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Go Live Briefing

On the 29th, we attended Go Live Briefing at Theaterette, 2nd floor.

Executive Director from the client's company bagi speech, pesanan and amanat, readiness and commitment, etc. Then our Project Director plak bagi speech on moving forward.

And then ada jamuan makan kecik prepared by SS caterer. Most of the cawan yang ada kat stu tak clean lah. Ish!

Kitowang lak stay kejap kat dalam theaterette nak tahan boss2 yang terbabit untuk mintak signature for document closure.

Ahaaaa tuh dia gaya paksa sign, bagi pen and soh pose depan camera. Bukan snang neh nak dapat sign dalam masa few minutes slalu berhari2.

Then amik group photo of the team members. Hu yeahhh! Ramai yang dah seiyer sepakat pakai jacket and pasan hensem, yang pompuan lak dah beria touch up, si D siap pakai baju baru lagik hahaha. Skip the serious shot, aku letak yang ada gaya bebas sket heheh.

Then on the way kitowang nak balik opis, menyimpang plak kuar building nak amik gambar. Thehehehe rasa cam happynyer dah lepas Go Live…

Brekkie on Friday

I had breakfast at darby park cafe this morning with Mas. Orang lain yang tido hotel, orang lain yang gi makan hehe. I ate sauteed vege, sauteed potato, sausage, 1 banana muffin, 1 croissant and 1 slice of bread with tuna and cheese platter. And oh, 2 glass of pink guava juice. Banyaknyer saya makan!!! Sampai opis trus pegi toilet.

Rest in Peace Yasmin Ahmad

Malaysia's award-winning film director Yasmin Ahmad has died from massive bleeding in the brain last night at 11.25pm. We may not have known her well, but she have reached out to us in ways unimaginable. I believe most Malaysians will miss her advertisements (especially during festive season) and films. She had thought us that at the end of the day, IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE. May Allah bless her soul.

Al-Fatihah and takziah to all her family and friends. She will be dearly missed.

Bunnies Day Out

Would like to introduce you to a totally cute wonderpet! Say hello to Smokie!!!

Smokie is so cute that i kept kissing it's fluffy heads. Awww!!! *melt*

Okeh tukar background lak. On Cheepster's lap. Look at those incredibly cute eyes and nose. Cute overloadddd!!

Then we took out the other 2 wonderpets. Here is Silvo, Smokie and Whity (not in the right order). Our attempts to take their group photo wasn't easy.

Get second helper, Khairan to hold the wonderpets. Ok ready, 1-2-3....

Tetiba sekoq refused to pandang camera but pegi sniff my shoes plak...dahler kepam. All of 'em looks like plush toys kan?

After several snaps, finally Cheepster managed to capture this one :) Ngaaaa geramph! They were only 3 weeks old. I think just saw them last week and they were so tiny! But tiba2 ari nih dah besar!

And this is the mother, Patchi. Dolu bulu dia fluffy cam anak2 dia, but now tatau naper jadik pendek2 camnie. Check out Patchi and her mate, Brownie yang suker lepak under my car here. …

10 days to GO LIVE

10 days to LIVE date. Huhu cam tak caya jer betoi ker nak live system nih. Dolu postpone tah baper puluh kali tah. Asik2 kater this is it. Tapik tetiba tukar deadline last minit. But this time tgk system readiness mmg pukul habes and settle kan mana2 branch yang tercicir.

Tadik around 5 pm i went to ITD to participate in remote testing for 5 branches (Kangar, Alor Setar, Kuantan, Seremban and Johor) to test printer dorang jalan ke tak. Because during End to End ari tuh banyak branches yang logged report tak boleh print sbb application problem lah, tak install driver lah, problem cable lah, so now ITD/HTP dah betoikan and we have to check whether jalan ke tak so we can close the issue. So during the remote, we took over their pc and perform testing and print transaction at their printer. Sumernyer bagi full cooperation, except satu branch lah yang cakap banyak asik condemn system. Huhuhu tell me something i don't know. Time training last year, sampai dah muak aku dengar statement ta…

Movie Marathon Weekend

I did nothing but watched movies this weekend. First movie was Taken, didn't managed to catch it in the cinema last time. It was freaking awesome, Liam Neeson was just too cool. Banyak giler dialog and scenes yang buat aku rasa sangat teruja, sampai kejap baring kejap duduk hehe. Dahler suara dia bass jer biler start threaten...sangat ler macho huhu!

Then Land of the Lost was quite a disappointment because the trailer looks interesting. I almost felt asleep watching it pffft. There's just something lack dalam citer nie. Kejap dinosaur, kejap alien and banyak benda random giler. But banyak citer Will Ferrell yang bengonk2 pon tapik aku suker, but not this one.

And then i watched Untraceable which is about cyber killer with gory torture scenes. Citer nie tada lah glamer sangat, rating kat IMDB pon 6 over 10 jer. But saspen gak ler tgk because all the death scenes are unique. The heat lamps scene is the most gruesome and disturbing! Ish skeri giler kalo ada saiko camnie yang stream…

First lunch @ Popeyes

Datang dah penyakit malas nak update blog. I guess it's food porn time *grin* Cheepster suggested to have lunch at Popeyes last weekend because he found out that the kedai already open for business. The last time we went to Sunway Pyramid, the place is still under renovation. Cepat plak kedai nih siap or wazit me yang dah lama x pegi situ? The Popeyes originated from New Orleans and no it doesn't have anything to do with Popeye the sailorman. Kat Mesia nih baru bukak few franchise jer i think.

The menu available are chicken combo, seafood combo, sandwiches and rice.

I chose 3 pieces chicken sbb seketol lagik Cheepster nak rasa.

I can live with the fried chicken. Not bad, even though there is no special taste compared to KFC but better than A&W ciken....nih according to my tastebud only arr. The roti tuh ekceli called biscuit which i can't describe the taste (tau makan jer :P). But it taste great when dipped in their excellent mashed potato (not in the picture). Mmg mar…

Weekend @ Port Dickson - Part II

Continue from previous post Weekend @ Port Dickson.

We then made a move to Ilham Resort at Batu 10. My bro in law booked a room for one night stay. My first impression with the surrounding is ok but the room cleanliness is agak kodi. There was also a lighthouse nearby but we didn't managed to catch that one.

Room yang dorang dapat bebetol depan pool. Maka sangat swonotlah budak2 yang ada pada hari ituh.

Freestyle in the pool. Aper kes lah Didi pakai shower cap masuk pool. hahaha takot rambut basah ker?

Najlin swim in pink.

Didi swim in blue.

Daniel swim in birthday suit.

Lil Iddin swim with his dad

Birthday cake for 2 guys. It was my sis's idea to portray it in magazine cover style.

Adly the birthday boy with siblings and cousins. And oh, his mom and Achu as well.

Cheepster playing Call of Duty in DS version head to head with Adly. I like this photo! Awww cute jer all the kids kerumun dia sbb nak tgk kehebatan uncle Najeeb the match.

And self made iron-on tshirt by my sis. I think the ki…

Weekend @ Port Dickson

Last Sunday, me and Cheepster went to Port Dickson to celebrate my bro in law and nephew's birthday. We thought we were late skali selisih dengan my sis's car kat highway hahaha. Arrived around 10am and had breakfast at rumah aunty Zai. Pehtu kuar jap berdating ngan Cheepster kat the beach.

The crab hunter.

I was bz watching the colorful seashells.

Didn't realize my feet dah terbenam dlm pasir with seashells ewwww! Panicked jugak lah if ada lak tetiba sipot menguit2 kat my kaki. Amik gambar senyum konon padahal geli sbb termasuk dalam kasut.

Macam tukun dah my crocs hahaha

Cheepster still hunting for crab.

And he managed to capture this crab beautifully :)

Plus both of us as well heheh

Macro shot on plain ladybug landed on Cheepster's back. Cute kan?!

Jeles and best jer tengok kids in their own world.

More photos on the birthday event later :) Currently watching MJ's memorial at 8TV.

Urbanscapes 2009 - Part III

Link to Urbanscapes Part I & Part II

Now let's check out the booth! The first booth we stopped by was wall graphics design by feedmylamb.

The design that caught my attention was birdie and pacman. They sell it at only RM39! Teruja seketika nak beli but no specific wall to tampal. So next time lah.

Stoodle is the winner for the Urbanscapes 2009 T-shirt design contest. They have a cute doodles gallery. Ada totebag dia sangat kiut!

And then there was Lightblok by BlokOn. You'll get a custom light box for RM80. It'll make a cool gift.

Here is a Frankie Mumbo booth with Moo theme. However there are no cow product here hehe!

Colorful and funky earrings booth. Unfortunately missed the booth's name.

CDs collection.

Cheap colorful belts.

All the books on the shelf have interesting title and cover. The one i'm holding is Lost in KL by Bernice Chauly.

Abstrax jingga yang jual slipar.

Necklaces with pendant yang sangat kiut! Ada lomo camera and suitcase!

This booth pon jual cool neckl…