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Qeeb's First Contest

Recently i joined a contest organized by sicomelote (online shoppe) and Azam Hashim. There were 2 category : sicomelote category (syaratnya penah beli barang kat their site) and open category (anyone can participate). I uploaded Qeeb's photo yang expression nya sangat serious and paksa asked my friends to vote.

The result was announced last week and.....*drum roll*
Qeeb won 2nd place! Yayyyy!!!

Check out what Qeeb won. We can't wait to book the photoshoot session with Azam Hashim soon...or maybe tunggu when Qeeb turns 1 year old.

Thanks a bunch to kengkawan yang tolong vote for Qeeb at FB :)

Moving Forward

I'm waiting for this month's salary from 2 companies. If only the amount x2 ;)
I just doa takde problem yang buat the payment delay. I need my gaji asap! Approx 4 months ago, I decided to change my job. So I joined Cosmo. There are similarity or something that I can relate from the previous job but the position title was totally different and perspective orang pon different. I kinda hate that. The tasks were ok and manageable but the only setback was I can't handle my boss's emo. I don't like the feeling datang opis tgk muka orang yg bagi instruction to me with a stress face and marah staff cam kat skolah with all the negative remarks. So I really HATE that! Plus few other things that I don't feel the company manage it right. Ada jugak nyesal i turned down another offer that came serentak ngan Cosmo. Oh well!

Alhamdulillah datang pulak rezeki lain, when i was busy to start job hunting tetiba my ex-pm text me whether i'm interested to fill a position in her co…

GLC Open Day 2011

On 25th June, I followed Cheep to see some of his works at GLC Open Day, KL Convention Centre. Excited nak tgk the outcome after dia asik berkampung kat opis berhari2 sampai tido dah tak betoi nak menyiapkan event nie.

At the main entrance called 'Tunnel' filled with posters kat LCD. Some of the stuff Cheep illustrate.

Cutout car nih pon dia yang kaler.

Dapat naik keta myvi baru. bes giler oh ada screen kat panel. sukerrrr tp kalo nak amik kene topap banyak!

And then ada coloring contest. Yg illustration tuh pon Cheep yang buat hehe suker lah dia tgk banyak budak tgh mengaler lukesan dia.

For me yang swonotnyer kalo pegi this kind of event is to see how each companies setup and design their booth.

Pastuh tgk plak how the public participate/ respond. Nih ada orang tulis tok kempen road safety 'bayar sumer saman yang ada' koh kohhhh which remind me ada 2 saman tak berbayor lagik -.-

Nih pakai props tembikai betol! stand kadbod gambar peladang tuh pon nampak real kan?

Tabung Haji…

GLC June @ Little Taiwan

GLC gathering bulan June was at Little Taiwan @ The Sphere, Bangsar South. Still x dapat full attendance sbb Kak Moji gi training, Shara dah sarat preggy dan tak disarankan berjimba jauh2 and Zaza kat Penang. So yang berjaya mengattendkan diri were....

kak fara, dani, jannah

D, mas and yours truly, soulie

We celebrated birthday Kak Fara dengan kek lapis yang shara beli. Tingat plak kak fara cakap everytime birthday dia musti celebrate ngan benda pelik2 hahaha. Last time was rotiboy 5 bijik ngan candle. This year plak kek lapis! Next year we'll try buy real cake for you lah yea! That's blueberry cheese kek lapis btw ;)

We also shopping setempat! I bought pillow pet from Jannah and of course i chose panda ^.^ Panda tuh biler tak lipat dia jadik pillow lah, biler fasten the velcro trus dia jadik cam ada kaki. Kechomelan sangat2!

Kak fara borong penguin ngan lady bird. Pastuh mula ler posing2 ngan bantal tuh sumer sbb feeling2 kiut. Other than that, Dani and Jannah ada bawak gak tudung…

Model Jojo Amani

Ghupe model Jojo Amani menangeh