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Birds on wire

One fine evening, I saw a flock of birds on a wire when we walked to our car. Cutenyer berderet2 dorang bertenggek. Ala2 macam Pixar's short story For the Birds hehe.

Since Cheep parked the car near the lamp post i thought i can get a good shot of the birds right below it. Adalah dalam few seconds dongak 90degrees nak amik gambar then only i realized the possibility kene taik burung is 99.9%. Sangat lambat pickup aku neh!

Barulah terkial2 nak masuk dalam keta sambil balance badan sbb sblah tuh longkang. Huhuhu i was lucky enough tak kene pape (-.-')

Burung tuh tengah tunggu keta abes lalu then dorang turun makan. Tuh jer citer saya :)

CNY Decor @ Midvalley

The day we went to Midvalley for D's birthday, we snapped some photos on the CNY decor. Pix credit to Mas and Poji's cam. Enjoy the 2010's decor :)

Our rented booth. The business is so good that our stock only have 3 left.

Giant dragonflies hanging on the ceiling. Buat layang2 bes gak neh!

Lunch @ Georgetown Kopitiam, Wangsa Walk

The other day me and colleagues went to Wangsa Walk to find something to eat for lunch.

After browsed few kedai we decided to try the Georgetown White Coffee. The cafe's tag line is The Heritage of Penang. But tada plak jual nasik kandar hehe. So many kopitiam nowadays kan?

I ordered Mee Udang which comes in a large portion. The taste is quite ok but i like the coffee most. Ada kick :)

Birthday D @ Popeyes

We planned to make a surprise birthday get together for D but terkantoi plak dalam email biler kak fara terincludekan email group. lol! Si D plak bleh buat senyap2 konon cam tatau biler kitowang tgh rancak borak dalam gmail. But biler Dani noticed terpaksa lah sumer start berlakon that cengkononnyer we will proceed je the gathering on Friday wpon D dah found out. The only fact that she didn't know is that the real thing was ekceli on Wednesday.

So pada hari kejadian we gathered at Popeye Midvalley and waited for the birthday girl to make an appearance yang dibawa oleh driver yang ditempah khas. We were so sure that she'll be surprised that the GLC were having a meetup without her! And it worked hehehe!

This time the cupcakes were specially baked by Sharax. Sedappp oh! Tayah susah2 dah nak book and pickup kat orang lain :)

Lepas makan2 and boraks, amik gambar here and there :D

Cupcakes are just cute that we always can't stop taking pictures with it :P

Candid - Si Dani asik gelak…

Penang Revisit - Day 2

That morning we had breakfast around 7am. Since hotel tak ramai orang, there was no buffet /sad. So we can only order nasi goreng/mihun goreng served with telur mata kerbau. Lepas tuh balik bilik pack barang and trus checkout. You'll notice that this entry akan ada banyak pekataan "dolu" because that shows lama giler tak balik kampung! Biler balik terkejut sana tekejut sini tgk changes. Last month balik Penang pon kejap jer pegi kampung Cheep, attend kenduri, masuk gurney mall, makan kat gurney drive, masuk queensbay mall and lalu batu feringhi. Ok menyimpang plak. Back to present, Nani picked us up and off we went to the land office for our hearing session at 10am. Sangat nervous time nie because we don't really know what to do during the hearing and what to expect. Siap ada tampal notis kat luar nama kitowang huhu!

Masuk mini court, kitowang, my sis and makcik misah kene baca sumpah. Then the pegawai (ptd kot) started asking questions and mintak original…

Penang Revisit

On 2nd week of January, me and my sis head up north for a hearing at land office. I can say spanjang hidup nie, this is my first time travel ngan my sis bus plak tuh (^.~) Something funny happened while we're on our way to Penang which the same thing happened a while ago when i traveled with my dad by bus.

Usually bus akan stop for toilet break at R&R right? So time tuh my dad turun with few other passengers while i stay put in the bus. Suddenly bus gerak macam nak exit from R&R. Aku dengan panicnyer jerit kat driver asked him to stop but he answered "takpe saya park kat depan nih jer" hangennyer aku time tuh because it's quite far from the toilet area and i had to wait until the driver stop sbb kang aku plak tatau kat mana dia park. dahler malam buta and drizzling plak tuh cemanalah orang nak nampak which bus yang dorang naik earlier. so i called my dad's phone but dia dah tereksidenly answered the phone without realizing it because he was tryi…

Shitty Tuesday

It started since this morning when everything started to go wrong. Some of you may know for the past few days, i became pengguna LRT sejati. So Cheep helped me to drop & pick up at KJ station. So today we leaved the house a bit late, it was almost 8am and it's raining. We decided to try NKVE since hari2 sblom nih traffic kat fed hiway still menunjukkan pattern yang sama. Then it all started...where everything goes wrong.

1. Time nak masuk toll NKVE, dah sangkut jam. tapik takper...normal lah tuh jam kan. Tapik traffic yang paling dasat is the jalan yang nak combine ngan main road ke KJ (i don't know nama jalan). Jam dengan sendatnyer secara total sbb bottleneck kat depan. Setelah rasa SANGAT lama disitu, Cheep decided to U-turn kat blah giant kot. Tapik tatau caner nak gi KJ ikot jalan lain plak. Kalo nak u-turn balik mmg kejer giler because the traffic was really heavy along the strecth. So i asked Cheep to send me sampai KL trus because 1jam lebey to sampai LRT, naik LRT…

Orphan the movie

This entry might have a spoiler. So for those who haven't watch and wanted to watch, please skip reading this ;) The movie flow dia agak predictable like any other psychopath punyer citer. But the twist is kinda interesting. Budak yang blakon as Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) nih mmg terel blakon dengan muka manipulative with fake russian accent hehe.

The sweetest thing actress in this movie is Max (Aryana Engineer). Everytime i saw her on screen i kept saying how adorable she is! I read her profile that she is hearing-impaired in real life /sad. Her father is Iranian and her mother is Scottish. She's such a sweet heart and a great little actress!Citer nih sangat hebat sampai emosional telampau tgk. Risau giler if anything happen to lil Max. And yang paling menyampah biler bapak dia baghal sangat backing Esther. Moral of the story, always trust your mother/wife's instinct hehe. At least do some research lah kannn don't just ignore their complaints. Expect lots of scenes yang…

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Selesai nonton a stop motion film, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Dolu tgk trailer tak baper menarik, well because it's a stop motion hehe. Macam citer Night Before Christmas camtuh lah. But the movie has high rating 8.3/10 kat IMDB so haruslah kene tgk! And after watching it, i agree it's a good movie plus it has a great voice cast :D

Each character ada own identity. Yang dua atas nie is the mr & mrs fox. Ada jer idea mr fox nie nak carik makan. And mrs fox plak character dia sangat cool, like ppl always said behind every great man (fox) there's a great woman :D

Character human (left) plak mmg ada pangai manusia ego. Kalo tak puas ati, habes binasa sumer benda sampai tak sedar benda lain yang dorang hilang. Yang rat (right) tuh part dia sket tapik gedik abes hahaha.

This is how small the props were. I always admire orang yang boleh buat miniature. So if anyone running out of idea what movie to watch, give this movie a chance. Because for me jalan citer dia something different from o…

Lunch @ Dominos, The Weld

Tetiba tingin nak makan classified chicken ari tuh. As far as i know of, Dominos tak banyak dine in and time tuh i can only think of Midvalley tapik jauhnyer yaamatz. So dengan bantuan aifontriji mas, she checked the website and found out that the nearest Dominos to our office is The Weld. So to The Weld we went.

Sampai2 trus order kat counter. Cashier tuh tanya nama, rupanya for order updates. Wuuuu but tgk lah tuh salah eja nama huh! I always faced that problem where orang eja Suzila instead of Suliza haish!

Mas category classic ker? new york style ker? crunchy thin ker? hehehe

Pizza baru sampai. One classified chicken and the other one is spicy sambal pizza. Both thin crust so ada rasa cam makan lempeng gak ler. Cepat jer abes and risau tak cukup hahaha.

Then tetiba ada waiter bagi calendar for each table. Mintak dua tak kasik hurmphh. So wat muka kesian kat mas sbb aku takde desktop calendar lagik heheheh. The calendar cam style subway ada promotion coupons boleh koyak biler nak order…

11 Januari

Why 11th Januari is a special date? It's the day i met Cheep for the first time. He report duty kat MMSC with another couple of new staff and Niza HR introduce them around. Kenapa aku senang nak ingat? Because aku pon budak baru kat stu (one week earlier) so of course lah check out budak baru lain yang for sure muka nervous pucat macam aku on my first day kat stu muahahaha. But i didn't catch his name, and i tot he's chinese tapik ada malay look but nak kater melayu ada chinese look. hurmphhh i'll find out later. Pehtuh aku sambung layan intenet kejer kat pc. Reminiscing the past....Who would've thought hehe!

That's why i love this song, 11 Januari by Gigi.

And that is why 11th Januari is so significant that we held our reception on that date :)Read wedding entry here ✿(。◕‿‿◕。)✿ It's nice to rekindle some past memories once in a while.

10.01.10 is the date

After 5 years of friendship, 6 months of engagement, we're now married for 1 year (^.^) Sangat setahun jagung but always berdoa yang baik2 buat kami. Read Cheep's nikah entry here and mine here.

On the 10.01.10 (nice date huh) we celebrated our anniversary at the Look Out Point, Ampang. There are 5 restaurants there and we chose Haven, yang featured in paper recently. We arrived around 6pm, enough time for us to choose table and check out other restaurants to compare view.

The Panorama restaurant with Menara Tinjau.

Amik gambar around the area before it's getting dark.

Cheep with KL view as background.

I ordered spicy chicken pasta and Cheep ordered lamb shank.

At first dapat meja tepi because yang kat edge sumer dah ada orang duduk. But the waiter was very nice. He said once satu meja tuh dah kosong, he will transfer us to that table. And he kept his word, when the customer yang duduk meja tuh bangun jer he cleared and setup the table and bawak all our food there. *Happy! happy…