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Monday Blues at Toll

On the way back tadi time lalu tol NPE, i saw lane Touch n GO was bottled up because a driver in Swift thought that lane was for smart tag. Yang lawaknyer the car behind Swift tuh frantically buat sign asking the driver to reverse a little bit and tag his/ her touchngo card at the reader.

Yes the Swift driver did reversed. But then he/she bukak tingkap and kuarkan tangan sambil pegang smart tag tinggi2 pointing to the ceiling dengan harapan the sensor can detect. Lolololol! That really amused me and somehow i know how blur someone can be (cam aku le tewww!). I don't know how long it takes for the Swift driver to realize that he/she needs to tag the TnG card manually at the reader, but i hope yang tgh queue tuh bersabor jelah because it was Monday after all :)

Wedding Nadia 2012

Attended Nadia and Razif's wedding at Dewan Felda Kelana Jaya. It was a half hostel i think because i saw some students tgh study at the lobby area. Nadia is abg ayie's cousin, studied in Ireland and now dah balik kejer kat sini and settled down.

The quartet was very good and entertaining.

Met baby Faiz Rifdie Deen for the first time that night (anak kak Ruby and abg Firoz). Shooo cute! Muka template abang dia Faid Rifaie.

Cut the cake session.

I took the opportunity to amik gambar pengantin when they sat at their dais. And i remember how frustrated i was diri depan stage trying to take a nice and still picture of them with my canon ixus camera. When i managed to snap one shot, dapat red eye pulak dah! So this is the only 'best' picture i got.

Visiting Kak Fara & Daleela @ DEMC

First time visiting baby as a guest at DEMC akhir bulan lepas ^.^ Sib baik sempat catch up with kak fara before dia discharged bawak baby Daleela balik umah.

Introducing kak fara's 4th baby, HasyaDaleela. Maksud nama Hasya - kesempurnaaan & Daleela - pemimpin. Beautiful name :) Swonotnyer tgk baby tidoq....peaceful jer.

Passed buku GLC to Kak Fara so dat dia can tulis2 her thoughts/ experience time dalam pantang and kasik buku tuh perabis cepat! Read her details experience at her belog here. I've wrote one page kat buku GLC but time tuh details tatau lagik e.g nama baby, weight and iras muka. So, time tgk tuh muka Daleela cam muka Fahren!

Best DEMC dah bagi cert camnie siap baby's foot print! Time Qeeb born ari tuh takde lagik this thing. So must be one of the new things they introduced. Oh ya, kak fara also dapat upgrade her stay because dah penah deliver 3 babies consecutively at DEMC. That's nice :)

Friends and Business

Catching up with an old friend, Farhad last month who is now running a macaron business! Jeeb yang slalu borak ngan dia dolu time kat MMSC.

Ajak jumpe tup tup dapat 2 boxes of macaron! Rezeki hehe ;) Macam2 flavor and my most favorite were Milano (Starbucks Dopio + Milk) and Sicily (Pistachio + Mint). Serious sedap!

And another thing is i like his branding and marketing. He did his own logo, posters, paper bag etc. I'm a sucker for benda cute2 and photos style ala2 martha stewart :P

Close up on the beautifully baked macarons.

Qeeb with uncle Farhad.

Can refer here Le Chouette Macaron for other new flavors.

He also can baked Hello Kitty and Cookie Monster macarons! How cute is that? Say bye bye to cupcakes if you wanna plan for custom theme. But i still do heart cupcakes heheh.

Nih bukan entry nak promote2. Just proud ada member yang creative and successful in his business. Same goes to other friends and sisters who are running their own business. Nih to name a few....
The Jellikid…

Birthday Pa 2012

In April we had a kenduri doa selamat sempena my father in law turned 70 year old this year. The food was nice and good crowd too! Most of them were pa's friends, orang surau, siblings, relatives and us.

With Jeeb's sis, one cousin and 2 aunties.

I love the fruit arrangement on the cake. It looked sooo awesome.

A loving couple :)

Qeeb with Tok Emma. His baju melayu from last year dah senteng tang lengan and kaki hehe.

Family photo of that night. Since there was no tripod, we asked our helper to snapkan gambar. She was like trigger happy sampai terkeluar frame! Tuh yang sumer dok bantai gelak tuh hahaha. This was one of the photos yang not so blur and everyone is in the picture.

Seah's Birthday Lunch

We celebrated Seah's birthday at Bali Feel during lunch time. We bought some cupcakes at Luv Sierra.

This time almost everyone from the team managed to join.....AD, Operation, QA, Business, IT security and also from Finance. Btw, Seah is a manager for AD.

Had our lunch meal, chit chat and gobbled down the cupcakes. I like the red velvet!

All of us who joined the birthday lunch. Including azfisha who took this photo (behind the camera).

Random Pix of Qeeb

Qeeb playing with his 'toys'. He likes to stack things be it tupperware or handphones. Getting into anything about cars, pyjamas with cars print, photos of cars, games with cars.

Skang biler bukak his baju to get ready mandi, dia dah lari sendiri pegi toilet. Sib baik pandai stop depan pintu toilet and wait for me. Insist to have his own gayung sebab nak cedok air. Once in a while i let him berendam dalam bath tub because now dia mandi shower berdiri jer. Still refused to allow me to brush his teeth though.

Makan pon nak suap sendiri. Can be a picky eater once in a while. But he just loves biscuits...any biscuits! Dah macam cookie monster. Biler naik tangga, he will count one two three (sampai three je lah) and suke soh "totop" pintu.

You grow up so fast my boy! Sigh.

Tea for Two

An evening at Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel where we had a traditional english afternoon tea set. I chose Grand Dorsett sebab dekat ngan area rumah and best sebab tak crowded.

Set for two.

Nama pon tea time but Cheep chose coffee instead lol!

I opt for tea of course! Because dapat one whole pot of tea and can minom sampai kembung.

Where was Qeeb? Slept in his buggy.

Close up on what we had for that evening. Assorted fruit tartlets, strawberries mousse cake, chicken curry puff, scones with fresh bulla double cream & passion fruit jam, pink smoked salmon roll sandwiches.

The rest of the evening we just played around with camera and borak2 while enjoying the music.

Chandelier macam bubbles.