Weekend @ Publika

Why would everyone go cray cray taking pics with fake pandas when there are real pandas in our zoo? Well because this paper mache pandas are super cute and there are tons of them with different poses. Tapik ada gak rasa trypophobia sket2 biler tgk dari jauh benda bersusun kecik2 camnie hak hak. Kalo menguit2 konpem geli!

Pandas 1600 @ Publika Pandas 1600 @ Publika

You can take picture with the pandas with a fee of RM10. Comes with long queue too. So no thanks. Kalo boleh dukung real panda maybe sanggup queue.

Pandas 1600 @ Publika Pandas 1600 @ Publika

The 1,600 Pandas World Tour made its debut in Malaysia, in a bid to increase awareness on animal welfare and environmental conservation. Why 1600? It is a symbolic representation of the amount of pandas left in the wild.

Pandas 1600 @ Publika

Then we walked outside the Publika when Jeeb saw Mikey's New York Pizza he was like 'jom! jom! i nak makan yang tuh!' Dah lama tingin nak try katanyer because according to Kusa sedap.

Mikey's Pizza @ Publika

We had 2 slices of Classic New York pizza, 1 slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza and 1 slice of Mama's Wild Mushroom pizza. Can order the whole pizza pan or by slices because the portion is big. Click here for full menu.

 Mikey's Pizza @ Publika
Mikey's Pizza @ Publika  Pandas 1600 @ Publika

After dinner we checked out some shops, gilir2 gi surau, Qeeb made 2 trips to toilet tapik takde hasil. Then we wind down at Coffee Stain. Had ice and hot cappuccino.

Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika

And also coffee ice cube with a bottle of warm milk. So biler tuang milk, the ice cube melt, susu dan kopi pon bersatu hehe.

Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika

We got a nice seat near the valet parking so Qeeb pueh dapat tgk macam2 jenis keta, drawing and continue to watch cars again. Currently Qeeb is obsessed with wipers. Dia tau wiper some mercedes ada sebatang, wiper blakang keta peugeot is upside down, lori bus kiri kanan. Nak jadik wiper expert pulak. [Right pic] So this is him imitate wiper's movement.

Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika  Coffee @ Coffee Stain, Publika

On the way balik jam teruk pulak kat Subang and Federal Highway because of construction. Sabo jelah balik malam buta pon kene layan jam.


  1. Qeeb bijaknyer.. mesti tangan berseni mcm mama and papa dia gak... bertuah sangat -) Alhamdulillah..

  2. Alhamdulillah ada progress in drawing. cumanya subject dia car je lah hahaha


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