Exchanged Bouquet

What Cheep got for me on our wedding anniversary, a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate. A lovely surprise sent to my office. Looks like every year i'm expecting flowers dah nie ngeh ngeh.

Wedding Anniversary

And what i got for Cheep was a bouquet of chocs i've bought at groupon. Agak cheapskate but i prefer to call it budget management :P It's always the thoughts that counts.

Wedding Anniversary

We had an awesome date night at Kokopelli restaurant, i'll blog about it later. If any of you wondering ada hadiah lain ker? Nope just a happy tummy. I do not expect any other hadiah, because to spent sumer nih pon dah cecah ratus jugak. Knowing him, ada rezeki lebey jer dia akan trus bagi no need tunggu special event. Besides I married him because i want the man, not the bling wohooo! *ada yang muntah hijo* Ikhlas in relationship, syukur aper yang ada and yang penting sabar. Insya Allah like Cheep said we're in this for our lifetime.

p.s: sentiasa doa murah rezeki, kesihatan yang bagus to each one of us, dan rajin kejer untuk yang lebeh baik dan lebey besar. Amin.


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