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My Turn to Cut the Birthday Cakes

Yeap it was my birthday all right, now who wants to gimme 50K as a gift $.$? Hehe i took this photo from a Monopoly game card. How nice would that be in real life?

Some photos from last week. I love the cakes!

Lunches and dinner...

The pressies... <3 p="">

It was simple and nice. Gambar pon tak amik banyak because x100s masuk workshop. But it was more than enough. I feel happy and blessed :)

Company 2013 Year End Celebration

The company organized a year end celebration for all the staff. Me involved in the decor team. Initial plan was to have balloons like last year but unfortunately harga belon mahal sangat this year :( So we opt for pom pom. A bit bare but nak buat pom pom nih pon quite tedious and took some time to siapkan. The colorful pennants tuh pon buat sendiri jugak but biler dah tampal depan belakang jadik sket pulak. Buat mana yang sempat je lah...dowan to stress ourselves :P

The puffy pom pom. Bought a few packets from Daiso and then bahagi2kan kat AJK for them to fold it during their free time.

Our door gift, a tumbler comes in 3 colors pink, silver and black.

Plus photobooth props aka candy stall. I had a big problem nak make the tiang stand up. Lol! Luckily we have few extra BBQ sticks to pin inside the polisterine. 

Tons of pressies at one corner

Rainbow birthday cakes for November and December babies. And i'm one of 'em!

Muka excited caught on camera keh keh! Giler kuasa conquer d…

Company Trip to Langkawi - Day 3

Our last day at Langkawi and Meritus Pelangi sob sob. After breakfast everyone dah hangkut luggage and gathered in front of the hotel's lobby to take group photo.

Then the first place we went was oriental village and cable car. The queue was quite long but we saved a lot of time jugak because the tickets dah beli awal. Ticket price for Adult is RM30 and Children is RM20.

Beratur punyer beratur sampai laa our turn. Each cable can only fit in max of 6 pax. 

The committee told us not to turun at first station. Must go straight to the upper platform because nanti nak get empty cabel car agak susah from first station. And yes, the Sky Bridge which offers even more breathtaking views is still closed for major upgrading at this point of time.

Soo off to the upper station we go. Cuaca sejuk jer. Nak jadik cerita dramatis, iols syok sangat amik gambar sampai terpijak fox's shit. Daymmmm at least i think it was fox's shit because takde bau and i didn't see any stray cats there. …

Company Trip to Langkawi - Day 2

Langkawi rained the next day. After we had a nice breakfast, instead of having our outdoor activities at the beach we had to opt for indoor. First each team had to present their flags. The games were ok but i think MSR had a hard time to control the crowd and gave instructions clearly. Even game macam blindfold pon we got pissed off waiting....I thought it was just me at first but lepas tuh mmg ramai complained. I didn't even know ada loops tuh on the floor. Tgk gambar nie baru tau haha.

At least we got one fun game here, Protect the Eggs. I think everybody enjoyed pop the balloons game as well but not for me. I hate bunyik belon meletop! Stressss biler orang nak pijak belon...all i did was jerit and jerit!

Then balik bilik to get ready for island hopping activities. I decided not to bring anything i.e phone and money. So melenggang mak limah trus pegi makan and naik bus. We had to wait at the jetty for quite sometime and it was frigging hot! Time nie lar my sunhat berjasa hehe. O…