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Standing Ovation for 2009

Wow it's the last day of the year! 2009's curtain finally closing. Nervous and excited at the same time. So many wish and tons of hope for 2010. Ironically, resolutions have a habit of failing halfway, despite my efforts making them over and over again with refreshed intent and purpose. Most importantly keep the list short and focus. Hope I have all the positive energy to make everything happen :)

For this entry I wanna share my best and sucky parts of 2009 here hehehe. Didn't go around much this year so my options are quite limited, but this is what i remembered i gawked, awed, laughed and cried at throughout 2009. The list is not based on anything, ikot mana yang teringat jer :)

Favourite social media: Facebook and Twitter
The addicted game in Facebook: Pet Society
The best handmade online store: Etsy
The best email service: Gmail
The best Gadget I Own: iPod
Favourite lifetime partner: Cheep
Favourite month: December (this year every friday cuti!)

Favourite animation mov…

2009 Wishlist

2010 is around the corner wohooo!. I wanna look back all the things yang penah masuk in my wishlist. Allow me a moment to be sedikit materialistic thehehehe.

Wishlist yang dah menjadik
Wedding-got married and reception on both sides went smoothly
Vacation-dapat jenjalan kat redang, singapore and penang
Family-kene mengrajin2kan lagik diri pegi visit
Health-Alhamdulillah so far sehat walafiat. wpon ada risau sket2
Handbag-puas ati dah ada a few so can tukar2
Shoes-ada a few jugak but asik2 kasut yang sama jer blasah pakai sampai nak rosak
Laptop-got a good specs and best tok editing. dapat beli yang mahal sket because share ngan hubby

Wishlist yang tak berapa jadik
Handphone-tak beli pape phone baru because current one tak kronik lagi wpon kengkadang ada gak rasa nak baling kat dinding
Own House-still staying with in laws and tak pindah lagik
House Decor-kene ada umah sendiri baru best decorate
Wardrobe-kurang memberangsangkan dengan baju baru
Cooking skill-boleh kira baper kali jer pegang kuali thi…

Xmas @ One Utama 2009

Xmas decor theme at One Utama this year is White Lyrical Christmas.

The main attraction is the giant musical box (on stage) with 6 shops under the mini gazebos.

Close up view on the stage. Takdelah nampak cam musical box sangat kan?

The stairs deco is nice!

I haven't got the chance to go to The Curve to see the xmas decor :( Dolu rajin pegi sana, but now tidak lagik huhu

Day 2 @ Singapore

The following day, we managed to bangun quite early and checked out from the hotel. Luckily we can leave our luggage or else we're stucked with the heavy load. Then we had breakfast at McD @ McCafe nearby the hotel.

Hot Coffee for Cheep and Mocha frap for me. Wouldn't it be nice if kat Msia ada McCafe because the ice blended is quite nice and the price is affordable.

Then we walked to MRT which is also very near the hotel and bought tickets to City Hall where the Esplanade is and the cost is SGD2. When returned the ticket, we can redeemed SGD1 back.

I wanted to explore more places like Chinatown, Bugis street, Clarke Quay and so on but unfortunately we don't have much time so we tried to be realistic and jalan mana yang sempat sajalah without feeling the pressure to rush in each place we stopped.

On the way nak gi Esplanade, found lots of shops and restaurants. All the undergrounds route (MRT and Malls) are interconnected so we can hop from one place to another without nai…

Merry Xmas 2009

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
Wishing all of you the joys of the season with everything merry and bright

Lots of love,

I like paper shredder

Paper shredder kat opis bes sebab besar. Mengshred kan paper also boleh menyahstresskan diri hehe. That's my teori :P

Kejap jer dah boleh buat sampah yang banyak hehe.

Since takde tissue paper yang slalu orang letak dalam paperbag tuh, this is the easiest way nak penoh kan ruang kosong. Not too mention jimat oso lah hehe.

Cantekkan all the paperbags? Kalo sesapa nak beli ken pesan kat sayer (promote plak)

Paper shredder is also a good tool for quilling even though i don't know how to make one...yet! My favourite blog on quilling handmade card is miyyahatkertas. Her crafts sangat cool! Wish i can be as creative as her.

Nightime @ Singapore

After freshen up (refer to earlier entry when we arrived in Spore), we were ready to berdating along the Orchard road and vowed to jalan sampai lebam hahaha :P And kowang yang baca blog nie pon tgk lah gambar sampai lebam (kalo nak tgk lah). Most of you dah tgk kat facebook and flickr but this entry nak cerita panjang2 sket hehehe.

The pix was taken on jejantas while heading towards Far East mall. Check out the street lights =D

While crossing the street. Tetengah jalan amik gambar sbb traffic light tgh merah. Dahler tak pakai tripod konpiden jer snap bwahahaha but not that bad lah the result kan hahaks.

In front of Tangs. I think Tangs has the best xmas decor ever!!! The place look alive and happening, the embellishments and ornaments are magnifique. Even the chocolate shoppe looks like a movie prop.

Takashimaya's xmas tree with lots of Fererro Rocher! Nyummmm!! For me this mall won 2nd place for beautiful decor.

Another cute xmas trees inside with lots of teddy bear. I like i like!!