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Urbanscapes 2009 - Part II

We arrived at the KL Pac around 6pm. We parked right away at the first parking spot available. Not bothered to carik parking kat dalam where i'm sure lagik banyak keta or worst...double park. Sampai2 trus amik gambar depan building before it's getting dark.

Tepi abandon building.

And dalam abandon building. Why waste the shot kan haha tempek ajer sumer kat sini.

Ekceli there were many other peeps in this building taking photos. Each holding a DSLR heheh. We were the only couple holding a compact camera with a DSLR flash. There was a group of guys lepak kat stu sambil perform acoustic. Besssst!

The most famous must have photo spot...Urbanscapes signage. Everybody went gaga to take photos here. It's like a Hollywood famous signage with striking color balloons. Then we ronda2 the market place sampai lah dah gelap. We tot blah depan jer and blah dalam kene bayar. But ekceli the market place extend sampai blakang building where the stage was.

And then there was a street performance …

A-Z Favourite's List Tag

The last tag i owe Cheepster. This is a tough one because i have to come up with a list of things i like in alphabets! I think i'm prone to name foods as my answer. Lol! Mmg i'm a kaki makan :P
Amaze - I'm easily amaze at anything but easily annoyed at the same time Bem69 - Cheepster's famous name in the internet.Copy -Copy and paste is the magical shortcutDestination - Borabora islandExercise - I love to go to gym but I just don't have the time haha *excuses*Frapuccino - Ice blended is the best thirst quencherGadget - Technology is awesomeHabit - Nap and nap :PiPod -Addictive games and appzJades - I love jades but I don't have oneKafe - There are so many cool cafes to be explored.Laptop - I'm quite happy with the current laptopMovies - To feed my imaginationNasi Lemak - I always have a hard time to turn down nasi lemakOctopus-Sotong goreng tepong sedap di makan begitu saja.Pet Society - Online pet store with cool items to collectQbistro - Used to be my favr…

Urbanscapes 2009 @ KLPac

Went to Urbanscapes 2009 at KL Pac, Sentul West last Saturday. This is our second time at KLPac, the first time was back in 2006 to watch Starlight Cinema. We did sesat just like before hehe.

I just love flea market. But this one is creative arts festival soo double the love! I admire all the designs on banners, handmades, tote bag, tshirt and even their business card hehe!

Panda eyes on blackboard.

The Threadszoo's banner pon smart!

Stoodle with their bunneh poster.

Art @ abby. Simple but attractive.

And random characters wandering around.

More photos to be uploaded soon. Maceh to Cheepster yang banyak amik gambar and lots of good photos to choose from! Muahhsss!

Tag Bahasa Malaysia yang kental

Tag by none other than Cheepster. I still owe him the A-Z tag! The rule is you have to answer dalam Bahasa Malaysia sepenuhnya.

Bekas kekasih saya adalah : Bumblebee tapik tak kesampaian sebab dia lebih pentingkan Sam Witwicky.Saya sedang mendengar : bunyi tetikus yang diklik2 oleh suami saya dan juga saya sendiri. Mungkin saya patut: memohon cuti pada setiap hari Isnin kerana saya tidak suka hari Isnin. Tapi permintaan saya pasti ditolak.Saya suka : pegi berjalan-jalan dan selepas itu merungut kaki sakit.Sahabat-sahabat baik saya : rajin bergmail dengan saya walaupon jarang jumpa.Saya tak paham : kenapa kalau beli kentaki bawak balik dorang bagi cili sos sikit sangat.Saya kehilangan : wang yang banyak setiap bulan apabila membayar segala jenis bil.Ramai yang berkata : saya suke makan.Makna nama saya : sama macam Datin Suliza SalamCinta itu adalah : kata kerja.Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang : memandu van di Pulau Langkawi.Saya akan cuba : menjadi seorang yang suka dan pandai me…

Tagged by Zect

Tagged by Zect. Nih dah main lawan2 tag dah nie. hahaha

The rules:

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini :
1. Zect is my friend kat UTM. Sangat popular dia nie especially among the guys hehe
2. Terel organize event & meetup because dia rajin keep in touch with all her friends.
3. Shopaholic and suker browse barang
4. She's the first person i called when my dad passed away. I cried all my heart out sampai saket tinger dia.
5. And she's the first person to arrive at the hospital on that day with her hubby. Sangat lah terharu.

Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award yg seterusnya :
Gmail is my daily dosage. I hardly use IM anymore.I love to hug Cheepster. He's a warm bolster.I appreciate my own privacy. I only have my elder sister in the family so you can imagine all the space and quiet time i can have in the house.I always imagine myself doing an xtreme sports but never have the opportunity to experience it sa…

Family photos @ white studio

My sis and her family went to Wow Studio for a photoshoot. I dropped by the studio a bit later because i was from the office and I really looked forward to see the kids in action. Hehehe mmg macam2 pangai. Yang susah nak senyum, yang tada gigi lak sungguh2 senyum, yang nanges depan camera, yang sangat hyper pon ada. Pening tapik bes hehehe! Bepeluh mak-mak yang ada nak soh anak dorang pose. The blog post from photographer is at Hafiz Ismail.

Adalah 2 shots aku nyelit skali because bukan slalu dapat amik gambar family duduk together. But 2 keping jelah, was not in the mood ekceli because i felt srabai and belemuih lepas balik kejer.

To make Lily to smile is not easy. Kene bribe dapat hadiah baru lah dia sengih sket nampak gigi.

Another reason for this photoshoot is because all the kids from my sis's in laws were around. Kak Eta who stayed in US balik M'sia for summer holiday so this is the chance to snap photos of everyone. Too bad her husband dah balik after 2 weeks stay because …

Working Saturday

I'm so sebellll kene datang kejer today because I had to wait for other team siapkan their tasks then only i can start mine. But i can't even buat benda lain because the boss assigned me to daily works.

And i'm so hungry! Dah order Dominos pizza tapik tak sampai lagik huk huk

I brought my own laptop because i need to start working on the album but bukak zip bag pon tak pffftt. My deadline is in 5 days and i haven't even start yet.

All i wanna do today is play around with photoshop not ms office/excel!

Notakaki: Thanks to Mas introduce kan site yang ada gambar kiut2 nie :)

Car Wash

I planned to wash the car since the day i amik from the workshop. That was like more than a month ago. Yesterday D said there's a new car wash just opened next to our building. So today after lunch trus bawak keta gi sana and since car wash tuh tak kesah park lama2 snang sket amik petang after office hour. RM8 for luar and dalam normal rate lah tuh kan?? Wohoo dah lama tak nampak tayar and rim berkilat cenggini. Swonottt skali!

Weekend @ Central Market

We're running out of malls to visit! So I chose Central Market for this weekend jalan2. I don't want to go window shopping anymore without actually wanting to buy everything anything unnecessary. Besides the last time i went to Central Market was like 5-6 years ago....or maybe more so it's time for revisit.

We walked from end to end. I noticed that all the painters have moved outside by the Annexe building.

And then kedai mamak yang dolu jual/rent books dah takde and biler time nak raya dorang jual kad raya banyak gila. I used to rent books here every week sbb tuition area situ so slalu lah ulang alik gi CM. Now it was replaced with rows of Lorong which grouped according to their products.

I love these cards, clean and simple drawing. I wish i could snap more photos because banyak benda bes! But x banyak photographer lain kat stu and even the tourists pon tak amik gambar so trus automatic jadik segan. oh well!

And then we walked to Petaling Street. Same old same old PS Boutiq…

Friday Evening Traffic

When i looked to the left...jam
When i looked below pon jam
When i looked to the right..sama jer jam. Jalan mana nak ikot neh!!
I just want to go home even though its blurry vision out there. Check out buildings enveloped by the haze.

What a Monday

It's a beautiful Monday morning. Drove myself to work, smooth traffic (i don't even use Smart Tunnel), easy parking, and boy i was early when i arrived in the office. But then one thing lead to another which started to ruin my day. On jer pc, takde internet connection. I heard from the IT guy it was something to do with malfunction hardware. So i went for breakfast, balik jer from makan my stomach wat pangai and trus carik toilet for shotgun session. Then i started to create backup files and housekeeping since there is nothing much i can do when the network is offline.

Around 12.30, the colleagues pakat pegi lunch kat Bellamy sbb ada yang tingin nak makan ikan bakar. Sampai sana dah penuh and we had a tough time to find a table yang leh muat 10 orang. Dahler atap zink so imagine lah cemana tahap panas nyer time tuh. Tapik makan sedap, orang still datang jugak hehe. I took ikan keli bakar...mmg nampak delicious gileh because baru jer lepas masak. Then start lah upacara makan. T…

Thousand Birdies Giveaway

It's a Thousand Birdies Giveaway at Gis! She made loads of cute blog design! Hope i would win :) To enter the giveaway, below are the guidelines and the deadline is June 15th, 2009.
Guidelines:You must be subscribed to the blog (via RSS or email)!!You must have a blog, and you have to post about this giveaway on it, using the banner above!!After posting about the giveaway, go to her blog and leave a comment with the link to the blog you want to revamp, and a link to your post about the contest!!The comment numbers will be shuffled and a lucky winner will get a blog revamp!!!Love,

Inside of You

I just finished watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Ari tuh tgk kat DVD sangkut2 but rupanya Cheepster ada another version. So we just continued tgk ending. And for the second time i said lagu "Inside of You" best! Hahaha lagu nie sick sket, saper yang dah tgk citer nie tau lah but somehow best jer dengar :P The singer, Russell Brand is one of the actor in this movie, sangat lah loklaq character dia but very funny.

Check out the lyric.

Oh these ancient skies
I've had these wandering eyes
but you took me by surprise
when you let me inside of you

Inside of you
Inside of you
There's got to be
Some part of me
Inside of you

Inside of you, I could cross this desert plane
Inside of you, I can hear you scream my name
Inside of you, while the stars unfold
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world
And I need you here and I need to be
Inside of you

Now the flowers bloom
I feel you creep into my room
And if this should be our tune
I'll die here inside of you


Personality Test

Tagged by Cheepster to take a Personality Test. The rules are:

1. Open this website :
2. Take the Personality Quiz (it's VERY short and easy, really)
3. Copy Paste the result to your blog.
4. Tag as many friends as you can and link to the friend who tagged you.

Here's the result of my quiz:

Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in…

Ladies Marmalade

Went to Marmalade @ Bangsar Village yesterday. Since banyak Mas dah citer at her blog so i just post some photos here hehe (wpon ada yang sama :P).

There are some corners in this cafe that have cute illustrations on the wall, cozy chairs and tables.

Sampai2 trus order because we were so hungry. At that time there were only Diana, Mas and me. 4th to arrive was Kak Fara followed by Shara and then Kak Mozi.

I ordered Pasta Aglio Olio. The price was RM21. Uhuuhu mahal but yang small portion pon around this price jugak soo better makan yang betoi2 mengenyangkan. The taste was just like i imagined it should be....sedap! Phew!

And sesambil tuh nyelit food tasting session around the table. Hak hak. That was Green Curry Mee ordered by K.Fara. Not bad jugak the taste!

Then we ordered 3 cupcakes with different flavors, Oreo, Chocolate and Strawberry. It was for Kak Fara's advanced birthday. Hehehe kalo tak biler lak nak celebrate, nak jumpe bukan snang. Eventhough it was just small cupcakes,…

Blog Award

Received this Lovely Blog Award from my cousin, Karen. Thank you!!

The rules :
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
3) Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

15 other bloggers is a lot hehe. So i just put almost everyone in my blog links ;)

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