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A Little Love Note

It's with great excitement, I would like to announce that Cheep and I are expecting our first baby! Well most of you already knew (via twitter and FB) because it's impossible to keep quiet, lol! My waist is slowly but surely expanding :P I had my first checkup today and Alhamdulillah everything went well. My doc is super nice and friendly, phew! She explained bout the baby size and the ultrasound picked up the heartbeat =D It looks something like a little flicker in my baby's chest. The baby actually moves when the doc started to scan, but tak sempat tgk because i was trying to adjust my view on the screen.

Baby's now the size of a raspberry!
Baby is growing like mad, putting on about a millimeter every day and continuing to straighten out in the trunk. Though you can't feel it yet, baby is moving those little arms, legs, and (now only slightly) webbed fingers and toes like crazy. -the bump-
We're trying our best to prepare ourselves for parenthood and we can'…

Lunch @ New York New York

Last week we had lunch at New York New York cafe in One Utama. Seen this cafe during our trip to Singapore last year and now the cafe made its way to our shore.

Cheeky cheep deciding his meal and contemplating between sandwich or burger (kot).

My stomach was growling like mad time nie. I've decided what to eat already when i scanned their menu chalkboard outside the cafe. So I ordered my pasta straight away.

I like their menu layout! Every page have different style and love the font!

Macam magazine layout gituh.

I'm so happy that the service was really quick! Cheep's salmon sandwich came first followed by my spaghetti aglio olio. Cheep was happy with his fresh salmon and my spaghetti was not bad as well. I'm not sure if it's pre-cooked though because tak rasa fresh sangat but heck i'm too hungry.

On our way back to the OU's old wing, dekat ngan kedai rotiboy saw this candy shop with cool packaging. What's interesting bout this shop is they have a display cook…

What an empty weekend

At this moment, my poor Cheep is still in the office. It's 10.18pm on Sunday! I'm so happy he got the job because to land a new job is not easy these days but his work skang nie nampak gaya macam tak ikot musim busy. Everyday is always busy and had to stay late at night including weekends.

I know what it's like to be in the design industry. So I'm trying to be a wife that understand her husband's work. If weekdays is acceptable, and weekends pon i can accommodate if pegi kejer dalam 5-6 hours. But if one whole day i can't see him, borak pon susah apertah lagi nak run personal errands. Yang kene kejer tuh lagik lah pressured and demotivated.

Oh well. Just a rant. Going to prepare myself if next week pon macam nih jugak. My chayang lagik lah kesian =(

Update: It's 12:21am looks like i have to sleep dolu.

Notakaki: Ingat dolu time zaman kene slalu kejer weekend, my friend Wan used to say "Orang gila jer kejer weeekend"

Lunch @ Secret Recipe

Went to Secret Recipe @ KLCC to celebrate Kak Hai and Shida's farewell. Not that they resigned from the company, but they're leaving the current project to join another team in HQ.

I had tomyam of course ;) At first I ordered tomyam noodle. Nak jimat RM3.50 cengkononnyer compared to tomyam gong it costs RM16+. But biler food sampai, when the waiter cakap tomyam...i immediately angkat tangan. Luper plak nak tanya yang lain if ada order tomyam jugak. Dah start digging the food, i noticed another tomyam arrived. I asked Kak hai dia order tomyam aper and she said tomyam gong. I asked again what was the difference because mine also ada udang. Then dia pon belek2 tomyam dia...tada udang! Dang!! The one that i'm eating was hers! Nih lar kes teruja sangat nak makan :P But sib baik Kak Hai jenis tak kesah (hope so) huhu! So i said i'll pay for the tomyam gong! And then came our PM yang ordered one whole pecan butterscotch cake and foot the bill. Rezeki rezeki *big grin*

Here is K…

Lunch @ Aunty Aini's Garden Cafe

I had a meeting at KSE, Nilai the other day. Serious rasa jauh nak sampai. But the office and ambiance was nice and relax. During lunch, En. Azdn brought us to Aunty Aini's Garden Cafe. Omai! Tetiba rasa cam walked in kat somewhere else than Nilai lol!

Oh ya the entrance reminds me of Tarmarind Springs. Bak kater En. Azdn kat sini banyak stewardess lepak sbb tempat tuh cam cool compared to kedai makan lain at that area hehe.

The cafe's interior and decor. Bes oh atap rumbia. Tak payah pasang aircond pon rasa redup and sejuk jer.

Dalam hati kedai ada taman and the landscape pon very nice siap kolam ikan bagai. Kat tepi2 tuh ada pondok tok bersila. Macam kat Nailis or Tupai2 gituh. Tataulah kalo time senja tempat nih kene attack ngan nyamuk ke tak.

Sini ada western food jugak. But kalo nak order nasik goreng USA, paprik whatsoever takde. So we ordered nasik putih and few lauk like ayam goreng kampung, telur dadar, asam pedas, kangkung and kailan. Sedap jugak =)

It was Matt who belan…

Festival Kraf 2010

My colleagues and I went to the Kompleks Kraf annual event, Festival Kraf. This year nampak macam lagik banyak exhibitors for each craft industry. But since we were on our lunch break, nak gi makan lagik so tak sempat nak cover everything. Tu pon dah saket2 kaki jalan haha and not too mention the weather was unbearably hot!

Ada section jual kain songket, sutera, batik, etc. Mmmg lawa2 but biler tgk price alahai teruskan jelah berjalan. Actually the quality and design is worth the price but for me to shop for that kind of materials kene tunggu tahap ada extra money to spend boleh lah :P Because biler beli kain mahal pon i always end up pegi kejer pakai baju kurung yang boleh tahan lasak and senang maintain. So tayah jalan ayu2 sangat sbb takot crumple or tercarik, nanti kang pakai skali kene dry cleaning. Huhu banyak plak alasan.

Biler tgk live demo for wau bulan nih tingat zaman skolah kene buat 'Kite Project'. Jenuh lah melentur lidi and nak ikat ngan benang. Lepas tuh tampal n…

Rollercoaster Feeling

I'm currently experiencing a life changing moment. I don't look any different right now, but i feel a number of changes especially a rapid change of emotional state. Intense, stress, anxiety, name it! Banyak -ve feeling is not good kan? These feelings are confusing me! And of course Cheep lagik lah confuse kot but he's doing wonderful so far to support me.

I realized i got tired easily and when balik umah nak on laptop pon rasa penat let alone to browse. I went to sleep very early these days. Tuh tak masuk part kene bawak kejer office balik umah lagik rasa tak larat. But I still Google almost everything now and then looking for an answers, sometimes it makes me relief and sometimes it makes me worry! Insya Allah, i pray everything is okay. Doa-doakan yer. Macehh!

Dinner @ Gardens, The Curve

We planned to attend Siong's doter's birthday at his house in KJ. Since Wawa cannot make it, and then found out that Akmal, Wan and Jaa came bit later so we proceed to The Curve because we were supposed to meet up with Cheep's friend at 6pm but that was also cancelled because anak dia tak sehat. Dah jadik lain sungguh plan on that day. But bes jugak because rasa cam dah lama tak dating without a need to do something or to buy something.

Then dah start kelaparan so we decided to try this new concept cafe, Garden. At first memang hesitate the food taste. But nak pegi makan kat Ikea rasa cam ramai orang jer and i don't feel like walking anymore.

Belek menu depan blakang, i decided to have Fried Koay Tiaw. And Cheep decided to eat at last minute. And of course amik gambar with the decors inside the Cafe, it's for sale ekceli. The concept reminds me off Fullhouse but this one is strictly garden look.

My Fried Char Koay Tiaw was not bad at all! Don't forget the cili pot…

Lunch @ Hj Sharin Low

When i first came to know about this chinese muslim restaurant-haji sharin low, was when Susu tagged me in her roasted duck photo, lol! And then D pon ada mentioned about this restaurant until one fine day during lunch hour we arrived at this restaurant after searching high and low. Sampai sesat2 barat lalu macam2 house areas. By the time sampai, we were already running out of time and risau nak balik opis cepat before ada orang carik one of us.

Siap tampal facebook and twitter account. But wifi takde haiya!
Time tuh ada RTM crew buat shooting. Lepas tuh tgk dorang makan besar besnyehh! Macam2 ada!

Instead of order lauk, i just ordered plain white rice and kungpao chicken. The portion was quite large but it was too salty for my liking.
This is one of the kawasan kejadian landslide kot. Cam horror jer lalu this road.A row of abandon houses. Umah paling hujung tuh mmg skeri! Tgk jer dah gayat.

Chinese New Year 2010

Backdated entry for CNY hehe. The photos dah lama upload in Facebook and Flickr but to write an entry at blog asik postpone jer. Ok back to the pai lin story. This year we got to visit yee poh, Lai Meng's house at OUG. The last time i saw her was couple of years ago kot at a funeral. Aww cute kan my yee poh holding her great grandson.

The kids received some ang pow. Sad no ang pow for me this year heheh *ngada* :P

And then we went to aunt Pat's house at Mont Kiara area. I enjoyed the breeze from the balcony and also the boys.

Everyone posing around while waiting for our cue to eat =) The foods for that day were Fried Bihun and assorted kuih.

Looks like baby Caden had fun in the kitchen.

And Lily loyally followed instructions to pose around

After that it was time to eat yee sang...the moment i've been waiting for ^.^ They also put some pears to add juicy taste. Sedapnyehh!

Tak sabar nak toss dah nie. I stood paling depan and paling dekat ngan yee sang with chopstick standby mode!