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When it's Birthday, there's always Makan :)

First round makan2 was at Jim's burger, Section 13 Shah Alam. Siong yang introduced and since dekat i wanna give it a try.

We ordered beef cheese steak and pizza steak plus choc milkshake so i can share with Qeeb. Tapik tgk ler muka teguk milkshake tuh lepas tuh dah tanak minom dah...end up saper yang abeskan? As usual iols lerrr yang dah sedia lemak berkrim neh.

2nd round makan was on my birthday itself. So much for Mayan's prophecy that December 21, 2012 marks the completion of the Great Mayan Cycle and it's gonna be the end of the world. Well, something did happened...we had a birthday cake hehe! Rewind sket, before birthday cake i was in the room baru balik kejer tgh tukar baju i saw ada bendasing atas shelf. Awww Cheep adalah sangat suwit buat surprise because he knew i'm a busybody & curious like dat. I got a stuff from Typo...kira birthday wish came true lah jugak nie because i just love anything from Typo even paperbag also make me happy! And also something…

A Date and Xmas Decor

We started the day with a big breakfast at KFC. Time order nampak cam banyak siap plan nak tapau if cannot habes. Skali makan tak cukup daaa hahaha. 2 pieces of hashbrown, 2 pieces of blueberry pancake, a.m riser was replaced with 1 a.m twister combo, seketul ayam, seketul bun and 2 coffee/tea. Anyways it's a month of December and a day before my birthday, so we were feeling festive like that har har har!

We went to TGV One Utama to watch Jack Reacher. The new upgraded TGV was awesome! The seatings is nice, the screen is great, and the toilet is super clean! Jack Reacher is cool too! Eventho ada parts yang made me muskel and x puas ati. And then of course we went to check out the xmas decor. Cuteness! 

We singgah mac city along the way, terserempak ngan bebudak squid hehe. Time nih i noticed ada budak age around 5-6 tgh nanges depan kedai. And a bunch of expats ladies surrounded him and tried to console him. Wpon im few meters away, mode busybody nak tau what happened...i got a hunc…

iStock Photo Infographic 2012


Diwali Mood in the Office

Few days before Deepavali, somebody in the office suggested for a one day Diwali themed attire. But i do not have any sari or kurti to wear, so pakai jer aper yang ada dalam my wardrobe. The fact that my baju doesn't fall into any category of Indian clothing, nak sedapkan hati cakap baju panjang cam kurti plus i wore an indian bracelet so ok la tuh :P Gambar bracelet kat camera takde...kat instagram jer ada hehe.

Kak Ita (left) paling sporting lilit2 pakai sari! Bala (center) pulak jadik rebutan orang nak amik gambar with him on that day. Bukan slalu leh datang office pakai ensem2 cam hero pelem kannn! Karen (right) looking hawt in her white and blue sari sampai orang terteleng2 kepala nak checked her out. Lol!

To add up the Diwali feel, we went to have lunch at banana leaf restaurant in PJ.

It was my first time and awesome experience! Because got indian friends to explain all the assortments. I also learned that to show an appreciation after a satisfying meal, we should fold the …

Qeeb and Birthday Pressies

Bought presents for Qeeb almost a month before his birthday when we shopped for Irina's present. But lepas tuh dok peram lg few days after his birthday. Sonot betoi watching how he tore the wrapping paper all by himself and his expression when the box was revealed.

He gasped when he saw his favourite character McQueen. But he called it as 'red thar'.

Nyum nyum look.

Sibok ngan cars...blocks tak heran sangat. Later2 baru dia main. 

Muka eager nak unwrap another pressie from jeeb. Adding his hot wheels collection yang kejap hilang kejap jumpa balik. Saja jer balut nak bagi thrill koyak2 wrapping paper hehe.

Nota kaki: Thanks to everyone yang bagi presents. This year most of his presents were cars, lol! See that black thingy next to his nose? It's not teklalat, it's the burned mark (read here)

Spa & Lunch with K.Fara

Took one day off for 'me' time the other day. Well not exactly just me...but with k.fara as well. We went to Samporna Sari Spa (beli kat groupon) for 2hr full body massage. Sonot occay ada member nak join and pampered kan diri sendiri skali skala. Mula2 plan nak bawak my car but tiba2 pagi tuh rasa keta cam lain macam plak condition, sib baik k.Fara bawak her car so boleh switched. Time dah nak sampai tempat tuh bercita2 lah nak isik perot dolu sbb dah lapar but boleh plak jalan kat situ jam padahal dah dekat sangat. Maka terbantotlah activity breakfast.

Secara keseluruhannyer, i like that place. Registration was very brief, the place is new, clean, relaxing and wangi. Cumanyer massage kurang kick because of my ketebalan body perhaps or the masseur mmg stok urut camtuh. But dia punyer teknik tuh best, thorough and tertib. Dapat la tertido few mins before dia start urut my lutut tersentap bangun kejap. Rupanya the pain is still there...kesan jatuh terhentak lutut hari tuh. Dang…