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Company Trip to Bukit Tinggi - Day 2

Lovely morning at Le Chateau. 

The breakfast was superb! My fave were free flow of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries makan dengan yogurt macam2 flavor. Syiok!

Breakfast with swimming pool view.

After that we walked around the hotel area for some photography adventures (heh).

Me love this wall of pots kat entrance area. Looks so green with bright natural lighting. Rasa cam hepi diri kat situ.

Acara penutup was group photos. Then naik bus betolak balik KL and singgah lunch kat Istana Bambu. But service sux betol kat sini, the arrangement patotnyer by the time kitowang sampai food sumer dah siap. But we had to wait. And when it was ready sikit sangat lah pulak, ramai yang tak cukup makan and kene tunggu for them to replenish. Pape pon glad that i got to joined this year's company trip. Simple and short break.

sampai opes amik keta and vroooom trus balik umah. Tatahan windu!

Company Trip to Bukit Tinggi - Day 1

Our annual company trip and dinner for this year was at Bukit Tinggi. Yeay! Even though some will just say 'Duhhh bukit tinggi jer...boring!' But hey it was an all paid trip and one night stay at a nice hotel. Rugi tak pegi :D We departed from the office on Saturday morning with 3 bijik bus. Reached Bukit Tinggi around 9.30am and had breakfast at Le Chevalter. Right after that we gathered in groups and dengar briefing about Explorace.

We had to find each of the checkpoint based on photo clues. Then ada tasks to be completed at each checkpoint. Like 1) solve the puzzle. 2) score bola.

3) Canopy walk. I thought it was just a normal canopy walk skali papan dia ada lompang2 daaaa. Huuuu trus jalan slow gila, kalo race ngan turtle, turtle yang sampai dolu.

The canopy walk area was really really far from Colmar kalo jalan kaki. Ada yang hitch a ride naik lorry or yang nasib baik dapat naik buggy. Another activity was to 4) solve this puzzle plak, buat fish shape hala sumer arah by m…

Checking Out the International Horse Show 2014

Today we went to the International Horse Show (IHS) at Selangor Turf Club. My sis yang recommended pegi sini sbb dia dapat flyer from Lily's school. I asked Qeeb whether he wants to see horses, he said yes! Even he said no pon aku hangkut pegi gak kot hehe. So to Mines we go. Lamo dah tak pegi sini, teringat zaman MMSC dolu.

Parking fee was RM3, and then naik shuttle bus (at no cost) to the IHS for about 3-4 minutes.

The main entrance.

The ambience and setup best. Carnival feeling gituh.

Pony ride only cost rm3 and they provided 2 paddocks but the queue boleh tahan panjang. While Qeeb pulak as much as he wanted to try it out, he sets his own rule...he refused to wear the safety helmet. So we skipped the pony and opt for carriage ride instead

Kids with horses. [Left] Cute jer budak nie tersengih2 naik pony. [Right] Love this girl's boots!

Tetengah panas tuh of course almost every one will be looking for something yang sejuk. Like ice cream of course. The food range best jugak b…