went to MVA today @ National Art Gallery. just a lil room at the left corner from main entrance. we arrived while they were screening SIGGRAPH animation reels and its certainly dark in there...i can't even see the steps. But the reels was absolutely damn good. There's bout war, playstation, advertisement, and also gorillaz vids. Awesome...i can't even contain my excitement! :D This is a whole lot more than Pixar. I was like wow...and wow, wish I could do that.

When the lights are on, saw a bunch of nerdies. but kewl one...with attitude and style. I liiikee! I want to be part of this industry crowd, advertising, videoz and audioz. Soon...or later. Hopefuli.

Then went for late lunch @ Suria. Throngs of ppl! Urghh...makan kat foodcourt and sambung snack @ Burger King. Balik!! Adly packed himself for one week gateway to PD, his other grandparents house. Time he shipped himself to TokPD's car...sedey la plak. Takder dah member nak gado. Whooaaa...Ngan bantal² bucuk sumer dia angkut. Just now Nana kept asking me about AI, and I shoud introduce him to Bapak. Aiyohh! Giler...he's not the one. He's not even my bf! Pthh...


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