Weekend @ Panacea Cafe, SA

Last 2 weeks we went to Panacea for lunch after Qeeb's appointment with dentist. Hungrehhhh! Rice & buttermilk chicken for Jeeb, spaghetti bolognaise (kids meal) for Qeeb and chicken chop for me.

Lunch @ Panacea Cafe, SA  Lunch @ Panacea Cafe, SA
Lunch @ Panacea Cafe, SA

Sketch and doodle over coffee.

Lunch @ Panacea Cafe, SA  Lunch @ Panacea Cafe, SA

Qeeb wanted to draw too. But i didn't bring his drawing pad and i do not want to tear any pages from my book. So we used an extra calendar that just sits in the car (most probably till next year) if we did not use it. First, isik birthday dates of entire family members. Trying to find the correct month kept him busy for a while. Then we had fun adding some elements on top of the photos. Like this one below, other than usual stuff he saw at the beach, Qeeb wanted to have a car bridge over the sea. Layan kan ajer his imagination :)

Lunch @ Panacea Cafe, SA  Lunch @ Panacea Cafe, SA


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