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Petville Alice in Wonderland

Random post. Looking forward to watch Alice in Wonderland in cinema soon :) Even Petville made a special theme based on that movie.

The cheshire cat twins thehehe

Lunch @ Sri Ayutthaya

Last Friday, one of my colleague suggested to have lunch at Sri Ayutthaya. So off we go to the restaurant which located in Wangsa Maju (their newest outlet). Little did i know that the restaurant is quite pricey because i don't feel like to pay RM20+ for my lunch especially tengah bulan. But then we were already inside the restaurant already so we just ordered few dishes and share.

Lots of fresh flowers at the entrance.

More fresh flowers!

And this is a waitress yang sangat kekwat. When we first arrived, she already left an 'impression'. Biler tanya banyak muka annoyed and cam malas nak jawab (like 'you-can't-afford-to-eat-here' look) and she don't even bother to smile. Hey you have to treat everyone like a first time customer. In fact it is our first time there...most of us actually. Then when we were ordering our food, she hit the jack pot! I'm not sure why Kak Wy jokingly asked air aper paling murah which obviously air kosong, but i don't like the w…

Lunch @ BBQ Chicken

One fine day, I had lunch with colleagues at BBQ Chicken @ Aeon Au. That morning, D bought a voucher for BBQ chicken from salesgirl kat opis which entitled us to buy 1 free 1. Hence the BBQ chicken that afternoon.

Ordered some food based on the voucher's rules =P

Time sampai we were the only customer in that restaurant. But sadly our food sampai lambat jugak. Lunch hour kat stu mostly orang office, they should buat kejer faster lah because orang nak masuk opis balik. Sib baik lah the meal i ordered, Chicken Jerk tuh sedap!

And thanks to D who had the voucher, we get to eat this gargantuan ice cream for free. But tawar lah plak hehe. 6 orang share pon takleh nak abeskan sumer ice cream tuh because it's too huge.

Lily's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Lily's birthday at the Sakura Kristal, Aeon AU. We had buttered prawn, tofu, ginger & onion beef, ayam masak pedas kot?! Can't really recall what we ordered that afternoon. Cam Adly and Didi masing2 ordered lasagna and nasik goreng.

While borak, Adly and Didi sibok main game. Tak kesah dunia dah.

Gaaahhh i'm not really keen to be in the pictures these days. Muka bolattt :( Cheep with new haircut.

Then it's time to cut the cake. The waiters & waitress kat stu tolong nyanyi skali ^.^ but unfortunately Lily dah tarik muka time nie. Dia segan nak potong cake kat public lah pulak.

Close up of her birthday cake with Dora the Explorer design.

Since Lily malu2 kucen nak blow the candle, Didi tolong tiupkan. Dah start potong cake baru Lily ada mood sket nak senyum. Betuahh! Then bagi Lily hadiah from both of us. Since she likes Dora sangat so we bought her Dora plush toy.

And yay she loves it :D Tgk muka dia sengih2 malu camtuh mmg priceless hehe. Happy 4th birt…

D'Tour at D'House (Digi) - Part II

Lepas makan, we started D'Tour by groups. Wpon jenjalan, we were assigned to take photos at 10 checkpoints in a most creative way. The first stop was Townhall. Next was the Call Center. Bleh tengok all the operators duduk depan pc jawab call (inquiries and complains). Fuhhh first time tgk nie. There's a big screen kat tetengah tuh to alert all the operators if ada pape problem ngan line or whatsoever so they're prepared to answer straightaway. Also ada chill room kat sini where the staff can take a break.

These are the photos we took for our assignment at this checkpoint. (Pix credit to Aaron)

One of the aisle.

One of the door heading towards these cheerful stairs. They did mural painting to encourage staff to use the stairs instead of lift.

Then we walked towards the cafeteria. Along the way, saw some motivational quotes at the window.

A view from the bridge connecting office and cafeteria.

Arrived at the cafeteria. It was open air concept! Which is very nice because the foodco…

D'Tour at D'House (Digi) - Part I

I got an invitation by Digi for D'Tour at D'House (Digi's HQ). It means i get to see the ppl behind FB and Twitter, get to explore their office which is well known for environmental friendly, and of course to get some freebies. How i got the invitation? By randomly answering some questions about their rewards at facebook page. The event started at 11am-5pm...quite long eh? It is! But the good thing was i don't feel bored that i wanted to walk out from the event.

And one more fact is that their office is in Shah Alam. Lagik lah nak pegi sbb dekat hehe. I was informed to car pool because that's one of their policy. Me and Cheep bedua kira car pool lah jugak tuh kan. So when we arrived we proceed to the main entrance, registered ourselves and we got these passes.

My first impression when i stepped in the Studio was 'wah nice and colorful!'. All the seats are not the boring type i always see at my company. Saw most of the participants were already making themselv…