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Farewell, Birthday and GLC Meetup

It was a week of celebration. Food and friends. First, we had a small birthday celebration for Kak Ita. Plan asal was to have lunch together, but we caught up with a meeting sampai 1 lebey. Huuuu! scrapped the plan, we just makan petang with the cake that i bought from Lyein (ovencomel).

That week jugak on Friday, we threw a farewell lunch for Juicy at Plan B, Mid Valley. Almost a year Juicy worked with us, different department but duduk berjiran, pemurah orangnyer, suker makan tapik badan kecik jer. Hope her new job will make her happy.

Juicy suap2 manja si Enny

Some of the burgers we ordered i.e Grilled Cheese Burger and Aussie Chicken Burger. The rest ordered pasta.

Petang tuh I went to Nu Sentral nak bejumpe ngnan kengkawan GLC. This round ada Kak Fara, Kak Moji, Mas, D and myself. Time nak sampai tuh punyer laaa ramai orang sbb rupa2nyer Lee Minho datang. Orang bersendat2 kat entrance between Nu Sentral and KL Sentral. Rasa nk pitam nengok...sebaik laaa bukan nak hala ke situ. Ke…

Quote of the day

Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't -Pete Seeger
The trouble with learning from experience is that you never graduate. - Doug Larson

Dinner @ Macaroni Food & Coffee, Plaza Masalam

We went to Macaroni Food & Coffee for the second time. I was a bit disappointed the first time, but since sis-in-laws suker sangat makan kat sini, so we wanted to try out other stuff. That night, I tried their weekend special menu, soft shell crab burger. They put in caramelized onion sooo i loved it and tak muak.

Jeeb had Macaroni Cheese Pesto with salmon. Fuhh nih pon sedap jugak. Next time i'm gonna eat this.

Spaghetti pomodoro in kids size for Qeeb and he liked it! Pheww...lega i chose the right menu. Every time makan luar rasa cam wild guess game.

I love the coffee as well. Cappuccino with brown sugar. Cawan cam minom dalam kole.

Alhamdulillah this round sumer pon sedap! Besides the place was busy that night, almost full house! They musbi doing really good :)

Legoland Theme Park - Day 2

An entry of my second day in Legoland Theme Park. I have blogged first day experience here. So after breakfast, we packed our bags letak dalam keta, checked-out from the hotel and went back to the Legoland. We tried to steer away from Lego City area because if once Qeeb saw the Driving School again, confirm sangkut kat situ jer and dia langsung tanak try benda lain. Again, all the photos are not in sequence. Susun mana dan jer.

One of the place we lalu was Lego Kingdom. This is The Forestmen's Hideout - A multi-level romp through a treetop hideaway. Naik laa sket2 mana section yang tak challenging. But it was really hot at that time, Qeeb started to show tantrum.

At Build & Test - A fully air-conditioned creativity corner for the kids to create their Lego models. Nikmat betol biler masuk sini because kat luar tengah matahari terik. And happened to be the most enjoyable place for all of us. Well maybe big part of if because of the aircond. We had a good time built, raced and l…