Weekend with Rugrats

It's been a while since i last took the rugrats to a movie. Dah janji musti kene tunai...so before habes cuti skolah i set a date to spend time ngan dorang eventhough i have to watch MI4 again hehe. Adly yang chose this movie, so beli je lah online trus. Didi wanted to watch 'We bought a Zoo" but he decided a bit late as i already bought the tix. Sampai rumah cheras, Lily sedeh tak dapat follow. Alamak tak pa2 next time achu bawak skali okeh! My bad, dolu sumer kecik2 lagik i can only handle two kids because i only have 2 hands maa nak pegang kiri kanan. I forgot sumer dah besar :-|

Weekend with Rugrats

When we were at the cinema I asked Adly to find our seats...kasi pektis smooth sket mana tau pas nie nak bawak gf tgk movie hehe. He also passed as a gentleman in flying colors. Tolong carry my barang...after kuar washroom pon ambik balik barang frm my hand and tolong bawak. Baguihnyerrr anak buah cheq nie. No more derk2 cam dolu.

Weekend with Rugrats

After the movie, pegi ronda2 kedai nike lah adidas lah...layan jer lah. Dorang pon jadik my mangsa kene posing sana sini. Win-win situation hehe. Yang geramnyer i brought my camera but no memory card. Terpaksa pakai phone jer haih. Here's Didi in front of Adidas store.

IMG_3076 [Desktop Resolution]

Adly and Didi in front of Puma store.

Weekend with Rugrats

Sumer stok muka tak reti senyum tsk tsk. 

IMG_3081 [Desktop Resolution]   IMG_3079 [Desktop Resolution]

Dah balik Cheras i went out with my sis pulak. Gurls time! So we went to Viva Home...camho bit here and there. The xmas decor with fairytale theme turned out cun jugak!

Christmas Decor @ Viva Mall 2011  Christmas Decor @ Viva Mall 2011
Christmas Decor @ Viva Mall 2011

Lucky thing Viva Home cuma banyak kedai jual home decor and pinggan mangkuk. So not all kedai tingin nak masuk kalo tak for sure lagik lah tak cukup masa.

Christmas Decor @ Viva Mall 2011   Christmas Decor @ Viva Mall 2011

We had late lunch at the Gurney Drive Food Village after turun naik carik cafe yang bes. End up pegi food court ordered some penang food and fuhhhh sampai skang tingat lagik the fried oyster! Sedap nyerrr no need to go to padang kota penang dah if i'm craving for this dish!

Penang Food

Such a wonderful weekend that i get to spent with my loved ones! Good food, nice movie and enjoyable company <3.


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