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Farewell Lunch for Aileen @ Basil Thai, Bangsar Village

Had lunch at Basil Thai to celebrate farewell for Aileen. She's a contract staff and experienced BA yang memang terel buat functional specs and documentations. Anyways i was really looking forward to makan here because i love Thai food. But unfortunately I don't feel well and comfortable because of heavy PMS. Rushed pegi beli pad because tak bawak spare, then pegi toilet plak to change. By the time duduk kat meja everybody almost done ordering. So i just chose something safe and boring :(

First time try mieng kam.

One group photo of our team for the album.

Trip to Muzium via MRT

Biler MRT launched, nampak laa ramai families yang bawak anak2 gi merasa naik. Besides tgh promo period so dapat half price. Kami pon tingin jugok nak merasa because laluan lain. The closest is Muzium Negara, turun2 jer sampai tayah jalan jauh or lintas jalan bagai. So we went there!

Nih diaa rombongan Che' Kiah. 3 adults and 5 kids. Didi kene paksa ikot skali walaupon dia maluuuu nak berbondong2 naik MRT. Achu donch care hahaha!

Actually ada shortcut yang bleh trus sampai Muzium because it was just right next to MRT exit. But if jalan depan sket dapat laa amik gambar depan St Regis first.

Depan entrance Muzium Negara. Gosh lama giler tak datang sini so nothing seems familiar. At all.

Ada orang jual kekacang. Ol skool jer rasa best!

Tumpang amik gambar kat scooter sat (the scooters does not belong to the Muzium)

Kami tak masuk dalam Muzium itself because dah petang. Kalau masuk kang lagik lama pula spend time dalam tuh.

But still, there are many things to see and take …

Lunch with Susu and Pijot @ Amber, BS

Pijot just finished her studies and back from Melbourne. Biler susu ajak jumpe before she starts her work, she said jom. I pon jom jugak lahhh. Again im lucky dorang sanggup datang BS near to me. Kebetolan lak time tuh sangkut kene buat last minute paper and almost impossible to join. Dapat laaa lari gak kejap lepas tuh, thanks to my colleague yang tolong habeskan that paper.

Dah mintak dorang order siap2. Kalo tak join naya jer membazir tak makan. Mee pon dah kembang huhu. They ordered this drink one jug. Sedap and refreshing but can't remember the name.

Nice quick catchup. We vowed to do this more often eventhough susah nak carik time but biler dapat jumpe ahhh it was a nice feeling. Cheers to 25 years of friendship! 

Aqiqah for Azwan's 2nd Daughter

We attended Azwan's kenduri aqiqah for his second daughter, Nadine if im not mistaken.

This boy ahhh cannot sit still. Dahler risau dia asik tarik glass and tumpahkan air.

Dessert table looked awesome with traditional and modern range.

Enjoying the apam.

GLC Lunch @ Gravy Factory + LSC, Nu Sentral

Saja2 jumpe the girls on Friday noon at Nu Sentral. During lunch time memang packed. But gravy factory still ada lagik few tables that can squeeze in. This round was just four of us, D brought buku glc yang ingatkan dah hilang and she also brought her new LC gitchu.

That morning i had nasik lemak bungkus. Here also ordered nasik lemak but version 'premium'. pffft!

After lunch we had coffee at LSC. The coffee sedap but small size...tak pueh!

Kak Fara had to make a move first because dia ada meeting to attend. I left few minutes after that, coffee pon tak sempat abeskan.

MYC-MEPS Get Together

1 Aug 2017 was the official date for PayN*t. Most of us who arrived at office found this welcome note on our table. Sweet!

That evening we had get together dinner at VE

Buffet spread
Happy faces when it comes to makan2

We first sat on this long table tapik kene perambat because reserved for bosses. Tapik bosses duduk tempat lain so it was open again and orang lain dah took over. Keciwa!

Drinks yang caught my attention was Sado Water, lol! Dalam tuh ada limau and cili but rasa air kosong jer.

Love the wall so gotta take tons of pictures. Also photographers behind the scenes. Me and my slipper *facepalm*