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Me and Cheepster had a date at Palate Pall*te last Thursday. The Foldees prize giving ceremony was held there but the event starts at 8.30pm so we decided why not buka puasa there straightaway.

I love the decor! and i like the working crew as well as they were very attentive.

Fish and Chips for buka puasa

And then the prize giving ceremony starts.

Chak presenting a cheque, intous and a cert to the the 2nd prize winner none other than Cheepster! Yay!

Sewonotss skali!

On Monday, me had buka posa with colleagues and ex-colleagues @ Little Penang, Midvalley. Woot! I've ordered Char Koay Tiaw...sedap but muskel because i cant finish it. Musbi dok experiment food orang lain. Look at the sambal on my spoon...fuh lama dah tak rasa sambal camtuh. Sedap gila!

And then start lah session amik gambar sementara tunggu husband k.moji datang pick her up. Ouwhh i loike Midvalley's raya decor.

Kempen salam hari raya

I like this bit of decor. Hehe cam citer p.ramlee with so-called famous line "Eni...angkat jemuran, hujan dah turun!"

The 4th buka posa attempts iz the best! We got our table without having to queue, our food arrived on time, and borak2 while enjoying the dinner. Few pixies at Bubba Gump.

We had plenty of time to relax amik2 gambar. No rush this time :P

My meal...can't remember the name though

Cheepster's burger meal

The 3rd buka posa was at Spaghetti Grill, Midvalley. I like the ambience but after an adrenaline rush looking for a buka posa spot, i got bit lemau lepas tuh. Not too mentioned my food sampai lambat (again).

Cheepster with the pasta i've ordered. He had pizza for that evening.
We celebrated Lantern festival at my aunt's house @ Sg buloh. The gathering is ekceli for the kids to spend time together main tanglung.

Lily is readeh to main tanglung with her bros and cousins.

And of course achu dia pon nak nyibok sama.

Buka posa with officemates tajaan big boss @ Zon in the park. The place is kinda ok to hang out but since our tables are by the pool, while most of the foods kat dalam soo its kinda hassle to ulang alik. Air minom pon takde extra servings kat luar. Dahler gelas kecik, skali teguk jer dah abes...nak patah balik amik air pon pk 10 kali. Surau pulak is ekceli a room converted to surau. For temporary during bulan Ramadhan ker i'm not sure lah but one thing yang unbelievable nyer satu telekong wakaf pon takde occay! We had to pinjam from sorang akak yang bebuka posa kat stu jugak.

Food range tak banyak choice. But of all food provided, kopok lekor dia sedap gila! Fresh and ermm sedap tak terkira.

Pehtu posing2 sket....before battery camera zaza trus flat.

The 2nd week of posa me and Cheepster gi bebuka @ Planet Hollywood. Punya lah ramai, food abes cepat, refill plak lambat. Nak amik food manjang kene batur. Dah batur punyer lah lama, sampai jer my turn sate dah abes, nak kaver frustrati…
This is a TV3 ads near t-junction between jln sultan ismail and raja chulan (kot?) I've noticed a batang pokok terkluar from the wall and i tot its a gimmick...but it looks so real!

Skali rupanya betol ada pokok bersambung kat blakang tuh. they cut and merge a hole to fit the batang pokok nicely before cover it up with their ad. Huhu iklan punyer pasal.

Got my new fabric bought from Nita. Huhu tambah satu lagik fabric tok diperam dalam almari. Nak buat pon lepas raya. But most of the fabric yang ada skang sumer jenis kene ada lining...tuh yang lagik lemah lembap nak antar tailor sbb lagik mahal. Can't wait to buy more fabrics or ready made because I'm short off baju kurung to wear to work! Lom masuk lagik shirt and pants....haih!
We're so excited to see that my dad's flowers are now happily blooming again :)*happy sigh*

Rite to the top
Buka posa @ Corus Hotel sponsored by our supplier, the buffet rate is RM76++. Ekceli tagged along Infra team jer nie, Mizan ajak last minit sbb ada tempat kosong. The wide range of foods mmg bes! sedap pon sedap cuma kurang kick pedas jelah hehe

Che' Mat yang sungguh2 layan 2 pinggan grilled kambing malam tuh.
Buka posa with frens @ Madam Kwans, Pavillion.

D's nasi bojari yang paling sedap among our orders haha. I've ordered asam laksa which gets very the masam biler makan banyak2 and zaza's nasik mushroom was kinda too plain.
Just fully transferred all the photos from my phone. Few gambar2 lama that i've been planning to upload. This one is at Ministry of food (MOF)
Cheepster at the counter
Waiting for Cheepster and the dessert
And the sweet tooth starts digging
I am so worried that i'll be posted to putarjaya wat programming! wattt lah. i dun speak java like zillion years ago. tuh lar gatal pi letak kat profiling. but at that time i was considering it after current project go live.

how am i supposed to work on things i never done before? nak adapt environment lagik, wats with wedding preparation lagik, kang time nak mik cuti time tuh lar project tuh nak deliver. erghh stress stress! seriously i dun see myself as programmer anymore. but who knows, rezeki lain lak tunggu kat sana? doa jelah...whateva will, be will be.
Last saturday me went out with Cheepster to Hush Puppies Whouse sale @ Arm*da Hotel. Time tuh ujan lebat lar plak kalo pk malas mmg tamo pegi dah but biler pk murah redah jugak lar. Masuk jer dah kene queue...but luckily tak sampai 10min dah bleh masuk. Just like walad said, kasut blah laki banyak options and relax sket pilih2. tang pompuan punyer kasut kalut nyer ya amatz! sampai tertolak2 meja and orang yang jaga stu sampai marah2 customer jangan pegang shoes sample lama sangat sbb ada yang bawak gi tempat lain nak tunjuk kat kengkawan or sedara mara.

Luckily Cheepster x cerewet sangat pilih kasut. Jumpe yang berkenan and myself oso like the design trus grab because it was a really good price. In fact sumer kasut branded kat stu price slashed gila2. As for me i did try few kasut kat stu tapik cam tak berkenan sangat lar plak so better dun buy rite just because it's sold at a steal! yang betoi berkenan takde size so pasrah jelah kuar stu without buying anything.

Then we proceed to…
My panda rubber stamp from Mangosteen arrived today and i am really happy with it! Cheepster helped me with the cute panda design. Siap ada bamboo lagik *grin*

And then i passed it to Mangosteen who carved it on an eraser. Tadaaa....the output. She did a great job kan?!

Now i can chop chop my name+fav panda wherever i loike!(Pic by Mangosteen)

Cheepster told me a good news today that he won 2nd place in the greeting card design contest at! He won RM1000 cash and will be the proud new owner of WACOM Intuos3 A6 Wide (worth RM1039)! Besnyerrrrr tumpang hepi for you chayang!
The cover of the card

Inside of the card

Go and buy cool geek cards now :)
Happy 51 Malaysia! Insya Allah smoga kekal aman dan damai in spite of all the political issues going on right now. And also would like to wish all of you slamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan and Slamat Berpuasa!