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My Birthday Dinner 2011

Birthday girl get to choose where to eat bak kater my in-laws. Huhuhu besnyer but i do not want menyusahkan sumer by driving jauh2 because it's xmas eve sure jam, and i oso do not want the bills buat bijik mata terbeliak. So it's quite tough to choose tempat makan yang dekat, ada local+western dish with reasonable price and family friendly environment. Finally I settled with Monrods at Laman Seri Shah Alam after baca some reviews. Sib baik dapat buat reservation because if walk-in with 10pax sure susah nak carik tempat.

We had mushroom chicken chop, nasi ayam, fish & chip, samosa, pisang rebus, cocktails, sausages and kerabu mangga. Nak try their signature dish Nasi Ayam di Panggang tapik habes pulak so i had Nasi Ayam di Madu instead. The ayam quite besar but i'm not a fan of isik tebal so susah jugak nak abeskan and the kuah tak cukup mengancam. Right pix is tutti fruity blended (recommended) and apple sodaz.

Yang besnyer situ ada live performance and this guy sora d…

My Birthday 2011

Nak siapkan dengan pantas my birthday celebration for this year before tukaq taun 2012. Ish backlogged lagik. This year i got to celebrate with everyone in the family so yeayyy! First, I went out on a date with Cheep. We watched MI4-Ghost Protocol at GSC OU. The movie was great, Tom Cruise mmg sediakala hebat, fight scene best but me no likey Paula Patton (as Jane). Tak habes2 buat muka stress and painful expression kat almost all scenes. Then lepas abes movie, we went to check out OU 'new' old wing sampai kelaparan tapik asik nak tersinggah macam2 kedai. Biler dah tahap kebuloq baru gi carik tempat makan. I chose to have penang food because dalam kepala dah terbayang laksa and char koay tiaw. So we checked in at Simply Penang. Ordered additional dishes like popiah basah and lorbak. Sedap ohhh lorbak tuh!

Then pi nengok xmas decor winter waterland at the new wing. Memang ada nampak cam dalam air and gotta love all the details. Kitowang balik when my kaki dah tak larat nak jala…

Countdown to 2012

2 more days to 2012. I'm feeling so festive and i do not want it to end! I loooove december so much. My birthday falls in december but it's not just that. Takleh nak describe the jolly feeling. Maybe because it's around xmas time so all the colorful decor makes me happy. Or maybe cuti sekolah and ramai yang amik cuti so the road is clear and takde jam langsung! Banyak lagik other things that contribute to rasa happy.
But i cannot shake the nervous feeling knowing what's waiting for me on the first week of January itself. Soooo many deadlines and i'm not even halfway done. So yeah...i'm worry about my work, kpi and confirmation. Anyhoo, hope 2012 dipermudahkan urusan dan murah rezeki. 

I wanna wrap up my 2011 wishlist/checklist and syukur with what i have. Rupa2 nyer 2010 takde list cisss...takleh nak compare! Sebab baca balik yang 2009 bes jugak because mana nak ingat dolu mengidam and frust sbb aper. Change job. This year i managed to tukar kejer wpon 3 kali.L…

Visiting Mas @ Subang Jaya

Rombongan che'kiah melawat Mas when we received a good news from herself that she's already discharged from SJMC and can go home. Yang dapat datang on dat day were kak moji, D, dani, shara and me. Zaza anak dia demam and kak fara pulak kene attend kenduri. Shara telah membaking red velvet cake spesel for this meetup. Sedap woooo tambah pulak ngan ayaq teh o mama mas buat!

Sesambil borak tuh sempat jugak update buku GLC hehe. Entry yang lebih panjang lebar kat belog ceciterkami. Kesah eksiden di belog Mas.

Sweet Tooth Paradise in KLCC

We explored some new shops in KLCC mostly the snacking area. The first one was Isetan Food Market. I uploaded some pix in mobile blog Part I and Part II. Then we went to check out Garrett Popcorn, Candylicious and Bruno Gelato. They were all in the same row attracting the sweet tooth to drool.

There was a signboard saying the candies were rather shy to take photo but being kiasu i cannot help myself! It's like a candyland in's too colorful not to take photos. More candy shots at mobile blog if you wanna see what kind of candies and merchandise they sell. Taken during my earlier trip with the GLC - candy i, candy ii, candy iii, candy iv (hohoho over sampai 5 entries). Check out the jellybeans....tons and bebalang2 of it! Huarghhhh!

And the lollies from size s to XL!

Here comes the most talkabout popcorn that made both of us very curious dgn kesedapannyer-Garret popcorn from Chicago. The price? RM16 (small), RM21 (medium), RM26 (large) and ada range yang cecah ratus koh…

Merry Xmas

Merry xmas to family and friends who celebrate. Ho ho ho!

Irina's 2yo Birthday

A couple of weeks ago, kak liza threw a birthday party celebration for Irina at Kiz Sports & Gym at Empire Shopping Gallery. Baru tau that 2nd floor banyak offer edutainment for kids like baking class, dance space, art class, plaster house etc. Very very interesting...cuma sediakan duit jer huhu.

First we have to register at the counter under irina's birthday party. Qeeb got himself a sticker with his name on and tickets for all of us. Have to remember bawak socks because one of the main rules is that socks must be worn by both adults and children in the playland at all times. But if takde socks, they do sell it at RM5.90.

We went straight for breakfast because it was only 11am at that time. Ada nasi lemak, roti jala, sandwiches, nuggets, karipap, kuih koci, cocktail sausage. All of us duduk cam kat skolah tadika with mini tables and chairs and yeah i feel like a giant because it only covers like erm 60% of my butt.

After makan we can straightaway main in the playland. For kid…

Marvic Christmas Giveaway

Marvic is hosting a wonderful xmas giveaway before we end the year 2011 w00t! Check out her blog here notesbymarvic. Omai omaiii the gifts are handmade cosmetic pouch by Marvic herself, bodyshop shower gel + comb and....

Emila Yusof's 2012 calendar! Follow the simple rules and voila you're in the running for xmas giveaway :) Hope i'll be the lucky winner. Coz that would rock my xmas socks and a great birthday gift hehehe. Wish me luck!

Trip to KL Bird Park

Our first time to KL Bird Park weeee!!! When we arrived, there was a long car queue but we were lucky dapat jugak masuk car park eventho we had to pusing 4 kali baru dpt parking space. I would rather go merry-go-round inside the parking area rather than stucked behind the queues trying to get inside the car park not knowing the real reason that caused the jam was tourist bus parked sukahati blocking the road.

The entrance fees are RM20 for adult and RM10 for kids. If ada Jcard, plusmiles, metrojaya or realrewards card, tix price discounted to RM15. But i got better offer at with 50% off we only spent RM20 for 2 tickets.Since Khairan joined us at last minute, we've paid his tix at normal price (kid).

Qeeb ready to start his 'serious' adventure.

There was a bird ready with surveillance camera when we entered the bird park area hehe. But fret not, i'm equipped with tickets for everyone!

A peacock parading above our head. Memang dasar attention seeker peaco…