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Earth Hour

10 hours before Earth Hour, Cheepster and I attended 2 hours Eb*y Entrepreneur Seminar @ H*liday Villa. We've signed up to this free seminar last 2 weeks when Cheepster brought back a flyer. The speaker gave some good tips and ideas on how to be a more successful seller in ebay. The catch is, if you want to be a powerseller you have to sign up for their program which cost RM4k++. Huhuhu not now lah, we need the cash for lots of other things.

8 hours before Earth Hour, we made a move towards Subang area to find a place for lunch. I wanted to try out a cafe/restaurant we never went before, so i was a bit fickle looking for 'the one'. But since i was soo hungry, i became grumpy and i know Cheepster tgh tahan sabar :P Then we shoot to Sunway Pyramid, pusing new wing and old wing which we finally settled with TGIF at the new wing. How fickle is that? Heheh. So we ordered the 2 course meal and add 2 mini desserts.

Boneless chicken and mac & cheese for appetizer

Strawberry parf…


I prefer this version of Womanizer by All American Rejects

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya

Last Saturday, me went to Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya. I was studying the itinerary before we left but little did i know that the balloon mmg takde langsung kalo time bukan 'balloon fun fly' as stated.

The weather was friggin hot at that time but perfect for outdoor photography! Tapik tgk kiri tgk kanan, kenapa ada satu belon jer?! Biler tanya orang, maka sah lah all the belons cuma ada kol 7 pagi and 5 petang. grrrr!

Since this is the only balloon yang ada so amik lah lagik for few snaps. After that we ronda2 kat the booths and beli coffee. Biler tgk balik kat tempat balloon dah takde dah hahaha sabo jelah! If we were late for few minutes sure lagik frust tgk satu hot air balloon pon takde.

Dah datang jauh2 tak dapat amik gambar banyak mana bleh. soo we stopped at one of the pjaya bridge and mik gambar lagik.

Lepas tuh we make a move to Cheras sbb ada kenduri kawen anak tok Chop. Alhamdulillah, dapat lah jugak attend and tunjuk muka, because he was my dad's best friend…

Manual Photoshop CS4

A seriously cool advertisement for Pshop CS4.

They even bancuh the color one by one for color swatches! You can view the whole sets here.

Compare to the real Pshop CS4.

Cheepster Bebeh

Tagged by Yulie on 'How well do you know your husband?'

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Street Fighter 4

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Thousand Island

3. What's one food he doesn't like?
Tempoyak (I just discovered this recently)

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Nescafe Ice

5. Where did he go to high school?
Bukit Bintang Boys School

6. What size shoe does he wear?
9 UK/ 10 US (kott)

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
All the gadgets in the world. One of it musbi PS3 and bluray

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Chicken Teriyaki sandwich

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
Nasik but the fact is he couldn't

10. What is his favorite cereal?

11. What would he never wear?

12. What is his favorite sports team?
Never saw him watch Sports before

13. Who did he vote for?

14. Who is his best friend?

15. What is something you do that he wish…

Laguna Redang, Day 3

Last day @ Redang :( Malehnya nak pack barang and kene naik boat balik KT. We have to check out by 11am and the boat ride is at 12pm. Lama tuh kene tunggu, and that was just only the beginning. Our flight was at 9pm so banyak giler lagik jam nak kene tunggu, huargh!

Balik from breakfast, Cheepster carik pasal bermain2 ngan kucen.

A must do activity when you're at the beach. Write names on the sand!

And favourite must shot....reflection! tih tih! But this shot salah aim sket...muka aku sparuh jek, jadiklah!

We thought we were the only couple yang flight malam, rupanya ramai giler. Hehe ada lah jugak geng nak sangap sesama. When we arrived in KT, Alhamdulillah no more seasick...pening2 lalat gituh jer. Lepas tuh saspen gak ler nak lepak mana dalam masa 6 jam tuh. So Laguna being kind, offered us to bawak jenjalan kat Chinatown for RM5 each person. Skali rupanyer bus driver tuh dropped us kat Chinatown which is tak jauh pon dari jetty SyahBandar. Lepas tuh ektibiti bebas...sukatilah nak …

Laguna Redang, Day 2

Pool view from our room. Its a Deluxe room with 1 queen and 2 single beds, 1 toilet and 1 shower room and 2 seats at the balcony which is sangat lah bes untuk lepak minom teh. And oh, there's no wifi here :(

Kitowang beli seasick pills kat kedai nie. Macam2 ada...i even bought triangle bra pads insert here. Mahal gak ler RM10 for spasang sponge, but terpaksa gak ler beli because dah sampai sini baru pasan my swimsuit punyer bra pad dah ilang :P

Attached to this kedai is a beach house yang appeared in movie Summer Holiday (Richie Ren & Sammi Cheng). Nice color kan?! Citer HK tuh mmg wat kat this resort, so u can find this movie on air 24hrs in one of the channel.

My new orange speedo snorkeling gear (o.O). Towel cekelat dalam tote bag tuh hotel punyer. Yang bes kat sini tayah bawak towel langsung! Can collect and return at anytime. Tapik towel bilik takleh bawak kuar lah.

At 9am kitowang dah kumpul kat jetty area for short briefing. Layan gak dengar this guy briefed everyone bout t…

Laguna Redang, Day I

Honeymoon entry! Our recent trip to Laguna Redang was great! Would lurveee to go there again sometime in June where the beach is at its best. Let's start with Day 1, the morning we were flying off to K.Terengganu mmg kelam kabut sbb lambat wahahaha. By the time we reached LCCT, we were 5mins late. And then carik checked-in counter tak jumpe because dah tutup So another 5mins running here and there when the guard told us to check with counter 58 for last resort. A few peeps depan kitowang ada yang tak lepas masuk, i'm not sure where is their destination but you can imagine how pucat we were at that time. We were so surprised, when the staff printed our boarding pass and checked in the luggage with no questions asked. Alhamdulillah, mmg rezeki kitowang. Dah pegang boarding pass, then only i remember to breathe heheh. Lesson learned :P

Sampai KT airport, trus gi counter laguna to register our names and then trus masuk bus yang dah siap tunggu kat luar. Ramai pulak rupanyer yang na…

Windshield leak

I have this leaking problem on my windshield. Something got to do with the getah longgar or something. But whatever it is, whenever its raining heavily, the bumbung keta will bocor especially biler main corner2 kat simpang. Its very annoying to handle the steering when its wet! And today i think it's getting worse. Tak corner pon bocor jugak! Whoaaa cam kene letak baldi lak kat sblah...baju pon basah :(

Aper susah gi antar kedai je lah kan? kalo tunggu lama kang berkarat lak dalam tuh or ada water stain. but the last time i asked per*dua service centre to fix the getah, they said the whole cermin kene cabut but since ada crack on my windshield dorang tak brani cabut unless i want to replace the whole cermin. Erk! Hold lagik lapan lagik.

Random Rants

Pickles of the week

I was driving home yesterday. When i reached the last toll at NPE, i chose the touch n go lane instead of smart tag. Why? because there are so many cars and i get nervous using smart tag when ppl tailgate me too close. Kodi :P but i'm not a big fan of smart tag. Ok back to the citer, there was a Swift car in front of me tgh queue, and the lane is moving smoothly but suddenly dia pasang signal kiri. i was like "ait dah nak dekat pon nak masuk lane lain?" but the driver doesn't show any attempt nak tukar lane. So what's with the signal? sampai lah driver tuh bayar toll, the signal is still blinking. urghh sbb tuh pon aku leh terannoyed...jahatnyer aku neh.

Pastuh time bayar, tetiba dengar bunyi gedegang! musbi ada keta kene hempap ngan toll barrier!! shitt siannyer. lepas jer tol i glanced to the smart tag lane, there was a kelisa car stopped in front of the barrier and the driver got out from the car. But i didn't manage to watch the whole th…

Panggilan Pulau

Our honeymoon at Redang Island. More pixies soon! :)

Bonding with nature

I'm going to Redang tomorrow yeay! My first trip with Cheepster naik flight and boat huhu. I did my best to handover some of the important stuff to Ayna last Friday, i even spam her inbox with pesanan penaja. Hopefully it's enuff to cover my 4 days absence so that she don't have to call me or somebody else make her to call me....

Because i'm bonding with nature and i want to do it peacefully :) I've been looking forward to this trip since last year so i hope it's worth the wait. Although the beach just open to public so i don't expect much, but at least i can relax and rejuvenate with my bebeh! Toodles!