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Hepi Burfday goes to TOAD and Mizz Rina!


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saturday gi minom @ hajris bistro. how ken i forget when time tuh lar dbkl nak rush angkut sumer stall kat sidewalk, and bem didnt get his naan cheese sbb stall buat naan dah kene angkut. kuar plak big boss dorang maki kuat gila kat staff dia on wat just happened. haha i can see customers yang tgh makan kat dalam tuh stiff jer sbb kene keliling ngan mamaks yang tgh dengar makian. time nak balik ada lak orang bergado kat alley blakang mamak tuh. fuhh...exciting and dramatic siot. but bem anti-climax trus blah from stu. haih nak tgk lama sket pon x leh heheh. went to aquaria klcc. rm28 per entry. it was great, peaceful ocean, big fish, weird creatures...even i'm a lil dizzy biler lelama kat underwater tunnel. its worth ur money coz u got to see those incredible marine life.


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i discover this scribble on my desk this morning. nih aper ada nyamuk lak atas meja aku nehh?! i blamed adly (who else), but my sis dah debate earlier but he innocently denied all the allegations. so i blamed my sis kot dia tgh ajar adly to spell sampai terconteng meja...but she claimed her handwriting is far better than dat. she blamed me because i used to call her kids bising cam nyamuk (why would i scribble there macam lar tada paper). we pinpoint each other until i asked adly to write nyamuk on piece of paper. yeaaa it MATCHED exactly he's the culprit! pandai betol dia berdrama inosen but he said he was sorry. sigh its a permanent marker ok...and the word is nyamuk?!! wat lar!


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This pix was taken @ KTM Midvall*y. We sat in front of this Lee Cooper billboard and start takin photos, ya know how long and painful it is to wait for komuter. Looks kinda real in a glance eh wif our hands all over her butt and waist. *snicker*

the billboard

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Bought myself DKNY Delici*us when i ekceli plan to buy Ralph-Blue. I like both scents but i decided to chose DKNY. But then...Ralph-Blue biler kene air bau dia lagik sedap. Dah abes mandi pon still linger lagik. Isk

I watched Casanova. I like it! Heath Ledger has somethin to do with it (or maybe the gay couple in the front row fascinate me) This month lotsa must-watch-movie to add in the list!!

Final Destination 3
Nanny McPhee
Tristan and Isolde

My boss break a very bad news to the pubz the other day. Half of us might havta shift to 3rd floor coz there will be no more pubz. I can't believe my ears when she bla bla this and dat coz i kinda heard she said 'i had to save my own ess' Gosh imagine dat. From my winter and cosy spot to the most dry-summer climate floor and become one of the cmd slave when 'kipas' still rules??!! this can't be happening! plus i can't sneak out anymore. sigh its a change i have to adapt.
Can somebody tell me wat song 8TV play for their March Highlights Programme? Pwetty please....

Note: Found it! Its Shine by Shannon Noll (^o^)

PGL Musikal

pgl musikal
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Watched PGL Musikal performance yesterday @ IB. It was great. But after intermission the show had a technical difficulties...spoil lah jugak kene sambung tunggu. Me had ferrero rocher (dinner) during the show...munchin in the dark, if only can replace it wif popcorn. The props, the casts, the choreography was fantastic but once in a while the music is way louder than the singer.

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