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Osaka Day 1 - Neighbourhood

After our instant dinner, took a shower and siap2 nak kluar. BTW the hotel's bathroom is so small and compact  the size is about satu setengah depa but enough to have toilet bowl, sink and bath tub. We were excited nak rasa weather time malam kononnye. I think it was around 11°. Time nie la nak test my thick socks, leg warmer, mittens etc hehe.We came across an arcade two blocks away from our hotel.

So we walked and ooh aah-ed

Among other things we noticed...vending machines are like everywhere! Peeps like Jeeb totally enjoyed minom macam2 jenis air. Anyways, I tried to keep all the cute bottles in the hotel room, but after housekeeping all the bottles kene buang! BTW the vending machines are not just for drinks...for cigarettes pon ado!

Banyak shops like pachinko, restaurants, UFO catcher (claw crane machine) and gashapon (surprise egg/ capsule vending machine). Here is Namco store with rows of UFO catcher that have cute plush toy, biscuits, pringles, cotton candy, etc. Kalo maca…

Osaka Day 1 - Arrival

I wish I can write in details of everything in Osaka for my own record like the cost of train tickets, which train line we took, name of each nook and corner etc. But looks like my brain space banyak nak store benda lain so i can't recall much all the details now even though I promised myself at that time to write down everything when I’m there. Blamed the heavy backpack jadik malas and too much walking jadik penat. We also relied on our phone instead of camera to take photos because tuh yang paling cepat and senang. Janji ada gambar kannnn. This was also the first trip away from home without Qeeb. Syiannn dia kene tinggal.

I’ll just start on Day 1 where we went to LCCT by taxi. Checked in around 6am with our luggage weighted around 23kg. Talk about travelling light pfft. We boarded Air Asia X at 7.50 am. Had problem to sleep throughout the journey. We had chicken teriyaki and chicken green curry for breakfast J Touched down at Osaka at 3.40pm and naik shuttle to go to the main …

Paleontologist a Day

We took Qeeb to Discoveria, Avenue K to experience the Mesozoic Era. Entrance tickets to Dinoscovery for adult are RM20 each and RM30 for a kid. I thought slalu adults punyer tix lagik mahal? Nevermind...

What exactly is Dinoscovery? Featuring re-engineered life-size animatronic dinosaurs in true-to-life adventure-like settings, the year-long interactive exhibition will be held in a sprawling newly-constructed 13,000 sq ft exhibition space. We were first greeted by a dinosaur wandering around at the concourse area...x sempat amik gambar though. Upon entering the exhibition area at level 4, the staff gave us a roadmap, a torchlight, a jacket and a rubber band which has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). I'm so ready to explore the exhibition but Qeeb was a bit reluctant to enter mainly because the place was dark. Sib baik lah lepas pujuk dia OK because i promised to carry him all the way (sampai muscle ached). Rather than dia backed out rugi lagik haru.

They gave us a few minute…

GLC @ Serai, Paradigm Mall

Aigoo lamanyer tak update. So many things to write end up no update at all. Our trip to Japan in March was awesome. But need sometime to sort and watermark all my pictures. Talked about watermark, my mobile photos kene cilok and that person claimed it as hers. Unbelievable! slalu baca about mangsa copycat but now sendiri terkene. Cut the story short, it has been sorted out (i hope).

Back to the reason i'm writing an entry today is because i wanna share some photos from recent GLC meetup. Only 5 of us this time though. First we set nak jumpe kat Nu Sentral but due to parking rate yang cekik darah, #tetiba we changed venue to Amcorp Mall at the very last minute. Lawak betol time nie... kat dalam whatsapp group pon dah huru hara. Dengan Mas yang dah sampai komuter ready to go to Kl Sentral tetiba kene carik transport lain to go to Amcorp. Shara lak tetiba sangkut kene buat kejer. While myself lak takde line telepon so i had to linger around for a while to use the wifi to make sure i …