i planned to buy her storybook series. I entered the MPH and then the P*pular bookshop. Looking at lots of kids storybooks at P*pular....i got excited thin…

Reception 30.01.09

On the 30th Jan was reception on Cheepster's side @ Merak Kayangan. I think we were a little bit less tense this time. But i'm quite tensen with my hairdo because it doesn't turn out the way i expected...sangat lah penyet :( I think i looked like a different person. But oh well, just deal with it and have fun.

Just like these 2 guys...Cheepster and Azwan. Hahaha i like this picture most.

The flower girl and boys are Cheepster's anak buah.

Sitting on the pelamin with a direct spotlight. Nak cakap ngan D mintak tolong adjust my kain pon susah. Boleh jer sebenonyer but rasa telebey terpaksa lah control ayu.

Cheepster's dad gave a wonderful speech and advice. He's at his best with microphone.

We had a good laugh wpon ada 'blushing' moments. Hehe but that's the personal touch not just some general speech.

And its time for families photo. During reception on my side i didn't have the chance to take photos with full family members because DD ke…

Reception 11.01.09

Skang baru ada chance nak post photos from my wedding reception. haha aci tak? since ada lagik more recent photos i wanted to reception at najeeb's side, lily's birthday and studio photoshootwith friends. So i better post this one first, kang lagik lama lagik lapok. Besides i just have to have an entry for my reception ;)

So here it is gambar tgh getting ready kat umah. Me and cheepster had to practise jalan and duduk kat mini pelamin because we never got the chance to rehearse before. Time tuh i was so cuak with the long train, takot terpijak and trip. Poor Toad my bridesmaid kene jaga the train because i was kinda hyper pusing2 sampai sendiri banyak kali terpijak.

Favor from Cheepster's bro to pinjam his Lancer to take us to the dewan.

Control jalan...hins! hins! See i'm stepping on my kain :P

Renjis2 sket

Time amik group photo kat pelamin, sian dorang nie kene paksa beraksi for the videoman. Sib dorang sporting! few groups jugak kene cenggini hehehe....thank …

Sagittarius says...

"Work demands are of such a nature today that you may feel you have no room to breathe. Knuckle down and work your way through the pile instead of moaning and groaning as the work will still have to be done."

I hate when i have to bawak kejer balik umah becoz i know i can't concentrate and my eyes are too tired to focus on the screen. Besides i don't have much time for myself and cheepster...just like before kawen pon i hardly get to spend time and borak with the rugrats. And now i still have to balik lmbt...wpon tak selambat dolu but the long distance driving left me only 2-3 hours before i have to hit the bed. Dahler takleh tidoq lambat sangat sbb takot the next morning liat nak bangun.

This is nothing new ekceli. Since i start working in P*B, this is like a routine but time tuh work and leisure. But skang aku bebal gila sbb bebaru nie one of the boss jadik pushy, i know she just wants to get things moving but she can be a real killjoy most of the time. Kejer baga…

Dinner @ Cousins

I recently went to Cheepster's cousin apartment in TTDI area. When we arrived at her doorstep, we were like "wow!"....tuh blom masuk lagik dah ada impression yang sangat bes. biler masuk jer it felt soo cosy that i had to make an entry for this blog haha :P i love the furnitures, i love all the canvas posters on the wall, the lighting, the flooring and every teeny tiny details they placed in every corner of the house. why i'm super excited is because cheepster and i planned to find our own house soon, so it's great to see a cool house decor to spark some ideas.

sampai jer sumer excited nak amik gambar. first time for some of the cousins as well.

minimal is cool. like eizel said, the flooring can make a huge difference to the house. which aku baru pasan bebenda camnie...haha !

the couple prepared an awesome dinner...roasted chicken, quiche, spaghetti and homemade cheese cake. omg! Serious sedap giler! i really wish i can be like them...its fun to serve food to guests…

Studio 15

We bought a new laptop so that both of us can work and do our thang. Since my pc still in Cheras and nak bawak sini mysis mati kutu tada tenet tade space nak letak. General opinion....i like the keyboard. As for the spec details, i let Cheepster do the thinking :) So far i love this Studio 15 although i have only use it for surfing and blogging. But i saw Cheepster dah test macam2 soo i'm sure i'll be happy with the performance as well wpon dia bengang ngan vista.

Compact Furnitures

Furniture design that making the most of small spaces. It includes a bookshelf, double bed, sofa or corner sofa, and a dinner table or sofa table. Cool huh!
I can live with something like this :)