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Sad News

Malaysia di duga lagi sebelom kita melangkah tahun baru.

Banjir teruk kat Kelantan. Now negeri2 lain pon affected sebab hujan non-stop. Hope bantuan berterusan until they fully recover.

And then dapat pulak berita Air Asia Indonesia with 100+ passengers on board went missing. Suspected due to bad weather. When I wrote this, search and rescue team have already retrieved 64 bodies and spotted the airplane on the seabed. Even though the flight tuh actually belongs to Indonesia but still terasa jugak pinch nyer.

Apart from all these, we should see the positive side. Allah give us chance to bersedekah and tolong. It's a test untuk menyatukan seluruh insan. A self-note and reminder.


Trip to Penang

Pagi nak betolak pegi Penang tuh we managed to run 2 errands. First was to renew my driving license. Buat 5 tahun period but unfortunately they retrieve from the MyKad punyer old photo. Which i haven't update yet. Urghhh i hate the photo! Then we went to a new tadika that we planned to enroll Qeeb there and proceed with registration. Almost noon baru bertolak pegi Penang and we were about 20 minutes behind from abg Kamal's car. Caught up with them at R&R Tapah, had lunch there and continue to drive till we reached Penang about 5ish pm. We stayed at Vistana Hotel & Apartment, our room for 3 days.

The cucu and goofing around with Tok Wan

We had dinner and coffee at the hotel that night. Tak kluar pi memana because hujan lebat non-stop since petang. Jeeb did his sketching and Qeeb played pc game next to our table. The coffee bar was quite new and the barista chic cantek plak tuh hehe.

Dinner malam sebelom, koaytiaw tak rasa apa. And breakfast the next morning. Ramai beto…

Winter Solstice Dinner

Pat Yee invited us for a winter solstice potluck dinner at her house. I love the cheerful dinner setup. The cute tissue fold of xmas tree brighten up the plates.

Me and sis. She brought lasagna and desserts. I brought sate chicken and beef from Sate Samuri (lazy bum bum). 

Sis also brought her collection of props hehe.

Elves taking a break.

Table for adults. 

Variety of foods that night i.e potato salad, lasagna, devils egg, sosej, chicken wings, spaghetti etc. And also special dessert by Karen ice cream in a chocolate egg. Sis also made fruit tarts. Thumbs up y'all! 

Celebrated birthday with Yee Cheong. We are december born.

The molten cake.

Sis brought along a cool background poster of a snowman. Sure feels like we are in a snow. Most romantic photo won by this couple, Karen and Kerry! lol....macam wedding photo lah!

This photo is the best! The kiddos/ cucu (minus Caden) with their great aunt, Pat. And minus Qeeb because we already went back heheh.

Coffee @ The Library, Nexus

We went to Ampang to send the maid for a weekend off as everyone in the family will be going to Penang that weekend so the house will be empty. Kalo lalu ikot Akleh from Jalan Tun Razak, we get to enjoy this awesome skyline view.

Just before masuk NPE nak balik, i suggested to have coffee at Nexus, Bangsar South. We opted to chill at The Library. Sini weekend memang lepak abes sebab takde orang sangat.

Cappuccino for me and Mocha for Jeeb.

My full time assistant - tukang pour sugar into the cup.

We also had a waffle topped with ice cream and blueberries.

Age xx + 1

Usually time birthday, we get to choose nak makan mana. So i chose Jibby & Co at Empire Shopping Mall. So off we went to have dinner there a day before my birthday because we have other plan on 21 Dec.

I love the ambience but not all seating are cosy. Perhaps top floor is better, but it was full house and they do not accept reservation so we just settled down with whatever table yang ada. Sempat gak Jeeb streamed football match that night - Malaysia vs Thailand final.

We had soft shell crab burger on brioche, crispy boneless chicken maryland and three layer lasagna.

"We are so not going to have cement mixer truck for dinner, Qeeb"

Qeeb enjoyed the dinner. When he does that means all of us can have dinner in peace keh keh.

Lovely dinner and company by Jeeby and lil Qeeb (not in the picture). Tengkiu muchooo!

Jeeb got me a beautiful cake from Le Choutte Macaron. It was a 3 layer cake with chocolate, red velvet and butterscotch flavor covered with ombre colors butter cream.