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Zafeer's 3rd Birthday Cake @ Blokke, Citta Mall

Tadaaaa Zafeer's Fuse Oddbods birthday cake by Le Chouette Macaron. Because he loves Oddbods so much (at that point of time). Everyday pon nak tgk oddbods but there's no specific characters that he likes, he loves em all! Check out Zafeer's and the troop at Blokke Playhouse here.

The adults chit chat sambil makan. It was a bit kelam kabut for me to take orders, pay, layan the guests, kejar kids yang tasabar nak explore kat dalam. Hope everyone had a good time wpon banyak kekurangan. I didn't get to eat pon actually, lol!

Zafeer loves birthday song especially when everybody sing the birthday song for him and he got the chance to blow the candle twice.

Watching Zafeer stabbed the cake with a knife

The e-invites to family members.

My kind of oddbods in real life

At home, Zafeer opened up his birthday pressie

Zafeer's 3rd Birthday Celebration @ Blokke, Citta Mall

On 11.11 we celebrated Zafeer and Qeeb's birthday at Blokke. The kids played at the playhouse area and the adults makan2 at the cafe. At first hesitate nak pegi situ because they have a designated party area sooo i thought any personal gathering is not allowed. So saja lalu and tanya bleh ker bawak my own birthday cake....dorang ok jer. In fact can book in advanced so that they can reserve the tables.

Building towers

Trampoline and slides

When Qeeb was small, he was not the type to explore playhouse thingy. Because dia tak suker ramai2 or queue/ berebut ngan other kids. Only now he enjoys it, baru laa nampak pangai cam real kids. Dolu too serious haha, glad now he's over that phase. Compared to Zafeer, dia observes budak lain for few minutes trus dia pon laju nak buat.

Check out next post of Zafeer's Oddbodds birthday cake here!

Meeting and Food Berpisah Tiada

When you have meetings

after meetings

Always begins or ends with food! We love going to nearby cafes around the area - SK cafe and especially Kenny Hills.

Breakfast Nasi Le Marc @ Jaya Grocer, Empire

Breakfast nasi le marc (inside Jaya Grocer) and also pickup zafeer's birthday cake at Le Choutte Macaron.

Somebody is excited to see his Oddbod's theme cake. Check out the birthday post for more pics. 

Zafeer the Paper Boy

I'm collecting pictures of Zafeer morning routine picking up newspaper at the gate. Muka basi tak mandi, buah hati mama. Abam Qeeb mmg lari terus biler cakap nak take pictures.

Some of other time, kene salam hug and kiss twice before i leave for work. Or else, lama laa nak tunggu dia stop nanges tepi pintu kesedihan tak dapat buat 3 steps tuh.