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GLC Lunch @ MinMax and Grizzly

Attendees for this round of meetup were k.Fara, Shara, Diana, Dani and myself. Mas pon dah siap amik cuti to join but malang tak berbau because she met with an accident jatuh motor. So we were left with 5 peeps jer but jadik laaa. Main objective is to repeat yee sang like last year and lunch without having to rush balik office.

Lou hei for fun. Semua pon suker makan yee sang sbb juicy and masam2.

[Left] Creamy salted egg bun. [Right] Our GLC book on top of our scrumptious lunch.

We bumped into Shan Oracle whom we got to know each other during our FDS project days kat PNB. He got posted here again 3 months ago. Comey jaaa lepas kawen dah kurang dah shy2 guy gituh.

From MinMax we wanted to have coffee at Intermark. Time nih pening jap sebab nk susun sumer orang punyer requirements in sequence and order. I wanted to drive over to Intermark, Dani needs to go back to her office to tag out, Shara nak amik dim sum in D's car but D blom nak shift the car yet because she wants to pass the …

K.Shua's Birthday 2018

Beautiful red cake for k.Shua's birthday. Baked with love from her favourite baker.

Birthday girl with the kids (nephews and niece) and Cheep.

CNY Decor at Intermark Mall

Lanterns, big cage with flowers and gold fishes. 

Zafeer and Scars

When Zafeer was just a few days old, he had to endure painful procedures of pricks and needles. Dahler kecik 1.7kg, flesh pon tak banyak but kene poked many many times to get his blood for tons of test. Even after discharged from the hospital, we still have to continuously and helplessly allow medical officers to cucuk him with needles again and again for blood tests. Not including scheduled jabs.

Now his scars are visible walaupon it appears as dots. For doctors skali tgk dah tau dia slalu kene cucuk. Robek hati every time belek his scars. Kesian my sayang....

(Ada plak terselit blue playdoh kat fingernail)

McD Delivery Service

I just can't understand McD's delivery service app. Most of the time when i opened the app i can't choose Order Now. While Order in Advance, it was set minimum 2 HOURS! Pergh mereput kebulur lah cemtu. Memang nk suruh ahkak masakla juga tuh kan since ayam pon sempat defrost ๐Ÿ™ˆ But dulu boleh jer dorang deliver within 30minutes. Why now tak boleh? Food delivery business nowadays semua offer cepat because even 1 hour pon dah terasa lama.

Yes there are other options like foodpanda, ubereats, honestbee and such but most of it blom extend their services in SA. Sometimes i just crave for their burger/ayam goreng spicy and sundae! 
Aperkah mystery mcd buat app bagai to accept online orders just to deliver 2hours later ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿง Adakah dorang tak cukup rider?

40th Day Tahlil

Kejap jer masa berlalu dah 40 hari our beloved papa/ FIL passed away. Family members, friends and ahli surau came to read yassin and tahlil.

I had to distract the kids with gadget and toys kejap dalam bilik sementara baca yassin kat luar. Then lepas tuh dorang main random stuff with other kids. Very well behaved, alhamdulillah.

Sukaneka - Tahun 2

Last Saturday was Qeeb's sukaneka day. Jeeb dropped him off at school around 7.30 for registration. Awal kannnn and mommy nya lom siap so Jeeb had to patah  balik amik kitowang! Since this year Zafeer dah pandai jalan so we dragged him along to berpanasan bersama2.

At first we waited at the bench for senam robik. When preschool and Standard 1 started their games, we went to find shades. Nampak gaya cam lambat jer lagik nak start.

Time nih Zafeer dah start to get bored. Main hide and seek lah, jalan2 lah, fed him with biscuits and milo. Meanwhile Standard 2 kids had their breakfast first prepared by school.

Then baru lah pindah ke tent to wait for their turn. Self note for myself of what happened that morning - about this one kid yang tak ngaku dia main rumput (somebody highlighted in wassep group pasal baling rumput pasir masuk mata) and her mom who came few mins later thought it was my son who did it because her kid tak ngaku. She didn't know i was the mother kot or maybe mmg…