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All that you can't leave behind (where you end and I begin)

I hereby tendering my resignation other word, QUIT MY JOB :D

Time masuk jumpa my superior, dia dah nampak aku pegang envelope. she said NO! aihh lom baca lagik dah reject. tapik sukati aku ler kan nak benti. after dot det dot det, she finally smiled and said OK, all the best. phew! sorang pon aku tak bagitau pasal nih, and i really meant sorang pon, till today ;) Fuz yang depan macik pon terkejut² dengo. hahaha...but macik respect my decision. dun worilah, i'll hand over my job properly punya. i'm oredi ahead of schedule so i won't leave shit behind. Its a huge relief. After opis reramai singgah umah W @ kota dsara. gi tgk newborn baby, adam hakimi is soo kiut. makan² burak², lepas magrib baru blah. so this wud be the last time aku jumpa w. next year biler dia masuk opis balik, i won't be around. huk huk!

yumm! epi bday wa.

Thank you all for last nite. Couldn't be happier how yesterday ends. Feel blessed surrounded by wonderful friends.

With arms Outstretched Rilio Killey

Officially one year older!

If it's 8 years ago, i'll probably be comparing the gifts wether its better than the last time. I used to chase simple things of life. I think I still am :P But certain things are different now. Lookin at my track, wonder how did i do within this year and the importance of what lies beneath, on what I had achieve and haven't. banyak lagik lom tercapai...coz one of the point is i'm still rooted and running on the same spot. I'm daring myself to move.

I want to thank those who called, who wished, which reminds me why it's great to have made it to one more birthday.

Saturday attend open house Eton and Mas @ Flat Sri Melaka. Since ujan lebat giler, aku lak tatau nak pi umah diaorang, singgah umah makyah dolu kengkonon nak tgk2 ler apa2 yang patut ditolong since diaorang dah start masak2 tok kenduri ari ahad. yang yenyer aku nak kutip john sbb budak nih siap lembap yaamat. lepaih makan2...around 6 pi report duti kat kedai. malam sket si wan and arip tetiba nak singgah. then de jan, akmal and jaa, gi makan kat area sri penara.

Sunday, pi kenduri makyah. ensem ar adik pengantin pompuan! huakkss! :D time balik singgah lagik satu kenduri kat lorong umah. malam gi open house umah zet. the last one for this year....huhu! macih zet!
W dah slamat gave birth to a baby boy @ Pusrawi. December baby yeah! I was thinkin of getting myself a real treat sempena nak cecah angka baru nih. like what arr? spa ker, heee can't think of one rite now. better start makin a list.
Watched Gurinder Chadha film, Bride and Prejudice. It doesn't tickle me at all as in Bend it like Beckham. Well it's spose to be a Bollywood musical in English with Aishwarya as a lead. But was like 'duh' all the way. *cringe! cringe and yawn!*

Attend norai's wedding @ gombak. My gawd, lama giler tak jumpa dia since she start kejer @ kedah and now jumpa dah jadik bini orang. hahah! my close fren in TIKL, miss those days, layan imagination tak hingat! this is the 1st time aku dok makan kat meja pengantin, sbb kena paksa ngan tuan umah. dan terpaksaler makan 2 kali. then gi open house belah susu near batu caves. macam² ader tapik tak larat nak rasa sumer coz gap makan lauk kenduri dekat sangat. full giler. peh tuh shoot to zect's @ TTDI. skali ngan rina gerak gi umah aiza @ Klang. nih pon menu meriah gak.

nak gi umah din lak kat pjaya so janji ngan mad jumpa kat tesco gi sesama. skali sesat daaa. a few times gi pon still sesat. thehehe. makan² lagik, around 10 made a move. sampai umah de open house lorong lak. adeh...dah lalu depan khemah sure kena stop nya ngan jenjiran. terpaksa ler makan sket, wpon tak larat, since we oredi paid. rugi kalo tak makan. series tahun nih meriah ngan open house, plus kenduri kawen. wokie, gettin to sleep now, can't barely open my eyes!

Friday nite went to Ihsan's open house @ DJ. Saturday I was in Perak, attend kenduri kawen anak mak naa. 3 pasang pengantin...haha sonang! 3 theme kaler, 3 bedrooms, 1 pelamin tho. and dat wud be all! Boit!

How to make every day feel like Friday
Wear colour: Ditch boardroom black for orange, purple and pink. You'll feel more positive in seconds.
Get outside: Go for a walk; fresh air and exercise will help clear your mind.
Laugh, a lot: Laughter boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and increases energy levels.
Keep things tidy: Clear the rubbish on your desk and throw away those old Post-it notes - you'll be more productive.