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Jeeb's Birthday Celebration

This year we had unplanned birthday celebration for Jeeb's. But i hope it was still pleasant enough for him because we had other priorities to focus on first like MIL was still in the hospital and Qeeb having exam week at the same time.

That morning we had a mouthful of choc cheese tart before we went to DEMC for Zafeer's follow up checkup. After that i dropped by to see MIL yang warded in the same building. She said she wanted to celebrate Jeeb's birthday too.

So that night we brought cake into her room. Almost everybody were there. We sang birthday song slightly louder than whisper tone and did not lit any candle. We don't want to trigger the smoke detector hehe.

Cake lapis from Komugi. We singgah mcD to have dinner. Birthday boy visualized that he got the viral ayam goreng mekdi yang slalu sold out everytime we went there. And he did. In fact both of us dapat...can choose parts summore! Amazeballs!

The following week i treated him a birthday lunch at Me'nate. Ba…

Toothbrush Pink vs Blue

I tukar my toothbrush frequently. Because the bristles always ended up like this too soon (see left).

Jeeb commented, "toothbrush pon takot tengok you"