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[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 12

Hi lovelies, salam Jumaat. Some links to read below:

Wise words not to hold your grudges for too long. Link: Zen ShortsHow upbeat moms keep the joy and love flowing? Link: Happy moms habitsUber is losing profit. Link: Price war

Farewell RR

On Kak Ita's last day at the office. I joined my ex-team mate amik gambar kenang-kenangan ngan kak Ita.

The ladies of IBG-DD

Ex-team mate. I do miss them. Skang dorang still duduk dekat with my new place so bleh laa lagik nak borak2. But if tetiba pas nie i have to pindah seat jauh sket sure sangap. Besides i don't have a team member now :(

We bagi a small farewell gift.

And big hug.

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 11

Happy Friday.
Parenting in New Zealand sounds laid back, love nature and kids friendly. Link: Laid-back culture in NZCute cartoonish googly-eyed squid called Rossia pacifica. Link: Stubby squidDiverseCity KL international art festival from 31 Aug - 2 Oct 2016. Link: DiverseCity

Team Lunch @ VE Hotel, BS

All department in the company ada allocation every twice a year where we can choose to do whatever we want. Be it main bowling, masuk escape room, etc as long as ada bonding session. Paling senang is pilih kedai and makan sampai tersandar. I wanted to go else where but since yang the one nak bayarkan dolu wanted to go somewhere near so we went to the new hotel next door.

The food tak banyak choice because this one kinda considered as medium range buffet yang harga rm40+. But most of the food sedappp and ada rasa, especially the oxtail stew.

Our new small team.

Dessert lineup. The mini pavlova was soooo nice.

Part yang ada free flow coffee tuh yang excited tuh. But managed to control myself to drink only two cups of cappuccino. Kang baby yang overdose caffeine.

The restaurant view from courtyard area.

Lepas abes makan we went to check out the area. The building is facing Nexus.

On the same floor ada infinity pool

Abes lunch we went to this small cafe to tapau some cakes and pies. The c…

MYC Open House @ Grand Hyatt, KL

The yearly MYC event for Hari Raya - staff gathering, networking with clients, reunion, makan2 and take tonsss of photos. Most of the photos i already shared at FB. So the ones here are almost the same.

[Left] With Imal (P*yset) and Jasa (BNPP now MBB). [Right] With english teacher, QuinB. It was our first class with her on that day and she don't mind to join the open house eventho she said rasa okwed. Sempoi!

Some of the buffet spread.

[Left] With Azlina (ABMB). [Right] With Stephen and Apip. Both ex-MYC and kaki marathon.

[Left] With Farid and Rina (SCB now HLB) who is also an ex-MYC. [Right] With Ngan Pui HLB comel.

[Left] With Kak D and Kak Huda (RHB) who is another ex-MYC. [Right] With Mr. Thiaga (PBB).

With Huda (SMBC). [Right] My not-so-new boss, MK. Just started reporting to him starting last month.

Team MYC

Dah ready nak balik pegang parking ticket sempat lagik amik few gambar becauseeeee i was contemplating to layan the traffic jam + nak tunggu food yang dah dipacked. Bu…

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 10

Alhamdulillah it's Friday again. Here are some interesting links:

 Every one has a different kind of successful criteria. But this author listed almost exactly my version of success. I'm nowhere near there but i'm working towards it. Link: Define your successTips for road trips with kids. The author has 2 boys. Link: Road Trips4 reasons why you don't feel like cooking. Link: What to do about it

GLC Raya Gathering @ Picnic Table

I just loveeee the GLC raya gathering hari tuh kat The Picnic Table by Simply Sandwiches. Ceria, colorful, the food was nice and ample space for the kids to play around. Lets start with our gambar passport first before sumer start belemuih and yang the little ones scattered around.

Ketibaan tetamu kehormat...siap Jannah jadik penyambut tetamu hahaha. Tapik sebenonya pintu tuh berkunci dari dalam sebab takot budak lari kluar. And we were actually the 4th to arrive hehe. First was D selaku project manager yang memilih tempat dan booking bagai. Second was Mas and Jannah who came together. Followed by Kak Fara and family. Dani and Kak Moji came after me. Too bad Shara and Zaza couldn't make it sooo tak dapat laa full attendance for this event.

Sementara ada orang tengah layan zafeer, me and jeeb posing around sat hahaha. Lepas tuh baru order aper yang nak dimakan and borak. Kebetolan si Qeeb and Ilyas pakai baju sama color dah macam uniform. Beria dorang main sama2...padahal jumpe th…