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EOS Lip Balm Honeysuckle Honeydew

Isn't this the cutest lip balm ever? My latest collection of lip balm EOS (Evolution of Smooth)The flavor i'm currently using is Honeysuckle Honeydew. Just like it's name, it has a pleasant scent of honeydew. Same feeling macam you're about to eat your lollies!

This EOS has a special spot on my working table just right where i can see it. So i'll remember to have a quick dab before i'm off to a meeting. Twist off the top, glide and tadaaa lips moist guaranteed. Most important things is non-greasy! I don't want to look like i just tenyeh minyak pisang goreng on my lips. Sometimes i applied my lipstick on top of the EOS layer, rasa smooth jer.

There are other flavors you can try like Sweet Mint (i'm eyeing on this one!), Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop, Medicated Tangerine and Pomegranate Raspberry. So if you're a lover of lip balms and nifty little designs these should appeal. Even celebrities are using this EOS! You can get this item at

Weekend at Pavilion

Once in a while or most likely every weekends we hopped into malls. Not so recently we went to Pavilion. Wanted to take some photos in front of the entrance but ramainyeeee manusia and mostly teenagers. I feel so macik2 laidat watching dorang berborak betepuk tampar and baju yang dorang pakai. Hmmm...some were just trying too hard to look pretty. Dorang punyer lah ramai dok melepak kat depan entrance tuh, sampai guards/staff Pavi kluar beramai2 gak and asked them ketepi sket.

Banyak sangat ombak merah kunen, iols tempek kaler pepel here kasik soothe sket mata :)

2 empty spots in this signage.
Me and Qeeb at the fountain.

Jeeb and Qeeb next to Jalan Bukit Bintang stretch

Uk-uk style

And then we had lunch at food court.

Qeeb No More Fever - Day 4

This morning Qeeb bgn mata sembap. He was coughing through out the night. Demam dah kebah time around 6am but again time doc nk dtg check kol 8am temperature dia naik sket. The nurses came to bg dia mkn ubat and they said tmpt cucuk his drip tuh bengkak sket so they had to open it. Then ada org lain lak dtg nk amik blood for a test. Ketip sket jari nk mik darah menjerit lah dia dia. Tgh struggle nk squeeze blood masuk dlm tube tetiba i noticed ada banyak blood spots kat blanket. Ait mana lak dtg rupanya frm his left hand yg baru lepas cabut drip tuh. Gaaaahh BLOOD! Iols dah cam jelly lalala! Nurse came, put some pressure on it and tukar cotton. Phew! 
Then doctor came and update me on the blood result etc. Still got virus but qeeb is good to be discharged. Hopefully his antibody kuat balik to fight the virus. The cough and flu will slowly go away in 3-5 days insya Allah! i was excited to go breakfast and all but qeeb was sleepy and tired! Alamak kenapa pulak nie puas pujuk ajak kluar…

Qeeb High Fever - Day 3

Lepas subuh i continued to sleep at couch sbb dah saket pinggang berimpit ngan Qeeb. Dapat lah tido kejap coz he woke me up lepas tuh. But this morning he's kinda weak and fretful maybe because he caught flu and cough. Sumer benda tak kena but dpt gak dia abeskan one slice of whole meal bread with butter and jam.

Then mandikan dia etc, and had the first neb for today. Doc came to visit and said still cannot go home yet because demam dia naik balik plak. Temperature was 37.6 and a slght increase of virus reading. i guess still need monitoring. 

Qeeb teman me makan breakfast at cafe level 1. Nih lah rupa open air cafe tuh.

He loves to stop at this kiosk sbb ada jual banyak set of cars hehe. Lucky thing was he don't know how to memintak. Tau lah siket tapik tak persistent sampai tahap nanges2 baring2. Being mom, rasa cam nak beli jer but i saved it time terdesak if i ever need to get his attention. Gotta know how to play my card gittew.

Balik bilik, made him comfy busy main iPad …

Qeeb High Fever - Day 2

Today is more eventful than yesterday. Pagi doctor dah visit and update me the outcome of qeeb's medical report. Ada mild virus reading katanya but nothing to worry about. Hopefully. Breakfast yg hospital provided were pancake and honey. Tp x sedap so qeeb makan biscuits instead. Sib baik lah dia dah start to have appetite. We went to Iman's room to say hello and borak2 ngan k.liza kejap. After that Qeeb followed me to kedai nk beli vitagen + some bread and then i had breakfast at cafe level 1 :) Memang dating habis ngan Qeeb nie and dia pon layan jer. 

I also went to admission counter to check out the insurance progress whether i can claim my company punye ke tak. If takleh then i wanna call HR to issue GL but doc plak x isik2 form so lg lmbt lah i get to know the result. Naik bilik lepak2, Qeeb tetiba asked for an ice cream. Mengenangkan good for his tonsil so turun balik beli ice cream vanilla single scoop for him. Then its time for his medicine, i followed the nurses to c…

Qeeb High Fever - Day 1

Went to see paed yesterday because qeeb still having high fever and his previous prescription of antibiotics mcm takde effect and few other things that worry us. Tetiba doctor suggested qeeb to be admitted. I was like 'hah?' Took a while for me to digest napa nk kene admit truk sangat ke demam? Is there anything i shud worry about?

Cut the story short we decided to proceed admitting qeeb. I had to pack baju for 2 days and the toys yang i could only think of was Qeeb's car collection.

Qeeb started kene amik ubat and mmg nurse pon said tough sbb dia ketap gigi and sembur kluar balik. Well they must've been through this many times surely they know how to handle it. Yang kesian time dah start pasang drip, Qeeb begged to remove the bandage. Nanges sampai tertido.

We also found out that Iman (jeeb's niece ) kene admitted kat DEMC gak because bacterial infection. Sian iman non stop muntah smp dehyrated. But cam klako pon ada same family members admitted in the same hospit…