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Golden Anniversary Celebration

Last 2 weeks, the whole family celebrated our dearest Pa & Ma wedding anniversary. Not just any number, it was the 50th celebration. So we made it something special. The preparation like caterer, invitation list, goodies bag, decoration etc started a month ahead.

So on that night, family and close friends yang baru sampai dropped by the registration table, signed their best wishes for the couple and then dapat goodies bag. Then started off with Doa recital by uncle Hazir.

Scene bawah tents.

We had amazing food, hawker style. Char koay tiaw, sate, popia basah, abc, tempura, roti jala and laksa.

Reminiscing memories, we flashed some of old and romantic photos of Pa & Ma. and narrated by Bro Kamal. Some of it were really funny, everyone had a good laugh.

One of beautiful photos of Pa & Ma.

Then they cut the cakes. SILs ordered the rosette cake from Just Heavenly.

With the siblings, orang kuat yang make this event happened. Photobombed by Auntie Sue hehe.

With the sporting aun…

Beraya at PD

One of the things that I look forward biler beraya kat PD was kids! Which means Qeeb can mingle around with bunch of kids about his age.

We went to the beach in the evening. Lama gak tunggu hujan benti. Qeeb dah tak sabar nak main pasir.

Me and Didi. Penah tangkap gambar with Didi when he was about 5-6 years old at the same beach! Awwww...time flies. Dolu dia kiut skang ensem!

Me and Jeeb enjoying the breeze and fresh air campor bau2 bbq orang bakar kat tepi2 tuh hehe. Time nak balik tuh jenuh gak pujuk si Qeeb because he wants to continue playing kat air pulak. Waduh manade bawak baju extra so gigih lah jalan balik ke keta with one screaming boy.

Excavation in progress

Otw back my sis cakap ada 3 ekor anak itik waiting at home. No no...bukan anak itik roasted or anything. Still alive and quacking yea, they came out of nowhere and trus masuk laman rumah. The kids fed 'em rice.

The kids had fun tangkap and kejar the ducklings. Cuteness!!! Qeeb on the other hand surprised me. At one…

Qeeb's PreSchool Experience

These photos was taken on 4 Feb 2014 - Qeeb's first day at school. Here he was looking a bit worried, waiting for his ride to school. I was so nervous but sooo ready for cebik-turns-to-cry any moment.

Waiting and waiting. With our helper tunggu sama2 so she also can get used to Qeeb's new timing. When this entry is written, she already left balik Indo for good katanyer.

Iols pon naik van skalik! I feel so giant laidat...pitam! Luckily ada sorang budak jer at that time so takde lah butt squeezing. Kesian tgk Qeeb...melantun2 dia duduk dalam tuh. At that point rasa dia cam too small to go to school naik van! When dia naik school van all by himself the next day, he chose front seat instead. Uncle Sam pon layan kan je lah.

The first month was quite a torture for him. The separation anxiety, socializing with teachers and friends, he didn't look forward to go to school at all. Me and Jeeb decided if he's still not OK after one month, maybe we need to enroll him to a differen…

Welcome Home MH17

#malaysiaberkabung #mh17 #mh370 #flyinghigh
Today we take a moment to reflect and remember those on board MH17, their families and loved ones. Regardless of race or religion, we share immeasurable grief and loss. Hope that our collective empathy and solidarity provide some small measure of comfort and strength. While we mourn and remember those victims, let us also honour their memory by working to preserve life and promote peace, unity and harmony.

Faces of Qeeb & Irina

Faces of Qeeb with girl cousin, Irina

Ermm yeah..nice one Qeeb

Qeeb tunjuk lubang idong yang tak brapa kecik tuh. Irina tetap maintain cun wpon cousin
dia tak duduk diam

Kids facial expressions are the best!

Lovely Raya Everyone?

Celebrated first day raya at SA as usual. This year's theme was orange-pink. Pagi2 bangun Jeeb pegi solat sunat Raya. When Qeeb woke up, the negotation begins T___T I had to convince him to wear his baju melayu wpon dah tiap2 ari pep talk ngan dia on what he needs to do during Hari Raya. He agreed to wear but minus the sampin and butang baju melayu Lego padahal dia sendiri yang pilih the butang color few days before. We took the obligatory pose at garden. Qeeb looked at the camera...YAY! But too serious...ARGH. Btw, it was hazy that day and got burning smell.

Qeeb facing the camera with his eyes closed pulakkkk! He did that purposely btw. Oh the menu was awesome - ketupat, lemang, rendang, nasik briyani, etc. It wasn't even noon yet and I think i already gained 2kg.

Salam2 raya, parents and children, brothers and sister, husband and wife, uncles/ aunties and nephews/ nieces.

Group photo of us

Oh we also had a celebrity guest came beraya....Sarimah in the house! She's like …