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Heartily Congrats

fizut board the bus last nite...heading back to Penang for her big bro's wedding. too bad we couldn't make's all bcoz of PSM. yadda! yadda!

luckily sempat beli present. tthehehehe.... slamat berkenduri! agak² pengapit laki sama ak? *wink*
watched 'ada apa dengan cinta' last nite before jumped to bed. heh sempat lagik tgk cd...zaza dah siap pasangkan cd tuh siap²...left to play. aku pon tekan jelah play. mana nak tau the cd i watched was the second one. chit!

dahler tgk blur². i just knew that story from melly's vid. there's a scene of nicholas saputra aka rangga and cinta. i thought ooo maybe bla bla bla..coz the starting is like bla bla. duration pon 32 minutes. agagaga...tak terpikiaq langsung!

suhweet lurve story...tgk cd dua pon aku tau ler gak jalan citer. eventhough satu haram jadah aku tak paham aper dia cakap. goblok goblok! gue....?
damsy cursy

nak buat kuiz tak reti...dok tunggu wawa buat. heheh...php is her thang. dia siap-> aku copy. maleh nak pikiaq....

report tak bis print lagik...tak jumpa shafry lagik. tak prepare nak kena sembur lagik....

kena gegate la plak....dah cam beruk tergaruk². bughuk giler my elbow. nie bukan bughuk siku as in kedekut aaahh...but bcoz of the rashes. :P manakan nak pegang keyboard, nak garu lagik. *itch* la **tch!

9 days left...and i'm still stuck with the coldfusion. the main core is outta reach....shitttunn!
By the end of the sem...

1. i wanna go to singapore. but need to renew my passport. kena duit!

2. i wanna buy tons of cd before heading back to KL....duit tuh!

3. i wanna ********

4. i wanna go to some trip with ma friends. duit lagik dan lagik!

5. i want a new set of perfume...certainly needs money transaction

Kesimpulannya sumer duit. mano nak carik! huarghhhh...rite now all i could think of is spent! spent! spent! i should be thinking of carik duit not spend the duit...i know.

*sigh!* why am i thinking all this wish list? pikiaq PSM cik Soul oiii! okay...stop!
"There does not now, nor will be there ever, exist a programming language in which it is a least bit hard to wite bad programs"

-Flon's Axiom-
Shafry is outta the view...he went for kursus BTN whatsoever...that's what he posted on his door.

Gotta meet Harri the Hairy this evening...and fry my brain. Deep Fried! i being nuts by accepting this job? psm pon tak terhandle lagik ader ati nak kejer. but for long terms...rasa sayang lak nak let go. hmmm...

smalam bersamaan dengan 13/8 tepat kol 3.07 aku anto draf laporan II.

since Shafry tader...sumbat bwh pintu spt besa. erm kalo lecturer tader

still kena tulih dalam log book ke dah anto laporan?

kalo tak tulih kang dia kater lambat anto plak. tulis ke tak tulis?

haven't made up my mind.

smell me...sniff! sniff!

my clinique-happy only left a few drops away. and i'm tired being smell

happy since i don't have any happy feelin in my bone for last few weeks.

and this unhappy feeling is expected to continue for another couple of weeks...huarghh!

the perfume can't make me happy. who said perfume does?

my Fuzzy Peach gives me headache during noon. my eau de Cartiere makes me static.

i'm in need of new perfume. not too strong sampai leh swing nor too light sampai tader bau...heheh. the

only perfume i can stand till now only Miracle. but it's a miracle for me to buy one rite now.!

i'll add this to my wish list. ;) maybe someone will...who knows. heheh

En. Razak is the first lecturer i've come across that remain silent the minute he entered the class.. not throughout the class la. cam tadik after 20 minutes then only dia bagey salam. slagi connection dia tak setel slagi tuh la tak setat. he put the whole class in awkward silence. dahle cakap pelan, every single word is like mumbling...but wit my sleeping mode...everythin' sounds like a lullaby. tido soull....tidooooo soul!

last nite tidoq kol 5.30. i felt like walking zombie rite now. wit big eyebag, i look more like panda. erk...anak panda ah..cute sket! heheh! the other day when i stayed up time² pagi camnie alone....aku pasangla mp3 wawa. i went to dapur, n then lagu Dewa-Arjuna kluar. i was like eee...besnya. lagu pevret nie! bila tang chorus, tetiba jer dengo ader suara pompuan skali. aikkK! ingatkan suara pizet. tapi sumer dah tidoq. alahai...pompuan mana lak nie.

tapi ngan slamber badak aku pi hall. off sumer pc tatkala dewa tgh feel "Akulah Arjuna yang mencari cintaa........." tutup lampu kipas. jalan control masuk bilik. muakakakaka...takder la naik bulu roma. so maybe it's just my illusion! heh.
It's all said and done for the BBQ nite. The chicken is so damn good but for one 'reason' i had to stay away from it. duh! The nite would be more fun if everyone relax and enjoy the meal. borak then makan lagik...that's what i called BBQ. I just wanna grab a pei loi ma. but yau yan so fat fong.

zect really worked hard dat nite...cayalah. sampai langsung tak sempat makan. dialah tukang tepuk, paksa orang tepuk, jaga makan, bagey adiah, cabut nombor, anto orang balik, buang sampah. sampai lembik kawan. Aiza plak did a great job as treasurer...pi meeting tak lekang ngan calculator. Shooq for finding the chicken guy. while Din ngan org kuat dia sian gak. agagaga...turun naik HEP. berkenalan ngan MTO. fight for better speaker...but failed. tuh yang sound cam speaker tersumbat malam tuh. heheh...bit it's all worth it!

thoroughly everything went smoothly. takder yang tak cukup makan (cam Erhan terlebey makan) and the activities fully participate. everyone giving hands. i'm happey.
To eat or to XP?

After reading the commentary regarding the excerpt from the "Malaysian Star" (Piracy allowed in schools), i came across one article posted in The Inquirer by Letternan. So achingly goes:

"The average monthly pay of a citizen (and most definitely that of a civil servant, of which I happen to be one) is LESS than that of 1 legal copy of Microsoft Office + OS. And that costs about as much as a brand new computer.

So, our hypothetical citizen can either:

1) spend a month's salary on food stuff, petrol, rent, detergent, baby stuff etc etc AND one copy of pirated windows OR

2) Buy one copy of Office XP

Like to try to guess which one he would pick? "

What would you pick?

p.s: that darn monitor is goin to cost me RM195. abisla abisla...
The Difference Between Focus on Problems, and Focus on Solutions:

When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found

out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity. (Ink won't flow down to

the writing surface) In order to solve this problem, they hired Andersen

Consulting (Accenture today). It took them one decade and 12 million

dollars.They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down,

under water, in practically any surface including crystal and in a

temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.

The Russians used a pencil...