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Trip to Langkawi - Day 2

Rise and shine. We woke up the next morning with the scents of woods and trees. The night before i said to Jeeb if Qeeb still having fever, i wanted to skip the whole day activity but biler pikiaq the long hours i have to wait till they come back after island hopping, i have second thoughts. First our room was quite far from the Tok Senik lobby plus i do not have any transport to carik makan. Maka my plan sudah goyah and we decided to follow the group. Jeeb said as long together senang sket nak tgk2...dia lagik risau if me and Qeeb stay alone in the room.

Panjat sana, panjat sini while waiting for me to bersiap.

Tengok Qeeb pon dah leh sengih2...smangat sket to proceed with the new plan.

But first we went for breakfast.

Family breakfast at a kedai nearby with the whole bunch of squids (opismate jeeb). Muka truja nak pegi island hopping!

Me + Jeeb and budak demam. Ye ye jer tampal fever patch but lepas tuh kejap jer dah jadik patch lantai.

I like this photo of Sue and Pami. Lawak ah!


Trip to Langkawi - Day 1

I missed Langkawi so much and I kept telling Cheep our next trip should be Langkawi or Cameron. So when Cheep said his company is planning to make a trip there i was like JOMMMM!! Kalo time tuh dorang restrict to staff only mmg makan hati lah hahaha. But they were very generous to extend the budget to family members :) The original plan was to take a bus to Langkawi on Friday night. But duduk dalam bus more than 6 hours doesn't sound convenient to me. So we opt to pay extra sket and bought flight ticket instead. Nak jimat lagik we chose promo price amik flight petang sampai sana around 7ish. But the cons was we missed a few agenda lah like naik cable car, makam mahsuri and waterworld. I don't mind skip sumer tuh because dah penah pegi satu, but most importantly just nak relax and enjoy the trip.

Banyak betol challenge time nak pegi Langkawi nie. Firstly, Qeeb demam the day before. So pagi nak bertolak tuh we took some ubats and antibiotic from clinic. Dr Rozina was very nice s…

Travelling with 1 year old toddler

Here's my list when travel jauh for the first time naik airplane. I think my concern list pon sama panjang ngan checklist barang aper nak bawak. But yang paling worry me the most were how to make sure Qeeb tak saket tinger when airplane take off & what he's gonna eat? The answer to the first question was senang ekceli, make sure he chew / drink as long as dia telan air liur. But yang susahnyer how to get the timing right? What if dia dah kenyang time tuh? what if he just refused to bite something, what if dia tgh tantrum mode? What if...what if....ohhh worry too much is very tiring.

1. Susu - Since im not breastfeeding anymore, so i have think all the items yang kene angkut to buat susu. Flusk, tumbler, botol susu (1 for susu, 1 for air kosong), formula milk. At first i thought the check-in rules ada limit for liquid...i think less than 50ml kot. I learned that the rules actually only apply for international flight hehe. So no need to worry for domestic flight. I can bring…

Weekend with Sis @ Pavilion

I went to pickup my sis at her house that weekend. She had to curik2 kuar because Myra won't let her out of the sight thehehe. The rugrats dah besar so they're more than happy kasik chance their mom to take a break for a while :) The original plan was to go to KLCC but halfway there we changed route to Pavilion because dah lama tak pegi situ. We had lunch first at food court and i had laksa sarawak.

Then baru start kuarkan camera turn to experiment snapping plak hehe. Aaar cantek kan potrait pix!

After makan we went upstairs to check out ada aper at concourse area....aaahh looks like the CNY decor was still up. It was called the majestic dragon festival theme.

We started to ooohh ahhh amik gambar sini...ehh sana plak...haaa sini sini...sana pon cun weih! Wahahaa oh well i think most of the peeps yg tgh amik gambar kat situ pon lebey kurang sama jer teruja.

We went outside Pavilion and saw rows of the most talk about United Buddy Bears! I totally forgot about it e…