Marvic Christmas Giveaway

Marvic is hosting a wonderful xmas giveaway before we end the year 2011 w00t! Check out her blog here notesbymarvic. Omai omaiii the gifts are handmade cosmetic pouch by Marvic herself, bodyshop shower gel + comb and....

Emila Yusof's 2012 calendar!
Follow the simple rules and voila you're in the running for xmas giveaway :) Hope i'll be the lucky winner. Coz that would rock my xmas socks and a great birthday gift hehehe. Wish me luck!


  1. sepantas kilat ye... ok..u r listed .. kalo x ramai org join then besar la ur chances to win it.. Law of Attraction ... hahaha

  2. I hope ramai join but im the lucky one hehe :) law of attraction of course. Thanks dear!


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