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Hari Merdeka ke-61

Selamat Hari Merdeka everyone!  Let your heart bask in free spirit, let your soul soar high with the essence for freedom. Let's be proud to be Malaysia!

Chop Legit!

I am truly Malaysian! 

Lunch @ Botanica+Co, BS

Had lunch at Bo+Co. with colleagues. I came a bit later and just ordered a drink. Nak tergelak biler dorang citer how they wanted to order the same snack cam meja sblah. So when they pointed it out to the waiter, he said "it's a handkerchip". Can't figure out much wadehek is handkerchip but they just proceed to order it anyway.

When i looked at the menu, baru laaa sel2 otak berhubung. it's a hand cut chips! Memang lagik laaa tergelak lepas tuh because tak boleh nak decrypt the slang earlier.

Bright lighting even though it's slightly blue-ish because of the tinted glass that calls for self portrait.

Lunch with Le Sis @ Kelab SA

Susah betoi nak belanja my sis nie. Asal baru nak invite jer dah kene turned down, toksah membazir lah, takde time lah, ada orang nak datang lah. So this round when i said birthday lunch treat for Adly & Myra's birthday dia stujuk. Since it was impromptu invite, tak sempat nak plan pegi tempat lain. So after dorang pickup Adly kat Setia Alam, we met at KSA and ordered chinese dishes.

Birthday cakey! Cheese cake and black forest.

Yang diraikan - abg ayie, myra and adly. All july babies! Alhamdulillah rejeki dapat jumpe and makan sesama. 

Weekend @ Taman Botani, Shah Alam

One of the past weekends we went to Taman Botani Shah Alam or formerly known as Bukit Cherakah. Dah lama nak pegi bawak the kids tapik tak ter pergi because usually by the time we woke and ready dah almost 10am (read panas). But that week we did it! We paid entrance tickets and also rumah iklim sederhana 4 musim (ok, this was unplanned).

We started off on the right route, i think on the left is Sky Trek which i went once but lupa dah, skipped the shuttle bus because we were determined laidat, lalu Taman Padi anddddd few minutes after that Qeeb said he needed a toilet break.

We found a toilet near Taman Haiwan. Now i realized this place is huge with loads of activities. Ada archery, pony ride, 4x4, etc.

Zafeer trotting towards RISEM and refueled at Kedai Tok Aba. The makcik yang meniaga kat situ is super nice. 

Finally we reached in front of RISEM (rumah iklim sederahana empat musim)

It was musim 'summer' at that time so banyak lah bunga2 and the best part was the 'weather&…