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Coffee break @ NZ
The last Syawal entry

Uploaded few photos from braya session couple of weeks ago. Tahun nie mmg kurang participate braya umah orang because need to run few errands. On the 25th, the Company wat jamuan raya to all the staff. Banyak stalls with different food, and as usual stall yang ada kamben grill paling panjang queue.

Nih jelah tinggal regular buddies to hang out with.

Me went with my sis's family braya umah Cheepster @ Shah Alam. Asik gambar posing pandang camera jer, this is me amik air dengan control ayunyer. Kaler baju sama cam kaler air okeh! huhu

Raya kat umah k.fara @ Klang. Jauh gilerrrr umah dia...cemana lar dolu dia leh ulang alik gi PNB. Sib sampai, kalo harap me and D mmg dah sesat jauh sbb map yang dia bagi takleh pakai langsung hahaha!

and this one....raya with Hellboy?

Jason Mraz feat Colby Caillat - Lucky
Luv this song a lot! Unfortunately i can't find the official video or maybe there isnt one? So i just random picked a video on utube.
Me had dinner with Cheepster couple of weeks ago @ T*marind Springs. Jalan nak masuk tuh cam trekking kat hutan plak...dahler gelap. But i like the fresh green scents.

We ordered 2 lauks and a dessert. Really2 kenyang sib tak order lebey2. Or maybe jugak because we ate earlier on. The food was okay with a litle bit of different ingredient taste.

A peaceful evening with Cheepster. Happy Anniversary chayang!

Box of chocolate in an exclusive packaging. Check out our store @ QuteStuff ;)

On Friday, although i'm on annual leave...i dowan to miss the chance to attend the IT group's open house raya. At 4pm ada taklimat by zz and then abes jer trus proceed with food digging activities. Ada sate, mihun, laksa, ketupat, lemang, rendang daging, rendang ayam, cheese cake, agar2, etc. And also a live performance by Cicik (from Akademi Nasyid).

There was also mingomingo icecream van parked kat tepi canteen for a free flow ice cream. Sesambil tuh dorang pasang lagu2 raya...hahaha feel siot!

Last but not least a door gift for everyone. Dalam ketupat tuh ada 3 bijik mini dodol. Fuh all i can say is, the open house this year was surprisingly bes gila!

Meet up with Ikin, Bad, Kusa and Mira @ Santai. Ikin and Bad bought us a crazy random tshirt from Japan and oso pass Cheepster's new wacom yang dorang tolong belikan.

The cake that supposedly read "Tanjobi Omedetou Ikin-sama" (Happy Birthday Master Ikin) but somehow Ikin read it as Tanjung Mental! Hahaha tak sama langsung!

Kusa and Mira...both baru balik kejer trus datang untuk bersantai.

We had farewell lunch for Kak Moji. Another senior team member for this project yang leaving the company for a better opportunity. Skang tinggal my batch jer...ish ish. Later on its going to be our turn plak lah kot? :P With everybody's consensus we chose Rahsia @ Jln Damai sbb dekat jer ngan opis and besides i've oways wanted to check out that place since last year.

Time masuk that place we noticed that we were the only customer kat stu. Somebody made a statement..."wahhh cepat lah dapat food camnie" but we were wrong! hiyarkk!!

They served our appetizer one hour later. And the main course around 15 minutes after that. Since everybody were so hungry and tunggu punyer lah lama...when the food arrived we were like..."keciknyer?!" Thanks to 3 plates of appetizer, i did rasa kenyang lah jugak. But from my theory why they took so long to prepare the food is because nak defrost ikan and beef tuh yang lama kot? Because zz and azhar yang datang kendian and ordered t…
Taken from Nesc*fe Kickst*rt site on how to decorate work cubicle. I was a little bit excited with the title but after went thru the list, there are no ideas for decorating...more like don't decorate your cubicle at all!

Ideas To Decorate Your Cubicle

We know. Your cubicle may not be of the 5-star comfort and space of your own room, i.e. equipped with a sleek hi-fi set, flat screen computer and a mother to make you snacks. But you are going to spend at least 8 hours a day working in it. Our advice? Make the best out of it and make it your own.

Out with the mess!
The key to projecting a professional image is to look organized. Make sure files are stacked properly, stationeries kept in place and loose papers aren’t strewn all over like a tornado just wiped through. Set aside an hour every month to spring clean your cubicle. Gone are the days where a messy table is a sign of a busy (or hardworking) employee. can be done but the clean effects can only last for 2 days minimum

Leave Mr. Wink…
Raya tahun nie for me tak sebrape best compared to last year. I followed my sis balik umah her in laws in PD 1 day earlier before raya and then i stayed in the house for the whole 3 days without going anywhere. Before that, the whole family paid a visit to pusara mom and bapak on Sunday. It was first time for Lily to tabur bunga kat pusara mak tok.

In PD, it was oways masak and makan event. This is me having a crash course from Inchik on how to lipat ketupat palas. Wahahaha hebat gitu...wpon daun kecik but i managed to lipat2. At least it still looks like ketupat palas with the 3 segi shape. But tahun depan konpem lupa balik caner nak wat :P

And of course time raya budak2 lah yang paling sonot. Dapat duit raya, main mercun, tgk tv, giggle2 and main tahpape jelah lagik.

Nih tauke mercun sampai peluh2 layan request from the kids yang batur mintak bunga api.

On 2nd day of raya, was my sista's birthday. Abg ayie bought a surprise birthday cake for her. Time tuh Adly and Didi dok control e…
SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI! Maaf zahir & batin and have a great Raya Aidilfitri!