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Wishing on a dreams

NTV7 currently showing loads of fiction. I likeeee! The 10th Kingdom, and next Journey to the Center of the Earth. Everytime the channel playing the gazzette..i felt my heart soar! Silly but hey admit it fantasy and fairy tales is always written or filmed! Just look at Harry Potter, Cave of the Golden Rose, The Merlin, LOTR or Wizard of Oz. Salute to the animator for their masterpiece.

I wonder bila la nak kluar iklan raya. Perodua and Petronas ad is most awaits. Rite now iklan Planta pon jadikla. Deepavali ari tuh, Telekom's ad is outstanding! A touch of ol tamil's film...lightning and eyes close-up. Very witty!

Sex and The City

Sex and the City test...finds me as naive as Charlotte! Hehe well yeah okay i do have a tendency towards materialism but I'm not a shoe worshipper ;)

Charlotte most resembles you. The term “girly girl” was coined for those of your kind. From haute couture to handsome lovers, summer houses to French-manicured nails, you aspire to be nothing less than an exalted goddess on a pedestal. Your personal tastes, ranging from the books you read to the clothes you buy, are determined in light of their fairy-tale compatibility. If Sleeping Beauty were around today, would she adorn her feet with anything less than Prada? Though keeping up appearances certainly holds its rank on your list of priorities, you are simply a romantic dreamer at heart who, when you brush all your fancy accessories aside, wants little more than the health and happiness of her nearest and dearest. And the world needs its fair share of princesses anyhow – who else would keep the horseback riding industry in business?

Lord Of The Ring

You are most like Galadriel. There's just something about you that people like. A sort of aura. You're very kind to people, and you like to help others succeed. You're not as candid as most people would like. You don't have to share your deepest darkest secrets, but be more honest about things! You're more mature than most people your age, so don't worry!

What LoTR Character Are You?

Star Wars

I am Obi Wan Kenobi


**ck i'm bored!
Mana-mana shopping complex pigi skang sumernya hectic. If you're only going to buy a toothbrush, makes you think 10 times when lookin at the payment counter. Is it necessary to change the toothbrush now? Everybody shop like nobody business.

Aku still takder baju raya. Should i be worry by now? Aku takder baju rayaaaaaaaa! Mana nak carik? Kaler aper? Pesen aper? Arghh aku tak suka shopping reramai cenggini. Tu la last minute lagik. Padan muka!
Nana and abg. Ayie organized makan-makan for fast breaking at Formaggie for family on both sides. Sembahyang B'jemaah then sambung balik makan. It was fun. After dinner, everybody sit back and talk over coffee and tea. Lazying around...

Adly + Didi had a major fun running around with all their kazens. Plus Daniel in his Spiderman suit knockin everyone with his light-saber. :D
Saw Jason Cottam with a baybee...i mean a real baby. He seems lost...pushing stroller back and forth. Dia tgk aku, aku tgk dia. Aper dia ingat tuh baby aku per? But he got the looks...Hip Daddy!

Balik gi param Cheras. Saw Fazley gettin into a sports car, WBM 888. Hmmm...tripple 8. Fattat lorr! Keta pon manyak karer! Soo anyone who is Fazley's die hard fans, watch out for this plate number. anyone cares ;)


Fazley who?

Fazley Asmara...

Whut? Erghhh!