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Sometimes i wish i would just disappear and become nonexistent. So far i'm doing a pretty suck job in everything. How nice.
Attend watie's wedding at ttdi. reached there almost 3. luckily ramai turn up around dat hour. Malam lak join lorong nyer open house. not bad gak for this year punye dishes + food presentation...nasi ayam, mee kari, mihun, mee, bubur sampai 3 jenis, fries, ice cream, dadih, cakes, fruits. then dorang wat karaoke session...sakan!

Hepi Birthday to Walad
May all ur dreams come true
Saturday went for open house @ umah inot. Cikgu Syida oso came, she is one helluva kool teacher! The sad part was SMPB might shift coz dat place is goin to be develop into commercial area. Sah²ler skolah tu pon blakang Times Sq :( and oso kene pulas tinger ngan bapak inot twice for not visitin quite some time. hahaha series rasa cam budak kecik wat salah.

Sunday attend Med's wedding @ Shah alam. Then family dinner @ Juara T*myam to celebrate Bapak's Burfday!

Hepi Birthday to my dad
Smoga panjang umur & sihat walafiat
Me with opismates went to Loreal + Maybelline stock clearance @ Park R*yal yesterday. Promised myself NOT to buy anything OR maybe just a lipstick. But its not just lipstick i bought! Demmm who can't resist when its sooo cheap? I spent RM45 for 5 items + 1 free glitter mascara.

I broke my promise and poorer.

4 went back to opis, 3 went for a movie. Watched Harry Potter and i like itttttttt! This is the 2nd Friday i watched movies wif 'em. Last week was Exorcism of Emily Rose. Huhu! (Note: i made it LEGAL this time)

Cdot's bday

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Hepi burfday to cdot!!! We celebrated it yesterday, ordered koay tiaw from mz, wat cocktail, bought cookies and cakes, tembikai, and agar². Burppp ;)

Hampers frenzy attack @ lobby this mornin since prof cudnt care less bout the hampers. i grab sparkling juice and lotsa chocs. since the sparkling juice bottle looks like wine, i got enormous of 'drunk' jokes. and there's ekceli one person asked me seriesly 'r u rili goin to drink dat?' awww c'mon.

not too mention i cudnt get thru mcDonalds's delivery number. its either engage or no answer. "Call 1300-13-1300 for mcDelivery anytime between 8.30am-11pm. Its simply no hassle! We're just a dial away with the new nationwide and easy to remember number!" crappp!!

so we went to kiamb*ng for lunch but they misplaced my order lah pulok, lagik 15 minutes dah nak bis lunch break baru ader orang nak tanya balik wat i ordered. wadahell...orang len sumer dah bis makan. time tanya tada pon dorang nak check. so i just blah from there not even bother to pay my drink and went to mamak to tapau somethin. geramnyeehhhh!!

Raya @ Pubz

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Makan lagikkkk...pubz organize jamuan raya and potluck on monday. Not bad after all as i came fully unprepared, just a pack of kerepek.

Celebrate bday kak chik and kak suzi's farewell as well.

Raya @ wawa

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Potluck @ umah wawa on Sunday. ada mihun, spaghetti, pizzaz, fries, cocktail, cakes, cikedes etc. Had a great time there.

Malam gi umah aunt nora lak. Fuh stuff my stomach again. lauk mmg bes giler but i can only have small portion. sigh.

Raya @ Wan

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Open house @ umah wan on saturday. Had mee rebus, nasi impit + kuah kacang + masaklodeh. Makan, burak sket, balik...bit blur coz bangun² tido trus gi umah wan.

Concert M.Nasir @ JB

The other day wawa posted some ol' pix in her entry. So this is mine to share. The pix was taken backstage after mnasir's concert @ JB. I'm not a die hard fan, tapik sibuk nak tag along. Yang truly die hard fan tuh...wawa ngan zet hahaha. Thanx to Erhan who managed to deal a backstage visit.

mnasir @ jb
This song makes me happey for no reason. I like the beat :D

Mc Syze-Dancin'

I'm in the mood for dancing, romancin'
Ooh, I'm givin' it all tonight,
I'm in the mood for chancin'
I feel like dancin'
Ooh so come on and hold me tight.
Dancin', I'm in the mood babe,
So let the music play,
Ooh, I'm dancin', I'm in the groove babe,
So get on up and let your body sway.
I'm in the mood for dancin', romancin'
You know I shan't ever stop tonight,
I'm in the mood for chancin'
I feel like dancin'
Ooh from head to my toe,
Take me again,
And heaven who knows,
Just where it will end,
So dance, yeah lets dance,
come on and dance,
Dance, yeah lets dance, come on and dance
Ooh so come on and hold me tight.
Dancin' just feel the beat babe,
That's all you've gotta do,
I can't stop dancin',
So move your feet babe,
'cause honey when I get up close to you
I'm in the mood for dancin', romancin',
You know I shan't ever stop tonight,
I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood,
I'm in the mood to dance,
Yeah lets dance, come on and dance,
Can't you hear the music baby dance

Selamat Hari Raya

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Ramadhan has come to an end. Sad and happy. Sigh. I dunno. Celebratin raya without mom again.

Wishin all of u Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin


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One last time buka posa wif frens @ Marche, the Curve last Tuesday.