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It's MONDAY morning sickness again! Somebody saaaveee mee!!! Kinda weird today that the tren is half empty, no crowds, no long-queue @ the bus-stop.

Friday nite, wan came over and take the pc for repairing. Saturday nite stuck in Pak Su’s office till morning because i gave ALL the pc. mangkok! hantar repair salah, tak hantar pon salah.

Yesterday evening, went for Pijot’s engagement @ Precint 9. beautiful one...definitely lurve her make-up which she did all by herself, it suits her complexion. btw i had to drag Adly along since nana had to finish last minute preparation @ the cafe. Well, Adly seems really enjoyed being surrounded by ladies for the whole evening...gosh hope that wasn’t a bad sign. hehehe. again...congratulations to Pijot and her fiancee :D
susu sent me this:

“love your job but never fall in love with your company because you will never know when the company stops loving you”

isn’t dat sooo rite? i love my job but i hate the company.they pay me low...heheh

i'm so bored rite now...3 copy-editing books is waiting. i'm save from any hiatus at the moment. I've made a couple of books previously on economy, finance and so on plus today's title...i always noticed that our PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his success would appear somewhere in the even quoted his speech. Doesn't dat makes you proud? I am... those outsiders observed and analysed his plan. Did we ever take advantage on dat? oohh well, guess my patriotism hormone seems lil bit boost today. even browse bout issues in Malaysia.... hahaha! only for today i guess.
Didi was discharged yesterday. He's okay...but showing off his tantrum once in while. Yesterday i had to go home by myself...walked to taman mulia buy dinner. and then walked back to lrt, hailed a cab. it's better now recently that taxi rate within BTR area is fixed without the meter. because sometimes they take 2-3 passengers per ride, so it's unfair to charge the last one off using meter consuming the times for others passenger's stops.

new books coming in today doesn't reach alert bulb! i have all the time to do it in my own pleasure. surfing in between. downloading @ the same time :D i now have 3 doors down, jewel, stacie orrico, lumidee, af...dat's it. aper lagik yang bes di donlod? fhhaa fhhhii fhhuuu fhoo fhhom. (^o^)
Monday Blues...

Saturday nite doesn't end so well. Didi was admitted @ SJMC because of hi-fever for 5 days and asthma. Siaaannn!

Sunday morning went to Selayang for a couple of hours then me and Bapak went straight to SJMC. Happy to see him smiling again, running and screaming *relieved! Tues will be out, Insya-Allah. :D
uh erm okay...i've finished my karipap sardin. and now it's only 11.20! Dreadful...
i’m completely idle rite now. no more books! arghhh busan. if i’m paid to surf than shouldn’t be a prob to maximize this damn i.e browser. US team pon no incoming jobs. sbb diaorang takde job la menghabihkan buku aku. sumer datang mintak kat aku. udahnya aku pon running out of books! isk...nak watper nih? makan karipap ler. 1 karipap estimate 1 hour of chewing ;)
*yawn!* saturday morning and i'm @ the office! whoaaa tsk.tsk...*big yaaawwwwnnnnnnnn!*
A piece of good n shockin' news! Pijot is getting engage! wuhuuuu! way to go! She's wacky, wild and now she settling down :D ahahaha...semuga berbahagia!

there goes my nick somewhere in Sinbad column. eBash! Sedey aku nengok freebies yang lelain...yang berganda besnya! dahler cam burn jer tix tuh...i don't have time to pick it up :P
nothing much to do today...deadline jauh lagik. so i'm working like lalala. 5 sharp i'm off. yesterday...i kinda have black aura hehe. first a small black rock stuck in my eyes (erm..maybe it's a sand, well i'm exagerating!) but damn it hurts. i'm having bad time to blink.

then kat umah lak...terkena electric shot. dat was the first time i felt a few volts running thru my hand up to shoulder!. bergegar tangan gua. hisss...sblom nie cam percik gitu gitu, tak rasa sangat. i felt numb. kot lepas tuh aku jadik bionic woman...tak gak. buang karan jer.

p/s: a guy who works @ Waterford Wedgewood is sooo darn kiut!
Finally i got tuned to Channel 9! Weee...But not very clear thouggh. Bapak said one of reason why we shouldn't have cabel tv. Haiyaak mana sama. (^-^)
went out yesterday with Wawa yang keburingan...zect hampeh tanak folo. since aku pon burink dok umah baik folo wawa tgk pintu opis dia cenggana. gi Berjaya Times Square yang beso dan lom bukak lagik tuh, kutip sampah fliers and vouchers, lunch at Swensen...leypak @ Starbucks (tq to wawa's voucher) turun naik KL Plaza carik main entrance opis dia. Weird thing is...we still haven't found it.

Later @ Perspektif Dr. Siti Hasmah. Wuhuuu...she's the 2nd women doctor in Malaysia. wow. liked the part how she and PM end up all starts with study date. hmm...and Dr. Mahathir always came to her hostel with his motorbike. Hehe...sounds cute! Because he is absolutely cute @ dat time. Taa!
i hate tiz shit...tukaq jer always end up like pile of shitos!
I could hear the jet rite now...flying low. Kinda alarmed...but the news mentioned that the armed forces are practising for their 70th annivesary. Geez the rooftop is vibrating. those pilots surely having a great time showing off...hah. (^o^)
celebr8 low and chiat’s bday yesterday...which falls today on sept 11. we ordered tons of dominos pizza...huhu! there's 12 of us eating like piranhas. around 6 gi jumpa Haila @ KL Sentral. She’s going to fly next week. We talk like mad...fill in each other’s and the others details. hahahaha. i slept with lil’ Didi last nite till nana balik @ 2. a.m and woke me up to pindah bilik. She’s cleaning up the cafĂ© with abg ayie...and i end up being damn sleepy rite now. i almost bang my head on the kibod! wokeh taaa...
I got 60 points for timenet ebash...and i chose tix of 20 points???!!! I didn't read the rules..fucked up! tula giler kuasa...ingat leh claim 2 prizes 20:40. Arghhh tensen! Whoaaa...tix sinbad lak tuh. Bukannya leh tgk muka Brad Pitt pon! Arghh tensen! :D Why did i click dat darn button first! I could've click Cleo subscription or CDsss....okay now i'm in a deep depress mode!
went to MVA today @ National Art Gallery. just a lil room at the left corner from main entrance. we arrived while they were screening SIGGRAPH animation reels and its certainly dark in there...i can't even see the steps. But the reels was absolutely damn good. There's bout war, playstation, advertisement, and also gorillaz vids. Awesome...i can't even contain my excitement! :D This is a whole lot more than Pixar. I was like wow...and wow, wish I could do that.

When the lights are on, saw a bunch of nerdies. but kewl one...with attitude and style. I liiikee! I want to be part of this industry crowd, advertising, videoz and audioz. Soon...or later. Hopefuli.

Then went for late lunch @ Suria. Throngs of ppl! Urghh...makan kat foodcourt and sambung snack @ Burger King. Balik!! Adly packed himself for one week gateway to PD, his other grandparents house. Time he shipped himself to TokPD's car...sedey la plak. Takder dah member nak gado. Whooaaa...Ngan bantal² bucuk sumer dia angkut. Just now Nana kept asking me about AI, and I shoud introduce him to Bapak. Aiyohh! Giler...he's not the one. He's not even my bf! Pthh...
i almost forgot how it feels like being bullied by big sista. i can't believe i almost cried...screaming over the phones. slamat hphone takder receiver...kalo ader mmg aku slam. nak campak...melampau ler. stoopid, but it hurts!. and it shouldn't happen @ tiz age! balik...big fight! 20 minutes later...we talked as if nothing happen. heheh...dat's one of great things, u don't havta worry about pujuk². no hard feelings...but plastered yes!

and yes...i'm dat sensitive!