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Osaka Day 2 - Yodobashi Camera

Still on Day 2. After Osaka Museum Castle we took the train and headed back to Umeda area. Jeeb wanted to check out Yodobashi Camera. It is a chain store with 12 storeys mainly selling electronic products. There were a few other stores inside like Uniqlo, restaurants etc. Basically it feels like you stepped into Low Yat only here the banners were more meriah laidat. Not really my stuff theheh :P

Jeeb wanted to check out Cintiq because the price should be cheaper here. When he reached this Wacom section, memang tak tgk kiri kanan dah.

Unfortunately the Cintiq he was looking for was out of stock. Hohhh keciwa sungguh. But he still enjoyed trying out everything here. I may be exaggerating but the waiting feels like forever *roll eyes*. Kat sana nampak ramai jer yang dok try wacom tuh, unlike here kalo nak try kene mintak malu2 kucen from sales asst because tak display sumer model.

Banyak anime, manga, games, pc, laptop, cameras, earphones, etc.

Had our dinner at eikokuya cafe. The only c…

Osaka Day 2 - Flow Pow

This is the Plum Grove i mentioned earlier, quite a big park with rows and rows of Plum trees. We spent time lama gak kat sini. Layan amik gambar almost every trees wpon all the pictures end up look the same any way. The weather was just too awesome, beautiful lightings, full blossom flowers everywhere and we can't stop taking pictures.

Tak dapat tengok sakura, dapat tgk plum blossom pon jadik laa :) It sure does feels like watching sakura at that time hehe.

Plum trees landscape as background ^.^

Majority of the plum trees color red and white. I think ada different types but can't understand the label though. Ada yang mencapah ke atas, ada yang melendut ke bawah.

Banyak elder couple here enjoying the view and taking their own sweet time to capture the flowers with their big lenses!

We took loads of selfie and video using monopod. Yang kelakarnyer few locals jangok tengok kitowang pakai monopod and heard whispers 'sugoi!'. Ada jugak yang sempat snap gambar while we were…

Expired Certificate

Of all days when i have a little time for myself to update an entry here and photos in Flickr, their security certificate expired pulak! So i can't upload any photos. Le sigh.

Update: Around 6pm, i noticed the certificate issue has been solved! Awesome :)

Osaka Day 2 - Osaka Castle

Day 2 morning we went to Osaka Tourist Information and bought the 2 days pass to visit interesting places in Osaka. Can refer to Osaka-Info on the package that they offered.

Dapat tickets and map trus rasa cam start Amazing Race because we first need to find the right train line. There are too many lines and nama sumer cam lebey kurang so I just leave the task to Jeeb because every time I read the signage or map I just make him more confused. Heh! So we managed to get on the train heading to Osaka Castle. But after 2 stops, Jeeb realized he dropped the 2-days ticket. *gasp!* We went back to the same station but we can’t go to the other side without exit first. Le sigh. Jenuh explain kat the officer that we lost one ticket. He was very helpful and advised to buy another ticket but we ended up beli ticket for one day pass which is lagik rugi. Because we were not going to ride the same line for one whole day T___T And then masuk each places still kene bayar entrance fee. Time nie agak fr…