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go to web go to shafry. takder la plak...ponat jer pakai baju kurung. peh! hmm...jusco's opening today. the traffic light masuk simpang pulai utama alreadeh functioning which makes life more hell. most of the car, parks like nobody business. i'm starting to hate the traffic flow in taman u but i love jusco. heheh!

bisness cendol guy's kencang tahap kuda, penganggur got a job, and the students got a new mall, and a coffee house. so everyone's happey. except for the fact that almost everyone would buy the same clothes whatsoever. "hey...baju nie ko beli kat jj kan?" muakakaka
aku rasa aku posing tok camera lain...orang lain pulak yang snap. it akas's?

banyak lagik gambo lantai dari muka orang.

everybadeh wit wan tapir..yuhuuu. glam abis mamat nie. agagaga...

images by akas-XP [community zero]
Pile of Shit

yesterday had to call bani to pick up my monitor. it went blank all of the sudden after few weeks flickering. leceh ah wat kejer takder monitor. memang tabley wat kejer pon takder monitor. ahaha. shit on me....

pinjam monitor rina...transfer all the files needed. and i thought i am! duh...double shit!
shoot la...drag myself outta the bed on rainy day to go to webz. only 3 people turns up. Razak came in sheepishly saying takder klas la yek...camno nak ajar 3 org jek! haaa tulah slalu sangat cancel class! baik follow rina jek tadik sambung tidoq.

so here i am stranded at the lab wit no place to go. had to wait for wawa abis klas kol 2...and now it's only 10.23 a.m! whooaaaa...ngantuk like shhhitttt!

"what cell phone ring tones say about people"

i'm a la fea? ooo i am! i am!....
attend a bbq partee last nite kat umah abg Zud....but Zudnya sendiri tada. so sorang pon aku tak kenai kat stu xcept for budak umah ngan shukri who happens to be there too. it was okay....not too much xcitement as i thought would be. kenyang la jugak makan. kesimpulannya...bolehla. nie yang tak sabo tunggu bbq next week. hope this one would turn out berra.

A.I had asked many times bile nak tgk movie as in claims my reward for helping his assignment. sat² ajak pi makan...isk tabley nak pikiaq la nie. banyak benda aku nak kena buat. or am i getting bored? :P

oh yea...convos punya gambar dah printed. peh syiok tuh. gambo sblah say***. ader sesapa lagik yang amik gambar ramai² dat day yang ader muka aku..lemme know. nak reprint lah as usual.
Dilema Seorang Orang Yang Sorang......

Aku yang sorang....

Hidup sorang...

Buat amende semua sorang...

Berak memang lah sorang..

Lagi pun jamban aku memang memuat untuk

sorang jerr..

Aku yang sorang....

Makan Sorang2..

Minum pun , sorang2...

Nak makan dua orang...

Tapi takut tak kenyang....

Aku yang sorang...

Bangun pagi sorang...

Tido pun sorang...

Hajat dihati nak tido dua orang..

Tapi buat sempit bilik pulak karang....

Berjalan sorang2...

berlari pun sorang2...

Bejoging pun sorang2

Ingat nak ramai orang..

Tapi tu, mereton lah korang..

Lepak sorang2..mimpi pun sorang2...

Berangan sorang2..jiwang pun sorang2...

Pegi bandar sorang2..balik bandar pun


Dah sebulan aku tak kebandar sebab ramai

sangat orang..

Semalam aku sorang...

Kini aku masih sorang...

Esok lusa sorang lagi kot...

Tulat nanti gerenti memang sorang...

Tapi, dekat stadium semalam, ramai pulak



Aku bukannya orang-orang...

Aku bukannya orang utan..

Aku juga bukannya orang minyak...

Dan aku juga bukannya orang gila...

Dan aku juga bukanlah orang jahat...

Bukan gak orang kena sawan..

Tapi aku juga orang...macam orang lain jugak

Macam ko jugak lah masa ungko sorang dulu

Aku tahu...

Aku bukanlah orang berada...

Aku juga bukanlah orang glamer...

Dan aku bukanlah orang ternama...

Walaupun aku hanya orang biasa...

>Aku tetap orang...

Aku ingin menjadi gaban

Tapi nak jadi gaban kena gagah..

Tapi gaban tu bukannye hensem pun..

Lagi hensem ultramen..

she's laughin' at me *cringe!*. as quoted in my sistah's : "Somehow I am imagining her mouth talking in KANTONESE he he and worst I even hear

her voice in my head.. "

i am improvin...heheh...but still no talkin for me please. much worse! used when needed only for emergency case. ;). by the way, i did not put the tripod image on purpose...somehow 'they' change the link. tuh yang terkeluaq gambo tripod. sori!
Went to swimming at Larkin last nite...didn't see any instructor with Hans Isaac look-a-like as Lela claims. heheh...

As usual kecebur! kecebur! New hardware added this time. Irma's Surf Board and a camera.

we did take a few snaps...but don't even think i'm gonna post it 'ere. your dreams :P
to nana...

regarding the topic, ngo lam...that's the best way for now. lei ke chou kong tim yong ah? when all this going to take place? ngo em chi kong mat ika. but anyway and anyhow...ka yau! ngo chi chi lei! hehehe.
Shafry oo Shafry...

Went to see en.Shafry today...he was just about to go out to lunch. ngan ayunya i said..i didn't managed to finish everything today. expected question....

shafry: bis tuh awak nak present bile?

me: next week?

shafry: next week tuh bile?

me: i can't promise u that

shafry: okay next week month pon bole...tanak present pon bole.

wuiiihhh....nak kater marah idak..takkan majuk kot. aper² jelah... :P idup musti slumber yaya...tapik slumberk pon keje kena siap gak. peh!

bought a new henpon desperately. the ol' one was vibrating non stop even when i picked up the call. brain damaged oooo! i think..? besides slalu putus. so

me and rock get ourselves Nokia 3310. why 3310? because its the cheapest in taman U.

i'm getting bored wit nokia ekceli. i want samsung so much. but rege tak penah turun! well the 3310 has a new feature to create picture msg whatsoever with no manual. duh!

and the LCD is blue...looks okay during daylight but at night. sakit mata! and ma current ringtone is Betty la fea. i guess that's it. yang penting bole

callin²! tak gitu?
29th Convo

pi tgk bebudak my batch grad. like fadh, ais, yan, sham, wan tapir and dess (fke)

to name a few. for ais and fadh we bought 2 huggy bears and tie up some

balloons. that's all we could afford heheh...

the best part is gambo ramai²! the crowd grew larger when they realized eh...

course aku?! even ntah mana² cameraman capture the moment. that's when they

throw their mortar on the air... :D thanx to zect and muaz for all the trouble

to gather sumer². ;)
really had a gewd time browsing orang punya web assignment...muahahah. macam² pesen...rite from semat gile till plain gile. my alignment sumer lari coz kat umah view screen kecik...kat lab hoh...

pesta konvo is getting started..maybe 2nite or 2moro nite? aper yang bole dibeli? jigsaw puzzle lagik...pizet? heheh

there's this one archi zines i came across in MPH...calls ish (i think...finding the title is quite trouble). never seen it before...but i just fell in love with it right away! thought of buying...but rm16.90? erm...don't think so.
Back into the scene...drag myself into the bus heading to JB. Fadh crashed my place the night before coz she had an interview in S.Alam. Then we ride to JB in different bus but around the same time.

Here i am now forcing my big fat ass to stick on the chair. Assignment for web is done. so noww...concentr8 on FYP and Simulation test...*bluuarghh*


p.s: lei tim yong ah kamat? okay?
i went to MIB's open party at Sunway Pyramid. geez we missed the free goodies! the oasis boulevard was a packed! i liked Spectacular MIB Dance...but the lead who pretend to be Will Smith doesn't even memorize the song..nod your head. lorrrr!

and then there's Too Phat...yo aw aw! Heheheh...luv 'em!

apsal la connection slow tahap cipan malam nie. buhsan giler!
i went to inot konvo's today at upm. wee...sampai jek bumped into bandaraya skoolmate...chin and kwai heong after 7 years. su chuan was there too..xtreme gile. me, bibi, sukurt and pjot sneaked into the hall just in time to watch inot queue for her scroll. whatta luck!

graduation always gave me different feeling. and now...aper tah lagik. when i watched all the grads with their family, emo wooo. my mom would not be there :( i'll feel incomplete. and just now i talked to bapak. he said "jangan sedey...takper bapak kan ader. Bapak pegi punya!!!" whooaaa...lagikla sedey! gosh...i miss mom.

i'm home! other place feels good as home. usual my room redecorated by sistah. all my stuff was 'invaded' revamp but love the result. every angle has its own personal touch. my room is small but she just knew how to do it. thanx a lot nana! mmmuaah.
it's been a week since i concentrate on FYP. malas tahap mengular! only 2 weeks left before i have to set up everything for Shafry. Gila ah ding dong! *Cringe!*

and family trip to Goman has been cancelled due to some the-otherside conflict :(

adly's burfday is going to be celebrate at the house with circle of his lil' frens...camno nak bwk balik present dia nie? isk...berat! nak bwk balik my baybeh lagik. huarghh dahler balik ngan bus.

but the happey news is the lil' arising hero...didi dah bole jalan! muakakaka...finally. *sigh* someone. did what you ask...sori for the misunderztand. no hard feelings yea :|
I'm going back to KL this Friday...beli dah tiket Senandung. Bump into my coursemate Idham-lookalike...i dunno his name. we never talk before. but then and there at the bus counter we talked for a few minutes. very frenly...makes me happey!

then gi BJ...time nak balik saw one cute guy. i mumble to rina and wawa "whoaa this is cute"! i looked at him...then he smile back at me. hmm...that makes me really happey. coz his smile looks sincere not some senyum miang! mind me but i can categorized one...heheh. see how a person's smile can make soméone elses day! i think i'm the one who's gettin' 'miang' and sloppy here....? kweng! kweng! kweng!
we had lunch at Restoran Noor today. It schucks! i order wantan mee...and i end up getting the mee without the wantan! that's no mee if there's no wantan. let's just say i had kicap mee. when i asked the waitress where's the wantan...she was like huh? with the expression "what is wantan?" duh!

then while we duck our food, they start to sweep the floor with the fans on. what in the world were they thinkin'? you don't respect me...can't you at least respect my food. there's lots of cigs ashes on the floor...think la dey! urghh...when i pay i only got 20 cents off for the kicap mee. i'm sure 3-pieces of wantan costs more than that! :P
Watch Minority Report last nite. Jumpa a bunch of budak faculty...dok depan kitaorang lak tuh. aiihh!

Steven Spielberg's film...always expect the unexpected. the same spice...the futuristic and creative imagination.

Like it a lot. Lotsa manipulation...that makes audience laugh! Siap ader yang tepuk tangan tuh! tgk theatre lak.

Talk about theatre...felt like catching the Cats at Istana Budaya this late September. Tapi tak brani nak beli tix awal...if something come up. tapi kalo tak beli tix awal kang jadik cam Fame. Meleleh jer tgk :P
i'm having a mathstrophobic...exe is fine but not quiz or test

it's suffocating and makes my brain stop computing.


M. Nasir Concert Update

The m.nasir's concert was a blast. Spider rawks! and the highlight of the nite turns out to be Spider vocalist...Rustam [for me laaa]. heheh!

Too many best parts happen dat nite. first kitaorang dapat tempat depan skali...sampai tempias ayaq liur m.nasir pon kena! and then we got the chance to go backstage. thanx to erhan. a few snaps and signing moment. sumer pelem dah abis dat time...all 36 of em! if only i brought camera will be full of pak tam!

2nite i'm going to M.Nasir's concert! hahahah...don't believe myself! dahler ader lagu yang satu hapa jadah aku tak paham. but the thoughts of spending 2-3 hours screaming my lungs out is very appealing. besides there's 11 of us going...should be fun.

The cast of tonite would be me, wawa, rina, atuk, irma, awek salad, salad himself, hogan, teez, zet, and erhan (just met this guy). and this guy did mentioned somethin'about backstage.....phooaaa! we'll see how it goes tonite! IF we're dat lucky maybe i'll be m.nasir's most devoted fan till end of this year...which only left couple of months away. wink* wink*
I don't even comb my hair

When I wake up in the morning

I've always been like that

My clothes are on the floor

And I just don't have the time to put them back

Is this what you truly want for a girlfriend?

Or am I just someone you find pretty cute for a good time?

Don't go breaking my heart

I think very deeply and I hold very dearly from the start

So why do you still love me

I'm so useless in the kitchen

And my cuisine is lousy

It makes you want to curl

My toes are awfully huge

And I am not just the stuff that makes a girl

Is this what you truly want for a girlfriend?

Or am I just someone you find pretty cute for a good time?

Don't go breaking my heart

I think very deeply and I hold very dearly from the start

So why do you still love me?

Pardon me ... I'm quizzical

I don't even call you baby

'Cause that's what I call my dog

It would have sounded funny and so strange

Don't expect me to be crawling over you

For maybe I am just a poor unromantic

Why do you still love me?

So why do you still love me?

show my progress on admin part at en.Shafry...

kena tambah lagik...the logic part and etc.

the deadly part is submit all the shit on 24/7 after sem break. i'm a dead duck!
watch Scooby Doo last nite...bolela! funny but not hilarious :)

sarah michelle gellar's nose is sooo weird.
Why in the world do i have to say that Meg?

always dat lame excuse and why always that stupid excuse? stupid me!

a night of stupidity! :P
Brazil won the World Cup thanx to Ronaldo for slamming the werewolf goalie, Oliver Kahn who went inconsolable after the match!

Plus the honour goes to Lucio for Best Attempt on Putting on a Jersey award! :D

the Turks won at 3rd place vs Korea 3-2! yehaaa....the fastest score recorded in history at 1.13 min. and best of all it was Ilhan Mansiz aka heavy butt.

all my housemates shriek like krayzee! the blushing! :)