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Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2016

Taun nih gigih nak pegi visit Hari Kraf Kebangsaan (HKK) because they said the event may be the last one buat kat kompleks kraf jln conlay because lepas nih kene tutup due to construction.

Terjebak sungguh dengan batik this time. Before nih memang tak brapa sangat because of the price and fabric care yang hassle. Tapik lepas tgk matase sutera, pieces by raesa to name a that's why i went gugugaga.

Luckily i went with the kain expert qiqi. Since dia slalu pegi HKK so she knew where exactly to go and price range to look for because kitowang nak cepat balik. Laju jugak kitowang jalan and grab mana yang berkenan. Bab haggling i leaved it to qiqi.

Dekat Jafiqa nih jer yang kitowang terlama sket. Mulut bebel nak cepat, hati dah berdebar sbb almost magrib, tapik dok belek lagik itu ini. OMG panic and kalut betol shopping cenggini. Sempat snap gambar pon kat kedai nih jer because mmg lama memilih kat sini lol!

And also sempat snap gambar this batik kelantan. I love the motifs but …

SW*FT Biz Forum

Attended SW*FT Biz Forum at InterC*ntinental Hotel earlier this month. It was a good experience and i enjoyed some of the sessions.

Sonot tgk the speakers cakap and moderators yang handle the forum.

Each session ada live sketch. Dia buat something like mind map. Sangat cool! See orang tuh tgh sketch sambil dengar, captured few of the presented slide and transformed into this. 

Bumped into some familiar faces.

HelloDeer Lucky Box Darjeeling Limited

2nd lucky box from HelloDeer. The theme was Darjeeling Limited. The box cover dah tukar style sket this time. Read my first lucky box here.

List of content inside the box. I know darjeeling is a type of tea but didn't know it was from India. Usually india relates to spice right?! So when i read this...i was like oh no! spice? Sure ada rasa yang pelik2 nie. And i was right, lol! I thought ada laa throw in some safari thing sket when dorang letak gambar animals tuh hahaha

The stuff. As usual i like the non-edible ones immediately.

Loved the tote bag, notebook and tags. But the edible ones like choc bark melted and dah takde rupa. The taste of cardamon sable cookies were totally unacceptable haha. It just tasted weird. Black masala tea tuh tau dah kot rasa dia cemana. So this round was a bit turned off. Next time i'll choose safer theme.

Lunch @ Manh*ttan Fish Market, Aeon SA

We went to Aeon SA again bawak Qeeb jenjalan because it was still school holiday and we felt guilty tak bawak dia gi mana2. Since we took half day leave, after bawak Zafeer pegi checkup at KK, balik rumah to pickup Qeeb to go for makan2. Initially we wanted to go to Courtyard but changed the plan because don't wanna get caught in the evening traffic.

Boat Noodle queue was too long! Ghhrrrr dorang nie tak kejer ke? hahaha. So had to find another place and ended up at Manh*ttan Fish Market. We did not have those crab...amik gambar jer. We ordered fishy bang bang, feesh & cheezy dory and onion glory. Dah bayar baru tau they charged us for wet wipes at 50sen each and we only opened 1! Sheesh!

Bought egg tarts from this bake shoppe. Ada durian and cheese flavour. Sedap but by the time we got home, all the tarts dah toppled and messy hahaha.

Qeeb wanted to try the train so much! So naik train it is. RM5 per person. 2 kali pusing kat level tuh. Lol! Jadiklaaa. 

Ekceli boleh jer Qeeb …

Dinner @ Herman*s R*tisserie

Had dinner with Jeeb at this restaurant called Herman*s R*tisserie. Ok why am i typing with asterisks is because to reduce the possibility of googled peeps landed on my page. Dunno if this really working or not...just minimizing the chances.

View from the inside. Facing surau sek9.
The interior.


Andddd our dinner. Quarter chicken with 2 side dishes i.e fresh salad, mash potato and ratatouille. It costed RM15 each meal. Sedap...ala2 kenny rogers but no gravy. I love their garlic sos!

Weekend @ Aeon, SA

Aeon SA dah bukak on 10 Mar. We went there on the 3rd day opening. Tempatnyer besar, ample parking space (but still susah jugak laa nk carik parking spot sbb ramai orang), surau selesa, tempat makan banyak, banyak kedai, supermarket dia best, lighting terang. Pendek kata memang convenient sangat lah tok orang SA.

Baru2 bukak nie ada promotion where most sushi jual at RM1 jer. Set pon ada promotional price.

We had dinner at Yoshinoya. Jeeb was so happy makan kat sini hehehe. He's kind of food. Of course i enjoyed it jugak. He had ontama spicy chicken katsu bowl and i had ontama beef yakiniku bowl. Ontama means soft-boiled egg btw.

Next time i want to try boat noodle. Food court pon looks interesting....spoilt with choices.

Ada few areas decorated with four seasons. Ada on-going contest jugak if tak silap...upload gambar or something.

Random pix...cute ice cream corner

Will definitely coming to this mall again which we did 3 days later. Will post in a different entry. Dahler dekat a…

Nursing mom be like...

Nursing mom are on call 24/7. Depending on the appetite of your baby, you might be nursing every 2 hours, which doesn’t sound so bad except that it takes 30mins or more to complete a feeding. By the time you finish, you are down to an hour before you need to start the whole process over again.
Within 1 hour, you have to wash the pump stuff, eat, shishi etc. If the baby poop, minus few mins. If the baby spit up terkene baju, gotta change the clothes so minus few more mins. Before you know it, the baby is hungry again and repeat the same cycle. Time are soooo precious. Even nak take shower pon rushing....sometimes the shampoo tak sempat nk kluar buih baby dah nanges. Hahahaha! 

I'm gonna miss the moments even though i can be so stressed out (when it happened). So tulis sini in case terlupa. Having a newborn kene go through all this occay! Because now baby Zafeer is already on formula milk #jangankecamsaya time malam jer i nurse him pueh2 :)

Dinner @ KGB, Mid Valley

As much as i looked forward for Friday, but usually it'll be the most tiring day of the week. Because energy dah drained and i always ended up hit the sack early. I need to recharge so i can spend time with kiddos the next day. I don't know how to selit my me-time any more.

But still, i always look forward to dinner date with hub on Friday. Even though it was a quick one. Last Friday we had burgers at KGB. Jeeb had KGB Spike.

Bash burger for me. 

And spicy cajun fries. 

GLC Lunch @ Chili Espresso & GJC, BS

The gurls came over to Bangsar South yay! Which means less time travelling and more time chit-chatting with them. Mas and K.Fara arrived dolu, while Shara stucked in the office trying to resolve her change request. Sian. So kitowang terpaksa lah makan dolu. D pon at first nak join tp tak dapat because ada errand lain maka jadiklah kami bertiga jer.

I had piri piri chicken, k.fara had arrabiata pasta and Mas had nasik+tomyam.

Took the opportunity to update GLC book. Scene nie sengal betol, aku doodled gambar cili dorang tried to copy paste sampai 3 layer of pages haha.

Still meeting the objectives wpon bertiga because mostly barang2 dagangan dorang jer yang ada. Plus dorang sumer not in a hurry after lunch tuh so relax sket. We went to have coffee at GJC after that.

While waiting for Shara. Time nie dia dah almost sampai and tengah carik kedai. 

Mas doodled based on gambar kat dalam phone. But that doodle is not me duduk bersila makan noodle occay. She was referring to gambar kat backg…