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Weekend @ Publika

Why would everyone go cray cray taking pics with fake pandas when there are real pandas in our zoo? Well because this paper mache pandas are super cute and there are tons of them with different poses. Tapik ada gak rasa trypophobia sket2 biler tgk dari jauh benda bersusun kecik2 camnie hak hak. Kalo menguit2 konpem geli!

Pandas 1600 @ Publika Pandas 1600 @ Publika

You can take picture with the pandas with a fee of RM10. Comes with long queue too. So no thanks. Kalo boleh dukung real panda maybe sanggup queue.

Pandas 1600 @ Publika Pandas 1600 @ Publika

The 1,600 Pandas World Tour made its debut in Malaysia, in a bid to increase awareness on animal welfare and environmental conservation. Why 1600? It is a symbolic representation of the amount of pandas left in the wild.

Pandas 1600 @ Publika

Then we walked outside the Publika when Jeeb saw Mikey's New York Pizza he was like 'jom! jom! i nak makan yang tuh!' Dah lama tingin nak try katanyer because according to Kusa sedap.

Mikey's Pizza @ Publika

We had 2 slices of Classic New York pizza, 1 slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza and 1 slice of Mama's Wild Mushroom pizza. Can order the whole pizza pan or by slices because the portion is big. Click here for full menu.

 Mikey's Pizza @ Publika
Mikey's Pizza @ Publika  Pandas 1600 @ Publika

After dinner we checked out some shops, gilir2 gi surau, Qeeb made 2 trips to toilet tapik takde hasil. Then we wind down at Coffee Stain. Had ice and hot cappuccino.

Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika

And also coffee ice cube with a bottle of warm milk. So biler tuang milk, the ice cube melt, susu dan kopi pon bersatu hehe.

Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika

We got a nice seat near the valet parking so Qeeb pueh dapat tgk macam2 jenis keta, drawing and continue to watch cars again. Currently Qeeb is obsessed with wipers. Dia tau wiper some mercedes ada sebatang, wiper blakang keta peugeot is upside down, lori bus kiri kanan. Nak jadik wiper expert pulak. [Right pic] So this is him imitate wiper's movement.

Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika  Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika

On the way balik jam teruk pulak kat Subang and Federal Highway because of construction. Sabo jelah balik malam buta pon kene layan jam.

Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley

When the Magnum Cafe nih baru bukak, ada la try pegi couple of times but the crowd was just crazy even on week days. Berlingkar2 kat depan cafe tuh. But recently the queue was bearable. That means...time to try! Time nak masuk the waiter asked whether we just want to eat ice cream or hot plate as well? Rupanyer hot plate tuh means they offer proper dishes jugak not just dessert only. Heheh...pestaim katernya of course la blur.

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

So me and my colleague naik tingkat atas and made ourselves comfortable. Sejuk giler plak our table rasa cam duduk dalam esbox. When i complained about it, my friend cakap nama pon kat eskrem cafe with open concept and all. Kene laaa sejuk kot...chehhh!

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

I had fish and chips (above pic). Enny ordered salted egg spaghetti. Terasa kepekatan and bau salted egg. Sedap...i think kalo pegi lagik next time boleh try this one.

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

The cafe layout (upstairs). That's the counter where you can choose your dip and toppings.

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

Here are 4 simple steps to make your own magnum ice cream yang tersedap di dunia according to your tastebud:
1) First choose the ice cream flavour - vanilla or chocolate
2) Choose the coating - dark, milk or white chocolate
3) Choose 3 toppings
4) Choose drizzle - dark, milk or white chocolate

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley  Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

Nih Enny punyer magnum version. Cam theme tanah and pokok hehe. I think she chose chocolate flavour with dark chocolate coating and white chocolate drizzle. Yang toppingnyer i have no idea.

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

And this one is mine, the best ever!!! I'm bias of course. I chose vanilla ice cream flavour with milk chocolate coating topped with crushed pretzel, almond and marshmallow. I think they should make this combination as the commercial one heheh.

Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

Price range for hot meals around RM25 onwards. As for ice cream kalo stick camnie RM9 each. For other types of dessert dah tak ingat dah brapa harganyer.

New Backdated Entries

List of NEW entries but back-dated:
  • GLC year end gathering at Marche, The Curve. Read here.
  • My birthday dinner & lunch. Read here
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  • Year end company dinner. Belom siap!
Mmm...jyeah. Legaaaa cheq dah almost abes update for 2014 hehe. One more pending but almost there!

Lunch @ Pizza Plus, Bandar Seri Permaisuri

After Qeeb habes orientation session at his school, we went to Cheras. Sis suggested to have lunch at this new pizza restaurant in Bandar Seri Permaisuri called Pizza Plus.

Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Simple interior with beautiful lightings. I love the posters!

Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri

The lil ones and the rest of us.

Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri
Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri  Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Coffee for sis and myself - latte and cappuccino.

Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri  Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri

We ordered 2 large pizzas, BBQ chicken (wins!) and creamy chicken. Also one appetizer banana crepe. It was good that the kids got plastic plates and cups.

Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri
Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri  Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri

The food was overall ok, prompt service but i wish the Manager (i think) who served us at least flash a smile and be a bit friendly because we were the only customers at that time. The music plak kejap pasang kejap tak so there was a moment of awkward silence when we were chatting hahaha.

Lunch at Pizza Plus, Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Time nak balik tuh hujan lebat selebatnyer. Ada pulak one ignorant driver double parked in front of my car and tak tinggal phone number. We honked and sat there buang masa dalam hujan...mmg bikin hangen! Adly went to hunt for the driver and rupanya dia tgh syiok2 massage kat kedai atas. OMG! Sebaik ada Adly kalo dak bapa jam tah nak tunggu orang tuh abes massage! We spent the rest of the evening at home and Qeeb sonot main with the cousins sampai tanak balik. Even the next day tuh pon bising nak pegi rumah Mak Cho again.

Malamnyer we celebrated Irina's 12th birthday. We missed the countdown and fireworks because me and Qeeb dah masuk dreamland before midnight.

Happy New Year 2015

As salam everyone. Happy new year! We start new and fresh of 2015. So write loads of good stories in the 365 pages ok :) We have learned some lessons in 2014 and insya Allah 2015 will be a better year in many many ways. 

On another note, seems like i have so many backlog posts of 2014! Huarghh procrastination!!! I guess I have to back-dated some entries so that i can still refer to.