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Qeeb at 15 months

My sweet cheeky notty Qeeb (ok that's a tongue twister for you!). Here are a few things that he does at 15 months that i wanna remember. 
He loves to hide his toys under the duvet & pillows. It really kills the pleasure of stretching when my kaki and tangan tersangkut kat toys.He doesn't like his feet covered with blanket. He wants his feet to have some air i guess. Suker letak his binky dalam truck. Dah pandai masukkan blocks but tantrum if tak boleh masuk. Patience little guy!If tengok Jeeb and I hug2 dia pon nak join wpon few seconds before continue to play. He can flip books page by page. Gaya macam reading from cover to end. A new found hobby, cabut parquet. Since it's an old house so banyak gila loose parquet and we had to selotep eventhough buruk. But Qeeb will test any other loose parquet...kene splinter baru tau!Like any other kids, he loves to naik kereta, pegang steering, main signal. Nih Tok Wan dia yang ajar.

He loves to throw things including all the fragi…

Lunch @ Marmalade Bangsar with Marvic

We meet up with Marvic and her boyfie at Marmalade, Bangsar last week. Shemah and BellaEnveeus planned to join us earlier but unable to make it because shemah's daughter, Allie was having fever and Bella herself was down with flu. Sob sob tak dapat jumpe jugak the last time i met them was October 2010 at HRC. Anyways I had aglio olio and Jeeb had turkey & mushroom quiche.

Over the food, we borak2 lots of random things :) The bloggers (excluding Qeeb of course) Marvic, me and once in a blue moon blogger, bem69.

And then Marvic handed me this! One of the reason we meet up is to pass this gifts because i was announced as the lucky winner for christmas giveaway contest at her blog. Weeee!

There was a part where Qeeb got bored sitting in the babychair so he sat with us and started to pull things. And one of thing was a glass of coke! I yelped (can't help it because im a jumpy person), he was shocked and trus duduk kejung tak brani nak move an inch. Kelakar giler...nak marah pon…

GLC Meetup @ KL City Walk

Thanks to soon expiring vouchers i bought at Groupon, i dragged bebudak GLC yang sudi temankan makan yogurt at 9Berries in KL City Walk. Since i do not know the exact location, and there is no specific car park...i was lost the minute i'm in jalan pinang. I saw all the connecting bridge, took a wrong turn, traffic jam, and cut the story short i parked illegally in front of BIMB, meet up with K.Fara and Shara in front of KL City Walk entrance and here we are at 9Berries :)

4 Cups of Frozen Yogurt + 1 Fresh Fruit / Chocolate Chip Topping + Unlimited Dry Toppings
Choose fresh fruit or chocolate chips for toppings.Get unlimited dry toppings such as marshmallows, nuts, HERSHEY’S syrup and more.Get additional RM5 cash voucher for next visit. Looks fresh kan? And the taste is good indeed! There were 4 flavors original, strawberry, mango and blueberry.

Halfway through baru teringat about the dry toppings e.g cornflakes, cookies, koko krunch. Hampeh tuan kedai tak ingatkan. The original fla…

GLC, Mommy D & Baby Ilyas

The GLC meetup with mommy D and her newborn baby for the first time. I went to D's house straight after the wedding in pjaya which explains why im in baju kurung heheh. Sesampai jer sana kak fara and kak moji dah ada...but dorang dah nak gerak balik dah sbb aku sampai lambat naw :( but takpalah as long betembung.

Where's the baby? Tadaaaaaa...say hello to baby Ilyas. Such a encem boy!

Qeeb duduk dengan sopan & sabar with his dad next to baby Ilyas. But takot jugak dia terkam sebab geram.

Sempat tgk ustaz bertahniq (menyuap manisan (tamar/kurma) or ada jugak orang panggil 'belah mulut'. And then sapukan pulak emas (in this case pakai cincin) sbb orang dolu2 kata nanti anak pandai mengaji.

Mengetest balik skill dukung newborn. Aaaahh i forgot how ringan baby's weight hehehe. Leh carry pakai sebelah tangan wpon baby position baring and the other hand can buat 'peace' sign dgn kacangnye.

Sempat gak jumpe ngan mommy-to-be Dani and Mukeh petang tuh. Last pix …

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Ushering dragon year in 2012 w00t! Water dragon to be exact according to my google search. Anyway, I would like to wish everyone who celebrate, GONG XI FA CAI! Enjoy some dragon pixies i took at Sg. Wang.

Close up on the dragon.

I didn't get the chance to visit other malls to capture the CNY decor except Midvalley. I think they just use lantern dragon thingy.

And one pix of me at the bukit bintang t-junction. It's been a while jalan2 this area at night. I think that place is becoming to look like new york dah with all the huge ads sign everywhere. But i still hate the insecure feeling when i walked from Sg Wang entrance to the t-junction due to bad lighting.

"Let's bid our farewell to rabbit year"

Wedding Nadzrul 2012

One of Jeeb's friends, Nadzrul (aka friction) got married on 14th Jan at Putrajaya. The food, kuih and cendol were nice. After makan, the guys kumpul satu meja...sakan sungguh tah hapa yang dorang borak, while the wifeys and fiance tunggu jelah kat tepi borak pasal dorang hahaha.

And then i checkout gegurl nearby to amik gambar with Qeeb. Dedua tak sanggup!

Pixies with gnome + huss. And the wedding gifts for guests; chocs and telor.

Atas stage kat pelamin pon iols sibok nak amik gambar heheh. If time and space permits, of course snap snap snap!

Last but not least the beautiful newly wed couple, Nadzrul & Nadirah. Selamat pengantin baru :)

Wedding Anniversary Dinner 2012

We're in the third year of marriage and we're literally 3 - Cheep, me and Qeeb. Before we went to dinner, we started off by taking photos with our bouquets macam nak pegi prompt night hahaha.

Cheep made an extra effort to carik tempat makan yang best. So his colleague recommended this place, Kokopelli Travellers Bistro and oh boy it was an awesome pick! When we reached there baru abes ujan so time nak masuk tuh rasa cam feeling ala2 step into cafe's kat overseas. The space exactly macam palette pallete but this one more homey.

The interior decor...nice and kinda romantic. Ada few other sections yang sangat bes amik gambar plus a shelf yang jual macam2 benda kiut + books but segan pulak nak amik gambar. Besides nak pi sana to enjoy dinner not jonah amik gambar hehe. And another special thing about this place is Kokopelli is a 100% halal bistro that does not serve alcohol :)

See that frame? Coincidentally the guy in that photo is Cheep's uncle, lol! The wall is full of a…