nothing much to do today...deadline jauh lagik. so i'm working like lalala. 5 sharp i'm off. yesterday...i kinda have black aura hehe. first a small black rock stuck in my eyes (erm..maybe it's a sand, well i'm exagerating!) but damn it hurts. i'm having bad time to blink.

then kat umah lak...terkena electric shot. dat was the first time i felt a few volts running thru my hand up to shoulder!. bergegar tangan gua. hisss...sblom nie cam percik gitu gitu, tak rasa sangat. i felt numb. kot lepas tuh aku jadik bionic woman...tak gak. buang karan jer.

p/s: a guy who works @ Waterford Wedgewood is sooo darn kiut!


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