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Feeling Festive with Colleagues

On Friday, before the long weekend stretched to Raya holidays, the company released the staff noon onwards. Weeeee! On last day tuh jugak abeskan our pending raya decor around the department...liat beno nak menggantung. Tapik teringin...acaner. Pasang lagu raya semangat sket.

Bergambo ngan bebudak department lain. Ekceli ramai dah start cuti so the office was quite empty.

Kat lobby ada small backdrop and classic decor. Us before balik...ada yang nak singgah jalan TAR lah, midvalley lah, modvier lah for last minute shopping. TGIF and the half day release ^.^

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Appreciation Dinner with Colleagues

Early June our system went life on new platform. I went to work as early as 6.30am to join the team to monitor first batch processing at 7am. Alhamdulillah everything went well and we went for breakfast.

Much much later of that month, the company threw an appreciation dinner for the team at Aloft, Sentral. There were about 28 of us. 

Lets start diggin shall we?

Dessert spread always look interesting heheh

Group photos in between.

Some of the foods i tried

I think everyone who joined the dinner that night are in this photo :)

So that was it. I think the food was quite good, even some commented there weren't much choice. If you are wondering how much it cost, here's the bill.

Vendeur Fest & Lunch Date

I'm sure most of you dah penah dengar pasal Vendeur Festival. The first one was in May at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam. Last weekend plak baru jer buat the second one at Matrade, but I didn't go to this one. The crowd for these event, omg memang stok giler sendat punyer. Why? Because banyak famous brands under one roof. Maka nak jadik citer iols pon terjebak dalam kesendatan yang melanda kat Stadium hari tuh. I went with Wawa, we almost suffocate and sweating like mad...seriously! Nak beli barang pon jadik cemas and kalut sebab takde space nak stop. The layout was like a maze with no shortcut and no turning back. If you try to do so, you gotta find the right moment to pusing because you'll be menentang arus. I may sound exaggerating but that was what i experienced on that day. Oh ya not too mention the too overly loud Azwan Ali as mc...boleh plak dia nyanyi lagu dangdut. Oihh rasa nak pitam sbb bingit.

Tengok laa all the big names yang ada. Each brand dah ada beribu loyal f…

Jeeb's Birthday 2014

I just realized birthday entries for this year baru ada satu. Birthday Jeeb in May pon tak de...omai! Like many of you we make a big deal about our loved ones birthday kannn. So on Jeeb's birthday I treated him a buffet dinner at Agehan, Grand Bluewave Hotel. Since he likes japanese food, so I chose this place and he squeaked when I said we are going here.

Why Agehan? Because it is halal certified by JAKIM. Insya Allah terjamin and no doubt on pork-free status. Plus it was in SA so that means dekat hehe. Our favourite was the teppanyaki station at the back where they have menu like prawns, lamb, chicken and beef.

Qeeb muka malu2 kucen.

Ice cream was also part of the buffet even though it was not visible, lol! Tuh pon nampak table next to ours ordered ice cream.

After dinner, we had birthday cake at home. Bought a salted caramel mille crepe from Foodsbury. Something different than the usual cake and it was really sedap!

Alhamdulillah dapat celebrate together. Happy birthday my chay…

Wedding Receptions @ Dewan Perdana Felda

We attended 2 weddings at the same place for 2 nights in a row. Both are Jeeb's colleague and how coincident was that? The friday night reception was Amirah's. Icky who's reception the next day also came.

BCL is the bride's cousin, so she performed 2 songs that night. Sweet!  And us before leaving the reception...guess what? we are coming back tomoro huhuh!

So the next day, we attended Icky's wedding pulak.

Their wedding video was totally cool! Watch it here.

Glad we made it to both weddings and glad ada orang can look after Qeeb while we were out for couple of hours.