Didi was discharged yesterday. He's okay...but showing off his tantrum once in while. Yesterday i had to go home by myself...walked to taman mulia buy dinner. and then walked back to lrt, hailed a cab. it's better now recently that taxi rate within BTR area is fixed without the meter. because sometimes they take 2-3 passengers per ride, so it's unfair to charge the last one off using meter consuming the times for others passenger's stops.

new books coming in today doesn't reach alert bulb! i have all the time to do it in my own pleasure. surfing in between. downloading @ the same time :D i now have 3 doors down, jewel, stacie orrico, lumidee, af...dat's it. aper lagik yang bes di donlod? fhhaa fhhhii fhhuuu fhoo fhhom. (^o^)


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